The Final Death Wish Walkthrough

7 unique weapons, each with 6 distinct level upgrades.
7 sets of helmets & armour, allowing you to mix & match.
7 unique gadgets, each with their pros and cons.
60 different perks to choose from, each time you level-up.
A branching map with 25 different battle-spots, some optional, some required!
Some battle-spot provides an additional perk reward (20 perks from challenge)
18 achievements related to Story Mode and 6 achievements for Survival Mode
Saving, loading and performance options.

A & D to move | W to jump | Q & E & 1-7 to change weapon
R to reload | F to use bullet-time | Z/T/C to dash
M to mute music | J to mute sound | N to disable/enable auto-killing perks

Play Online: The Final Death Wish (Unlock Achievements + Badges)
Download Final Death Wish Normal Mode Save File (SOL)

Four achievements & 65 points to earn!
Apprentice to Murder Badge (5 points) 50 kills in story mode
Getting There Badge (15 points) 10 story maps completed
Overcharged Badge (15 points) “Overcharged” medal earned
No Challenge Badge (30 points)
All story challenge complete on normal/masochist difficulty.
Using cheats disables your ability to complete challenges and earn medals.
Press “N” to disable stuff like armageddon.


The Final Death Wish Strategy

In this game, three weapons you will need are Quick Silver, Twister and Boomstick. Quick Silver (when maxed) will be easy for you to kill small sized enemies. Twister are great against humanoids, just headshot them to get free critical! Boomstick is for enemies that you can kill in 1 shot or against boss or mobs.
The video preview above demonstrates each weapon capabilities at max level.

In the beginning level, you will be using Quick Silver as your primary weapon. If you are on Normal Mode, you will be able to max it to level 5 (grind at the Forest with Green Alien One-Eye Razor Teeth Pig) The Golden weapons you saw in the video are unlocked once you complete the boss map.

The Final Death Wish Medals

Survival Medals

Mr Evasive Pants – Do not get hit 15 times in a row.
Action Star – Take 500 Damage.
Left 2 Die – Survive 1 minute with your health under 20.
Business in the Wilderness – Buy the Anti-Freezer within 10 minutes
Out of Range – Get to character level 10 without taking any damage.
Master of Survival – Reach level 30 on Machosist

Storymode Medals

Apprentice to Murder – Kill 50 enemies.
One of Each – Buy 1 weapon, 1 armor, 1 helmet, and 1 gadget.
Top of the Bottom – Get 1 weapon to level 5
Half a Man – Get to character level 10
First of Many – Completes 3 challenges
Getting There – Complete 10 map points.
The Art Of Reloading – Do 10 successful active reloads in a row.
Overcharged – Fill the Critter 3 times in a row without taking a hit.
Package Grabber – Grab 10 airdrops in a row without missing 1.
Untouchable – Use the Anti BF to evade 10 bullets in a row.
Grey Hole – Use the Barrier to absorb 10 bullets in a row.
End of the Road – Complete the final level.
Killing Rainbow – Kill 50 enemies with each weapon.
Tools-of-Genocide Shopping – Buy all items.
Furry Weaponry – Get all weapons to level 5.
Just Below the Crowbar – Get hero to level 30.
No Challenge – Complete all challenges.
Macho Runner – Complete the final level on Machosist.

The Final Death Wish Perks

Body Perks

Body Control
Control basic hero actions
The most generic perk in existence, but rarely advertised. It allows basic bodily functions like moving, dashing, slow-motioning and the very exclusive and feared technique known as: jumping! Other important functions like hair growth and bowel control are taught separately.
Dashing Dash
Increases your dashing distance and decreases focus cost by 5
Practice makes perfect. But picking a perk that instantly improves on you, is so much easier.
Increases your movement speed by 25%
Being alive scares you in general. Having fleed from pretty much everything all your life, your stamina have really been increased.
Rectum Propulsion
Lets your perform a double-jump by tapping W twice at the cost of 10 focus points.
Obvious poop joke here.
Hitting one or more enemies during a dash will knock them back.
Having been a merino in your past life, you know exactly where to ram them for maximum efficiency!
More Neo!
Being in slow-motion will cost 20% less focus.
No worries! The quality will not degrade for each perk.
Slippy Flying Fish
(Only while jumping) Increases your evasion rate by 5%
Bunny jumping might not be the most sophisticated way of transportation, but it sure has it uses!
Stunning Dash
Hitting one or more enemies during a dash will stun them.
Hero uses Body Slam! It is super effective! Generic enemy is now paralyzed!
Teleports to the cursor by pressing X.
Having your DNA completely scrambled and every gene mutated beyond recognition, you have now obtained the somewhat unique ability to teleport. Not unrelated, you can now also speak German.
Frequent Teleportation
Decreases the focus cost of using teleport by 10 points.
Extremely useful, if you plan to take out the White House. But look out for guards who pretends to be unconscious, they might shoot you in the back.

