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7 thoughts on “Testing Page

  1. Beely

    Hi Ayumi!

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zeronoe Nice! Thanks for sharing.
    Hello Ayumilove,

    thank you for your work.

    A rating of URSUGA WARCALLER would be nice.

    Thank you

    am not sure why this page doesn’t update, but through trial and error I found most of the new champions here though not everything has been filled out.

    To do this, click on any champion, then in the URL change the name of the champion you picked to one you want to use:

    I changed from Arbiter to Fayne: (I don’t show the beginning of the URL because it will get removed)



    Wyvernbane (OR-RAS) is also not mentioned.

    I’m a new player and not sure if the Wagonbane (OT-RSM) is a new rare, but it is not mentioned on your list.
    I wasnt impressed with the skills on the Lego. I decided I would get the epics and use them for faction wars. I was really surprised to see how much value they had. Fayne and Kaiden are both better than the Lego.

    I can’t wait to see the update for Fayne. Home girl is seriously a huge game changer as an Epic. It is crazy when the Epic in a fusion is better by far than the Legend they are food for. XD
    Still building mine up and she was pulling 3m at 5 star in NM. Have 2 Clan mates that have her puilling over 10m by herself in NM currently. Total Powerhouse that can shut down any boss or champion easily with the 3 debuff debuffs in the game plus a poison unit that has decrease turn meter and a self heal? Thank god she’s a Skinwalker or some people would be developing some feelings, I’m telling you.

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: I’ll be updating the rating table to include Faction Wars:

    S Rank (★60~65) – Suitable in all areas. Increase team efficiency substantially
    A Rank (★50~59) – Suitable in almost all areas. Capable to self-standalone
    B Rank (★40~49) – Suitable in some areas. Provides decent support to allies
    C Rank (★30~39) – Does not offer much compared to champions of same rarity
    F Rank (★00~29) – Useless

    S Rank (★63~70) – Suitable in all areas. Increase team efficiency substantially
    A Rank (★55~62) – Suitable in almost all areas. Capable to self-standalone
    B Rank (★43~54) – Suitable in some areas. Provides decent support to allies
    C Rank (★29~42) – Does not offer much compared to champions of same rarity
    F Rank (★00~28) – Useless

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    Just a big THANK YOU for your amazing work!
    @ayumilove Love this website so helpful and reliable, genius work. One thing though that I have trouble with is reading the name of the champion when scrolling, I am blue/yellow colorblind idk if that’s why but if the name of the champion was a separate color from the rest of the text that may help a bit. But again great site.
    Dark mode is an absolute blessing. Thank you based ayumilove.
    How is Kreela in B Tier? By my count, she has 61 stars, which puts her well into A Tier (near S tier no less).
    I’ve tried to see in a lot of places the comparison between Epics and Rares for Champion skills and ratings

    In the list above a S class, A class, B class, C class and Food class – are they comparable
    or should the classes be looked at 1 or 2 down. Is

    Rare A class = Epic A class or
    Rare A class = Epic B class or
    Rare A class = Epic C class

    @Matthew: Saito has been added into the list. If you are unable to view him in this page, perform a force refresh using your Internet Browser (CTRL+F5 shortcut for Windows Internet Browser)
    I didn’t see Saito listed.
    Wonderful site of information. Will Saito be added soon? Lucky pull and would be interested in your analysis.
    Thanks for the all the work you do to the site! Much appreciated…. Question, I see all the time that you shouldn’t get rid of void champs bc they’re so hard to come by but I have so many F ranked voids, is it really worth keeping them?
    @Ayumilove, Thank you for the champion updates and for posting the upcoming champions. We appreciate all you do.
    what is these new champions on the bottom of the list? I have not seen any of these and they have been there for a while now.
    Links to the last fusion champs are present in fusion guide page https://ayumilove.net/raid-shadow-legends-champion-fusion-guide/

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    Nothing for Vergumkaar yet?

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    I have Kael, Stag Knight, Elhain, Scyl, Sculcrown, Atur, Hegemon all sitting at Rank 5, ready for ascending to Rank 6. Which would you take first/second/third? Thanks to anyone who might have thoughts.

    I recently acquired Dhukk the Pierced, an Epic Champion, Orcs, Defense, and don’t see him on the lists above. I really appreciate all the hard work putting these rankings and guides together. Thanks so much!

