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6 thoughts on “Testing Page

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zeronoe Nice! Thanks for sharing.
    Hello Ayumilove,

    thank you for your work.

    A rating of URSUGA WARCALLER would be nice.

    Thank you

    am not sure why this page doesn’t update, but through trial and error I found most of the new champions here though not everything has been filled out.

    To do this, click on any champion, then in the URL change the name of the champion you picked to one you want to use:

    I changed from Arbiter to Fayne: (I don’t show the beginning of the URL because it will get removed)



    Wyvernbane (OR-RAS) is also not mentioned.

    I’m a new player and not sure if the Wagonbane (OT-RSM) is a new rare, but it is not mentioned on your list.
    I wasnt impressed with the skills on the Lego. I decided I would get the epics and use them for faction wars. I was really surprised to see how much value they had. Fayne and Kaiden are both better than the Lego.

    I can’t wait to see the update for Fayne. Home girl is seriously a huge game changer as an Epic. It is crazy when the Epic in a fusion is better by far than the Legend they are food for. XD
    Still building mine up and she was pulling 3m at 5 star in NM. Have 2 Clan mates that have her puilling over 10m by herself in NM currently. Total Powerhouse that can shut down any boss or champion easily with the 3 debuff debuffs in the game plus a poison unit that has decrease turn meter and a self heal? Thank god she’s a Skinwalker or some people would be developing some feelings, I’m telling you.