Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts Walkthrough Guide

Talesworth Adventure The Lost Artifacts is the second series (Episode 2) of this mix adventure, puzzle and fantasy game where you guide Questy the brave hero with variety of tools, most prominently gold bags! The objectives of this new series The Lost Artifacts are to find 3 ancient artifacts and discover the secret entrance to Boneyard’s lair! This game offers 30 increasingly challenging unique puzzles. View Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts Walkthrough Guide below to earn yellow stars on all levels!

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Talesworth Adventure Level Guide

Talesworth Adventure Training
Talesworth Forest Levels
Talesworth Mountain Levels
Talesworth Cave Levels
Talesworth Crypt Levels

Talesworth Adventure Platinum Rooms (12 Rooms)

Simple Green (Forest #1) Up the mountain we go (Mountain #1) Whelps have wings (Mountain #3) Veiled retreat (Mountain Bonus) A cave with chaos (Cave #1) The sweet lure of meat (Cave #3) Uh oh, no loot bags (Cave #5) A little help from my friends (Cave #6) Her royal highness, Kro’la (Cave Final) Someone must be trap happy (Crypt #2) The treasure chamber (Crypt Secret) The final confrontation (Crypt Final)

Talesworth Adventure Screenshots

Main Menu displays 6 options : New Game, Continue Game, Feats of Heroism, Credits, Cinematic, Play More Games and Play on Your iPad. Clicking New Game will delete your existing save game.
Talesworth Adventure Main Menu

Credits lists many contributors who help in Talesworth Game Development. Design and Coding by Sean Gailey, iOS Coding by David Bernat, illustration by Chris Hope, Pixel Art by Ian MacLean, Sound Effects by Zach Striefel, Music by Brian Crutchfield and Ludzix, Beta Testers are RealShadowCaster, Chris Petersen, Adam Callanan, Jacky Chan, Thomas Sylwester and Dr Alex. Special Thanks to Amy Gailey, Matt Gailey, Tim Norris Jason Kraus for ideas and playtesting.
Talesworth Adventure Credits

Level Menu offers 8 Forest Levels, 7 Mountain Levels, 7 Cave Levels and 9 Crypt Levels. Only 3 bonus levels offered in this game, which is much more challenging compared to ordinary levels.
Talesworth Adventure Level Menu

This is the Game screen where you will be given a set of tools to aid Questy in his endless seek for treasure! Each level offers different challenges such as Arrow Trap, Baddie, Dark Areas and Falling Pit. Therefore, guide Questy to safety with Loot Bags, One-Way Gate and Pushable Block. Equip Questy with suitable tools to counter each of these dangers such as Weapon, Shield and Haunch Meat.
Talesworth Adventure Game

Feats of Heroism has a total of 18 achievements. Below is a list of feats you can obtain while completing all levels in Talesworth Adventure. If you have difficulty obtaining a certain achievement, look into Level Guide section for solutions.
Talesworth Adventure Achievement Feats of Heroism

Tree Hugger – Obtain the Ebon Horn Artifact from the Forest.
Freeclimber – Obatin the Ivory Tooth Artifact from The Mountains.
Spelunking Spree – Obtain the Diamond Artifact from The Caves.
Rock Miner – Collect 17 Gems
Gimme! Gimme! Collect all 34 gems.
Better him than Me – Send an enemy hurtling down a pit.
Brainfry – Complete all the bonus rooms.
Quety FTW – Destroy Boneyard, Make Questy Rich, and Save Talesworth!
Cap and Diploma – Complete Adventurer’s Training and go forth into Talesworth.
Golden Accorn – Complete 4 forest rooms with a Gold score.
Epic Ranger – Complete all Forest Rooms with a Gold score.
In the Foothills – Complete 4 Mountain rooms with a Gold score.
Mountaineer – Complete all Mountain Rooms with a Gold score.
Troll Stomping – Complete 4 cCave rooms with a Gold score.
Cave King – Complete all Cave rooms with a Gold score.
Skilled Cleric – Complete 4 Catacomb rooms with a Gold score.
Crypt Keeper – Complete all Catacomb rooms with a Gold score.
Paragon Path – Complete a room with less tools than Gold requires.

Cinematic is the place where you can replay those storylines where Questy beat the final levels of each area (Forest, Mountain, Cave and Crypt) instead of replaying that particular level. The story is quite entertaining and funny as well.
Talesworth Adventure Achievement Cinematic

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10 thoughts on “Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts Walkthrough Guide

  1. Annon

    Theres a better solution to Veiled Retreat (Super Platinum) Remove the gate at the beginning, the gate in line with the yellow switch and the loot bag above the green switch. Place the loot bag near the beginning above the non removed gate (betweent he first two arrows) and then place another gate to the right of the blue switch. You should have two extra gates.

  2. Coolie_Gal

    Awesome!! Beat the game WAAAAAy fast than if I’d have done it on my own. Thanks!

  3. NekoKyd

    Wow, just Wow. Your guide is AMAZING. The screenshots make it easy to understand, and now I can actually complete the game. Thank you for making this. *bookmarks sites* 😀

  4. Ayumilove

    Hi Bronnergus. Thanks for leaving a comment! If you have found some maps that can score Platinum, post a comment here and I’ll update this guide. Your contribution can help others too.

  5. Bronnergus

    Thx so very much for this tutorial!
    All accomplishments achieved + bonus rooms + everything needed + all gold ranks! Amazing walkthrough!

    ayumilove.com FTW!

  6. Ayumilove

    Updated all levels with Gold and Platinum!
    Added screenshots and some descriptions.

  7. Ayumilove

    Hi Zack, I have updated The Mountain Horror (Mountain #8 – Final) Gold Screenshot!

  8. Zack

    for the mountain levels, the boss screenshot isnt a gold rank…

  9. Ayumilove

    Thanks David! I have updated Simple Green Screesnhot to score Platinum Star!

  10. David L

    Aw, no platinum solutions? The only one I have so far is Simple Green, you don’t need the second loot bag that he’ll get in your setup. Take it out for a platinum finish.