Recovery Perks

Cell Regeneration
Increases your health regeneration with 25%
Being wounded are for cry babies and wounded people.
Energy Regeneration
Increases your focus regeneration by 25%.
Being able to regain focus during the heat of battle is essential for your survival! Together with; don’t get hit by bullets, stay away from strangers, remember to eat healthy and etc.
Killing an enemy will replenish your health by 5 points.
Obliterating your enemies stimulates you, even more than before.
Sadist Junior
Killing an enemy will replenish your focus by 5 points.
You regain focus by horribly violating your enemies.
Kill to Regain Bullet-Time Neo!
(Only in slow-motion) Killing an enemy will replenish your focus by 10%
The Grim Reaper feels ripped off.

Defense Perks

Thorny Skin Disease
Returns 15% melee damage back to the attacker.
The other kids in school or co-workers at the job might have made fun of you (rightfully so) because of this terrible disease. But beating you just seems to hurt more than what it is worth.
Sudden Cell Multiplication
Adds 10% to your current max health
Read the description for “Sudden Energy Multiplication”.
Sudden Cell Increase
Increases your max health by 30 points.
Nothing funny here, move on.
Sudden Energy Increase
Increases your max focus by 30 points.
Nothing funny here either, keep moving on.
Insane reflexes.
Increases your evasion rate by 5%
Seriously though, your reflexes have a mental disorder. Go see a doctor. But avod the one wielding a crowbar!
Rear Of Metal
Reduces damage taken in the rear by 30%
It is highly advised not to eat, ever, after picking this perk.
Evade Neo!
(Only in slow-motion) Increases your evasion rate by 5%
Sorry. This will only improve your digital avatar.
Plastic Shield
Nullifies any damage taken every 4th second.
Hopefully, neither Bob, George or the Psychopath will miss it.

Offense Perks

Move Neo!
(During Slow-Motion) Increases your movement speed by 25%
Fear not! Picking this perk will not completely devour you of emotions.
Lots of Ammo
Increases ammunition count for all your weapons by 10%
Quantity! Not quality!
Hurt Me Plenty!
Increases the amount of damage you deal by 5%
This is not a request, but a demand!
Aim Neo!
(Only in slow-motion) Reduces your weapon spread by 25%
Be calm! The action will not suck just because this is the 3rd slow-motion related perk.
Lots of Lots of Ammo
Increases ammunition count for all your weapons by an additional 15%
You do not need to be a better shooter, you just need to shoot a lot more bullets – Vladorf.
Persistent Disease
All stun poison and slow down durations, increases by 25%
There are some disease that just won’t go away, diseases like malaria, pig fluids, T-viruses and Michael Bay.
Headshot Neo!
(Only in slow-motion) Increases your chance of getting a critical hit by 5%
You know, your predecessors had a much higher critical rate!
Ultra Violence
Increases the amount of damage you deal with 10%
You know what? When your imagination is at the size of a single-celled animal, just reference stuff and people will buy it up.
Whenever you score a critical hit, there is a 33% chance of dealing 100% more damage.
Everything sounds cooler with the uber-prefix.
Whenever you score a critical hit, there is a 66% chance of dealing 100% more damage.
Everything sounds cooler with the uber-duber-prefix.
Money Kills
Increases the amount of damage you deal with 1% for every 3000 gold. Up to a maximum 25%
Money do not kill people! People kill people! Money lets wealthy people buy bigger guns to destroy poor people who can only afford a small gun!
Kill Neo!
(Only in slow-motion) Increase the amount of damage you deal with 25%
The first Matrix movie ist still good <3

