Reincarnation: Let The Evil Times Roll

Reincarnation: Let The Evil Times Roll (LTETR). It seems that the Voodoo Queen and her lackeys have escaped from Hell. Go find them and bring them back or you will suffer in lieu with them! – Luke a.k.a The Devil.

Play Online: Reincarnation: Let The Evil Times Roll

Demon World
1) Click on Fetus the tiny cute creature (Obtain ‘Fear of Fetus’ Medal).
2) Pickup ‘Stick’ from ‘Pile of Stick’.
3) Throw ‘Stick’ on dog (Obtain ‘Fetch Dog Fetch’ Medal).
4) Pickup ‘Stick’ from ‘Pile of Stick’ again.
5) Visit Reincarny Catcher (LEFT).
6) Pickup ‘Mug’.
7) Use ‘Mug’ to collect ‘Sap’ from tree.
8) Visit ‘Death Reaper’ (LEFT).
9) Do ‘Death Reaper’ test by catching 3 Locusts to obtain Vial of Poison.
10) Chase ‘Snake’ away.
11) Visit ‘Garden’ (Visit Dog, then move RIGHT).
12) Dilute ‘Mug of Sap’ with water from flower.
13) Visit ‘Dog’ (LEFT).
14) Combine ‘Stick’ with ‘Diluted Mug of Sap’.
15) Apply ‘Vial of Poison’ on ‘Stick covered with Sap’.
16) Pull out a bark from stump.
17) Collect termites using ‘Poison Stick covered with Sap’ from stump broken bark.
18) Visit Garden (RIGHT).
19) Place ‘Poison Stick covered with Sap’ on the bush where Snake hides.
20) Click on ‘Snake’s Tail’.
21) Distach ‘Cement Ball’ from iron fence.
22) Collect ‘Sleeping Demon Fetus’ from Snake.
23) Visit ‘Dog’.
24) Serve ‘Dog’ with ‘Sleeping Demon Fetus’.
25) Enter Reincarny Portal.

Human World
26) Levitate ‘Brick’ nearby ‘Cat’.
27) Drop ‘Brick’ on ‘Cat’s tail’.
28) Turn on ‘Jukebox’ when ‘Girl’ is standing beside the vase.
29) Pickup ‘Extra Strong Scissors’ nearby the cash counter.
30) Visit Bedroom (UP).
31) Pickup ‘Mirror’ from on cupboard.
32) Pickup ‘Sad Mask’ from wall.
33) Pickup ‘Rope’ from the 4th drawer (just above the open drawer).
34) Exit ‘Bedroom’ via Window.
35) Catch ‘Locust’ while they are available outside.
36) Climb to the other side of the building and move left.
37) Use ‘Rope’ to climb down.
38) Pickup ‘Roll of Tape’ from box on the floor.
39) Enter ‘Pub’ via Opened Door.
40) Combine ‘Mirror’ and ‘Tape’.
41) Place ‘Taped Mirror’ on the ‘Air Conditioner Controller’.
42) Turn off ‘Air Conditioner’.
43) Click ‘Pen Marker’ to write something on signboard.
44) Exit ‘Pub’ and Enter ‘Pub’.
45) Follow Stub the preacher. (LEFT).
46) Pickup ‘Stub’s Bone’ on floor.
47) Cut signboard chain using ‘Extra Strong Scissors’. (just above Killer).
48) Pass through the Iron Gates.
49) Collect ‘Banana Peel’ and ‘Small Stone’ on floor.
50) Break ‘Glass Window’ by throwing ‘Small Stone’.
51) Pull ‘Iron Barrel’ towards the ‘Broken Glass Window’.
52) Levitate a ‘Box’ on ‘Iron Barrel’.
53) Place ‘Tyre’ beside ‘Iron Barrel’.
54) Enter building via Broken Window.
55) Pickup ‘Crowbar’.
56) Open ‘Wooden Crates’ using ‘Crowbar.
57) Visit upstairs (RIGHT).
58) Click on ‘Elevator’s Button’.
59) Place ‘Banana Peel’ behind the guy in black shirt.
60) Enter ‘Bedroom’
61) Re-position ‘Alligator’s Tail’.
62) Spill ‘Bottle of Oil’ on table.
63) Turn on ‘Ceiling Fan’.

Obtain all 9 Medals
1) Click the fetus behind the tree at the start of the game
2) Use stick on the dog in Hell
3) Use stick on the hanging man in Hell
4) Play Jukebox 11 times.
5) Watch Stubs drink 10 pints.
6) Pickup Sad Mask, use Stubs’ bone on dog, get yarn, use yarn on mask)
7) Collect no locust.
8) Collect all 15 locusts.
9) Complete the game.

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