Setup Akismet Plugin using WordPress Akismet API Key

Setting Up Akismet Plugin In Self Hosted Website. Get free akismet api key to activate akismet plugin to block spam comments in your self hosted website/blog. To obtain the free aksimet api key, follow the steps below:

1. Create a account (if you do have an existing one, log in)
2. Visit
It will display your username and API Key. Below is an example:
Your username is “username” and your API key is “randomAlphanumeric”.

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2 thoughts on “Setup Akismet Plugin using WordPress Akismet API Key

  1. ayumilove

    I had akismet in my account and it blocks couple of hundred spams every month. However, sometimes you need to manually filter them because there might be good ones, such as visitor commenting your sites. Akismet is not really perfect, it still needs human intervention đŸ˜€