The Last Shelter Walkthrough Guide

The Last Shelter is a strategy tower defense game where you build and upgrade various towers to protect your base against swarm of bugs (scorpions, armored beetles, spiders). Use Bombs and Nuke before bugs overwhelm your base and turrets. This game offers 15 missions and 3 modes to play (Easy, Normal and Ultimate). View The Last Shelter Walkthrough Guide below for clear all levels with full stars!

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The Last Shelter Strategy Guide

1. Call enemy waves quickly to gain bonus energy if you can handle large bug traffic.
2. Construct towers on all vacant spots before upgrading for faster kill.
3. Build Energy Unit early to gain energy faster to fund your tower construction.
4. Pair up Rapid-Fire Minigun and Heavy Weapon to kill armor and group bugs quickly.
5. Don’t repair all towers during heat of battle as it disables tower attack.
6. Ultimate Mode disables your air support (No Bomb or Nuke to play with)

The Last Shelter Level Guide

Level 1 – Rapid Fire Minigun (Level-2 Upgrade)
Level 2 – Heavy Weapon
Level 3 – Energy Unit
Level 4 – Heavy Weapon (Level-2 Upgrade)
Level 5 – Rocket Launcher
Level 6 – Rapid-Fire Minigun (Level-3 Upgrade)
Level 7 – Nuke Air Support
Level 8 – Heavy Weapon (Level-3 Upgrade)
Level 9 – 5 Paths Bug Invasion
Level 10 – Tower Shield
Level 11 – Rocket Launcher (Level-2 Upgrade)
Level 12 – Hemisphere Defense
Level 13 – Rainbow Bug Rush
Level 14 – 5-Way Converge Defense
Level 15 – 3-Way Converge Defense

The Last Shelter Towers and Support

Rapid-Fire Minigun ideal against hordes of lightweight enemies. Short reload.
Heavy Weapon attacks armored enemies with piercing shells. Medium reload time.
Rocket Launcher attacks strongest enemies with powerful explosion. Long reload.
Bomb Air Support destroy bugs with smashing blow at a small radius.
Nuke Air Support eliminate bugs with extreme damage at an incredible radius.

The Last Shelter Research Build

Here is the research build path I used in my video guide. You can follow mine and apply changes to suit your playing style. Shooting Radius is maxed first to allow towers to decrease number of bugs early on. Next, max Weapon Armoring to enable towers sustain heavy damage before blowing up. Max Support Recharge Time to call Air Support and Nuke frequently against powerful bugs especially multiple Scorpions. Max Speed of Repair to hasten tower fixes during the heat of battle followed by dump remaining EXP (experience) into Tower Refund and lastly

The Last Shelter Screenshots

The Main Menu displays 4 buttons (Play, Options, Credits and More Games) and a background of an alien caterpillar who zap towers with red blazing ray. This game is developed by Toffee Game sponsored by notDoppler.
The Last Shelter Main Menu

Credits Section lists the music author whose music is used in The Last Shelter game! Music by Jack Francis, Sergei Stern, Bjorn Lynee, Michele Vanni. Sound by Supraliminal BLASTWAVE FX, SFX Bible Airborne Sound, Soundgram Post
The Last Shelter Credits

Option Menu allows players to mute background music and sound effects, but no way to control volume other than your PC speakers. The game can auto-pause your battle whenever your mouse clicks outside of the game window or whenever you switched browser tab.
The Last Shelter Option Menu

This game offers 3 Game Slots for players to play on. Each game slots displays total stars achieved for completing Normal/Easy Mode and 15 Gold Medals for completing Ultimate Mode. The level indicator indicates total missions completed (+1)
The Last Shelter Game Slots

The Level Menu displays 15 states/counties/areas that you need to clear bug infestation.
The Last Shelter Level Menu

Game Difficulty Window pops up when you click on an area to begin your Mission.
The Last Shelter Game Difficulty

This is the Game Screen where players destroy bugs as they approach your base like honey bees attracted by the scent of flower fragrance. There are 3 types of towers to choose and 2 air support. All of these are introduced slowly as you progressed each level.
The Last Shelter Game Screen

You can pause game by clicking on the Pause/Option Button at the top-right corner.
The Last Shelter Game Option

To gain 3 Stars on a Mission/Level, you will need to meet all 3 conditions:
Area Cleaned is awarded for victory (bugs lost)
Weapon Stamina is awarded when you lose less than or equal to X towers.
Invincible Base is awarded if base is in full health (you can’t repair it)
The Last Shelter Game Option

To gain a medal on Ultimate Mode, just make sure your base survive till the end. Players gain 30 EXP (10 Experience Points per star) (10×3=30) when they complete a mission. Replaying a completed mission will give a constant of 10 EXP.
The Last Shelter Ultimate Victory

The Research Menu allows you to spend experience points after completing a Mission. You can spend it in 6 aspects which are Shooting Radius, Speed of Repair, Weapons Armoring, Refund for Selling Weapon, Support Recharge Time and Support Power.
The Last Shelter Research Menu

The Last Shelter Review

This is a fun casual tower defense game but requires lots of strategy and balancing to win the game. The first 9 Missions are piece-of-cake on Normal Mode but the level difficulty sky-rockets from Mission 10 till 15. There is a need to rearrange the map according to the difficulty such as Mission 14 was much more challenging compared to Mission 15.

Room for improvements for this game are hotkeys, tower variation and game options. Talking about Game Options, I prefer to have a speed toggle button that allows me to switch game pace from 0%, 50%, 100% and 200% with a click (not holding!) of a mouse or keyboard. Why I suggest 50% speed is when there are so many bugs running around my front-yard, I can’t seem to catch up, ending all my towers destroyed for my slow click response. A pause button to allow players to put repairs/shield/sell will be great. Having a keyboard configuration menu is nice to allow players to configure hotkeys based on QWERTY/DVORAK Keyboard.

More on Tower Variation, this game offers 3 types of towers, one of it needs a makeover. The Rocket Launcher that shoots homing missiles explodes on its target with a boom but only damages a single bug (and sometimes misses) even when there are cluster of bugs. This is one serious game bug. Instead of coming up with additional offensive towers, I suggest that developer to try supportive towers. Support Towers which can auto-repair, freeze or poison enemies to reduce their armor/speed or boost surrounding towers attacking speed-damage-range.

Regarding the Research Menu, it would better to have it points based instead of EXP. Player spend their earned stars for upgrades and allow players to reset their skills depending on the mission they play. For instance, players might end up distributing their points incorrectly therefore ended up remaking their character (game slot). To spice the Research Facility, the medal earned for completing Ultimate Mode can be use to unlock new towers or special upgrades, this gives player an incentives to work for it while having a feeling of accomplishment winning a difficult game.

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