The Last Shelter Walkthrough Guide

The Last Shelter Mission 11 Guide

Mission 11 unlocks Level-2 Rocket Launcher Upgrade, which might happen to be the perfect solution for this new challenge for the last wave (15/15). The ending wave is the most difficult part since a new boss bug has arrived on the scene to destroy your base! Therefore amassing Rocket Launcher will be your only solution.

1. Build 3 Rapid-Fire Minigun near the base and 1 Energy Unit.
2. Send next wave and build 2 Rapid-Fire Minigun nearby Energy Unit to protect it.
3. Upgrade Energy Unit so you gain +15 Energy per energy extraction.
4. Upgrade Rapid-Fire Minigun near the base so it can handle swarm of weak bugs.
5. Build 2 Heavy Weapon nearby Energy Unit to clear out Armored Beetles.
6. Secure south with 2 Rapid-Fire Minigun, 1 Heavy Weapon and 1 Rocket Launcher.
6a. Rocket Launcher will deal with Scorpion entering from South Entrance.
7. Replace 1 Rapid-Fire Minigun with Heavy Weapon near the base.
8. Place 1 Heavy Weapon on South West to aid the towers nearby base.
9. Upgrade towers as you see fit (when towers are near to overwhelm by bugs)
10. With extra funds, secure the North with 2 Rapid-Fire Miniguns and Heavy Weapons.
11. Fill up the remaining vacant spots with Rocket Launcher.
11a. The North requires at most 4 Rocket Launcher at Level-2.
12. At last wave, put up Shield to defend front-line towers and repair them.
12a. The key to victory without losing any towers is shield and constant repair!
12b. This allows you to defeat yellow-striped boss beetle with no tower lost.

Mission 11 Final Layout
The Last Shelter Level 11 Final Layout

Mission 11 Playthrough
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