Weapon Perks

(Only Skin Fixer) Increases the random amout of damage you deal.
Seriously though, chainsaws are the best.
Hollywood Importer Bullets
(Only Quick Silver) Bullets can bounce and penetrate 1 more time.
Physics are like, soo yesterday! But even though these bullets defy basic laws of physic, at least they don’t twist by bending your arm.
(Only Twister) Hitting a humanoid in the head increases the chance of getting a critical by 5%
No boom, just headshot.
Redneck aim
(Only boomstick) Increases the amount of pellets being fired by 2.
As an incredible talented, good-looking and totally-not-insecure-about-himself young man once said: “Aiming is only for poor people who can’t afford a big enough gun!”
(Only S-AIDS Spreader) Shooting an enemy might stun them for a short time.
Remember kids, say no to drugs! They will make your pregnant and causes AIDS!
Limb Disorder
(Only Big Kaiser) The saw blades will slow down all enemies touching them by 80%.
Blood will fly. Screams will roam. Ragdolls will collide. Legs will be bent slightly out of shape.
(Only Anti-Freezer) Increases the firing rate.

Passive Offense Perks

Acid Rain
(Only while raining) Slowly damages your enemies.
Wearing a somewhat thick raincoat, is somewhat advisable, for some or another reason.
Random meteorites will go for enemies and deal moderate damage.
Due to greenhouse gases, dying tars, flying soccer moms and just being Hurley-unlucky, meteorites are now actively trying to eradicate all life on Earth.
Arnageddon, Return of the Space Relic
Meteorites will spawn more rapidly.
The first one was pretty bad, but what would make it better? MORE!
Armageddon, Revolution.
Meteorites will stun enemies they hit head-on.
Me big stone! You, punny squishy! Big stone smashes puny squishy!
Armageddon, We are running out of names
The meteorites becomes enemy-seeking.
The meteorites are learning! They know exactly who are a-holes and who are not, but they are still going for both.
Drill Sergent
5 drills will erupt from your body at random intervals and attack your enemies.
Listen here maggot! real men don’t cry! Not even when taking 5 drills to the groin! Real men laught at outrageous situation, where they are actually taking 5 f-ing drills to the groin!
Blood of Nitroglycerin
A huge player-friendly explosion will occur every 10th second when health is below 20.
A perk that defies all logic regarding health, but it is so awesome!

Other Perks

Teachers Pet
Earns you 10% more experience when killing an enemy.
You always sit in the front row of the “learn how to kill everything without mercy” class. This helps you greatly while coping with everyday situations like shopping, day caring and invading Russian soil.
Attractive Looter
Earns you 10% more gold when killing an enemy.
Normally, the money of your slain enemies will magically jump from their pockets down into yours. With this perk, they will still do so.
Just one more…!
Puts you 1 experience point from the next level.
You have become addicted to leveling but do not feel bad! 10 million other losers shares your pathetic state of constantly having to do menial tasks to feel like they are archiving something in life.
Steiner Bag
Adds 20% to your current amount of gold
Do not tell where you got it from!
Coke Fingers
Decreases reloading time for all your weapons by 40%
Just get the weapon out of frame and ta-da! Full magazine!
Revives you once in each battle.
WARNING: Does not work if stabbed through the chest with a long sword by a one winged angel!

Gadget Perks

Extra Pocket
Lets you equip 1 more gadget.
The trick is having an extra pocket inside your normal pocket.
Improved Gadget
Reduces the negative effects for the following gadgets:
Reloading Kit, Rechargable Critter, Health Transmitter and Barrier.

Not made in China nor Taiwan.
00 Gadgets
Increases the positive effects for the following gadgets:
Laser Light, Reloading Kit, Rechargable Critter, Health Transmitter and Barrier.

From Denmark with love.
Utility Belt
Let’s you equip 6 more gadgets.
No longer do you have to choose between the Laser Sight and the Orange Dildo. Take all your favorite toys with you into war!

Challenge Perks

Challenge Perk #1 – 50 Gold
Challenge Perk #2 – Decreases the cost of dashing by 2 focus points.
Challenge Perk #3 – Adds 3 bonus damage to Quick Silver.
Challenge Perk #4 – Increases your health regeneration by 10%
Challenge Perk #5 – Being in slow-motion will cost 5% less focus.
Challenge Perk #14 – Increases your focus regeneration by 10%
Challenge Perk #15 – Adds 1 bonus damage to Big Kaiser.
Challenge Perk #16 – Increases chance of getting critical hit by 1%
Challenge Perk #17 – Increases your evasion rate by 1%
Challenge Perk #25
Increases your level cap from 30 to 60.
All your guns gains an additional level to obtain.
You earn 200% more gold!

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