    No info on Nehkret the Great?

    Hey ayumi thanks for the great effort. You are making the game that i didn’t have a clue purposeful experience for me. I saw missionary get updated. Do you plan to update it’s guide. It’s my first epic pull as an f2p player and i will apreciate if it gets any other rank than F 😀 . Again thanks for the effort.

    I dont think I seen anything on the Void Champion rare Panthera? Is she new or just not that good to be on the list?



    I have been playing this game for two weeks, but i am purely overwhelmed by all possibilities and struggle to come up with a solid team i can use. These are my champions i focus on.

    Lvl 50:

    Reliquary Tender

    Lvl 40

    On which champs should I focus?

    Grateful for any help!

    Happy new year guys!

    I’m trying to create an up-to-date printable checklist for Champions so I can systemically find duplicates.

    My first choice was to simply print the All Rankings page here.

    I love the white/orange text on a black background for reading. It’s easy on my eyes. But, it’s impractical for printing. Each page would be a sea of black toner. Do you have a way to switch the page view to simple black text on a white background? Or perhaps a handy dandy Excel spreadsheet I could use?

    How is Rare: Ruffstone ?

    Very glad the site is finally back up and available. Thank you for all the work you do and the effort you had to make to get the site working again. Hope your service provider made amends. Cheers.

    Thanks for all the good work!! Love, LOVE the site 🙂
    Where is nehkeret? This dude is in a league of his own IMO. 6 turn ally protect that can’t be removed?? That will keep one champ alive guaranteed.
    You are back!!! Thank you for everything you do on this site.
    Will there gear recommendations for the tower? Or is it mainly the same as for Dungeons/clanboss…or rather gear for faction wars?
    Why is this champion rated as one of only three S-Tier rares (along with Coldheart and Apothocary)?
    S-Tier champions are ADDED IN to teams for end-game; they don’t get TAKEN OUT at end-game (for Rhazin and Kael).
    Athel is listed as viable for only early and mid-game, which is true, so how can this be S-Tier?
    Athel’s guide also says Kael is a better starting champ, which he is, yet he’s only rated A-Tier.
    So many of the A-Tier rares are better in end-game than Athel.
    The star-rating system needs adjusting. She should be 4-star in many places, not 5-star.
    Athel should not be rated S-Tier, IMO. She is A-Tier.

  7. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hungryzombie There is a Reddit page for Raid: Shadow Legends. Someone there may be able to point you in the right direction. Coldheart is a game changer so focus on her and Kael. Get them to 6 stars.

    Hi Ayumilove,

    Really appreciate your post and the help you’ve been giving. I’m a new player and wondering where to put my scarce resources in developing my first team.

    My starter is Kael.

    The S and A tier heroes I have are:

    Golden Reaper
    High Khatun
    Infernal Baroness


    Since books are really rare I was thinking of just working maybe 1 epic and the rest rares. Any team advice would be appreciated.

    Great help, really a nove job!
    One questione though: let’s say I have an A-ranked rare and a C-ranked epic: are the ratings comparable or the Epic would still be stronger?

    This website is brilliant for champion search. I was wondering if another site exists or can be built that allows to play with relics on your champion to figure out stats combinations? Late stage players have many options but early stage players could use it to check the best combination for best combination of relics and stats. Simply switching relics is costly.

    It’s be 24 days since I started playing and I need some advice to focus a little bit. Here are my top champions:

    Lvl 50:
    Kael (full masteries – Gear 4*-5* lvl12-lvl16) – Booked
    (Working to up his rank and get him to Lvl 60 as a priority now)

    Lvl 40:
    Warmaiden – Booked
    ShieldGuard – Booked
    Saurus – Booked
    Pain Keeper
    Valerie – Booked

    Lvl 30:
    Outlaw Monk

    Ursine Icecrusher (lvl40)
    Cagebreaker (lvl40)
    Jizoh (lvl34

    Except Shaman, I have not used any other epic yet. My kael is good attacker but dies quickly in arena and cant solo chapter 11 on hard yet. Saurus is good build but lacks attack yet at lvl40.

    But I am confused that how to make a team from these titans for arena, and who would be best support in campaign to get all 3 stars.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards.