Reincarnation: The Final Happy Hour

Reincarnation: The Final Happy Hour (TFHH). Not all reincarnies look evil on the outside. It’s their inner thoughts and actions which land them in hell in the first place. That being said… Bring me my soul! – Luke a.k.a. The Devil

Play Online: Reincarnation: The Final Happy Hour

1) Pickup ‘Piece of Paper’ nearby car.
2) Extract ‘Paperclip’ from ‘Piece of Paper’.
3) Visit lounge (UP,LEFT)
4) Turn on ‘Music Box’ (Obtain ‘The Music to My Horns’ Medal).
5) Pickup ‘Dart’.
6) Combine ‘Dart’ and ‘Paperclip’ to create ‘Lockpick’.
7) Get ‘Chalk’.
8) Visit storeroom (LEFT)
9) Pickup ‘Burned Patty’.
10) Visit bar (LEFT,DOWN)
11) Pickup ‘Empty Glass’.
12) Exit building (DOWN,UP,click-exit)
13) Open car’s trunk using ‘Lockpick’.
14) Scavenge trunk for ‘Medicine’.
15) Visit washroom (UP,click-washroom)
16) Open cupboard under the sink.
17) Pickup ‘Sponge’.
18) Fill ‘Empty Glass’ with water at the sink.
19) Interact with drunkard.
20) Give ‘Glass of Water’ to drunkard.
21) Give ‘Burned Patty’ to drunkard.
22) Give ‘Medicine’ to drunkard.
23) Scavenge drunkard’s body for ‘Dead Phone’.
24) Visit bar (LEFT,RIGHT,DOWN)
25) Turn off ‘Open 24 Hours Neon Signboard’ (Obtain Little Bit Bite Medal)
26) Use ‘Sponge’ on blackboard above bartender to erase price.
27) Use ‘Chalk’ to rewrite drink price with higher cost.
28) Wait till bartender takes all his cash notes.
29) Exit and return to bar (DOWN,DOWN)
30) Pickup ‘Broken Phone’ nearby bartender.
31) Combine ‘Broken Phone’ and ‘Dead Phone’ to create ‘Working Phone’
32) Visit washroom (DOWN,UP,enter-washroom)
33) Equip ‘Working Phone’ and dial 555-6123.
34) Return to bartender (LEFT,RIGHT,DOWN) (Obtain Seeing a Sin Medal)
35) Return to storeroom (DOWN,RIGHT)
36) Read whiteboard.
37) Turn off thermostat near whiteboard.
38) Open fridge door.
39) Close fridge door once evil guy enters.
40) Lock door with the mop.
41) Turn on Thermostat to freeze evil guy.

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