Reincarnation Bloody Bayou Walkthrough Guide

Reincarnation Bloody Bayou is a new series of Reincarnation where you role play as Demon to catch evil Reincarny who escaped from Hell! Discover Reincarny’s wrongdoings and use the objects around the suburb swampy area to help you bring Reincarny back to where he belongs. View Reincarnation Bloody Bayou Walkthrough Guide to solve the puzzle!

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It’s time for you to return to the human realm and gather me an escaped soul. Don’t let me down, demon! -Luke a.k.a. The Devil

1) Get booze bottle labeled XXX from truck.
2) Click shadow at the window.
3) Pickup opossum (rat) which was thrown out of the house.
4) Visit swamp (GO RIGHT)
5) Take lamplight hanging beside the boat.
6) Take moss hanging on tree branch.
7) Catch flies hovering above metal bucket placed nearby boat.
8) Mix booze bottle with flies to create alcohol flies.
9) Feed flies to frog to drunk it.
10) Pickup drunken frog.
11) Visit house (GO LEFT)
11) Stuck moss into yellow bell located left-side of the dog.
12) Take yellow bell.
13) Visit swamp (GO RIGHT)
14) Hang yellow-bell where the lamplight was placed on.
15) Remove moss from yellow-bell.
16) Ring the yellow-bell to catch dog’s attention!
17) Visit house (GO LEFT)
18) Quickly pickup car keys left on the ground where the dog laid.
19) Use the car key to unlock truck door.
20) Pickup dagger (knife) which is placed on driver’s seat.
21) Visit lake (GO RIGHT)
22) Cut the rope using knife.
23) Tie drunken frog on the end of rope.
24) Drown frog into swamp to get crocodile’s attention.
25) Visit house (GO LEFT)
26) Knock on the door to bring the Reincarny out.
27) Visit swamp (GO RIGHT)
28) Click on the pole which is used to hang the lamplight and yellow-bell.
29) Once the Reincarny has dropped into the swamp, click him to call crocodile.
END) Crocodile eats the Reincarny and his soul is sent back to hell!

Reincarnation Bloody Bayou Screenshots

Main Menu displays 4 options : Play, Play More Games, Instructions and Merchandise. Play More Games redirect you to the developer’s website with more Reincarnation Series. Merchandise link also transfers you to their site where they offer new Reincarnation games with 1 week early before it is release publicly. Game instructions? Point, Click, Collect and Kill – simplified version of wall of text instructions.
Reincarnation Bloody Bayou Main Menu

House Scene where it all begins! Hover your mouse over the screen and when it turns into a hand-clicking, it means there is an object that you can interact with. For mobile users (iPhone/iPad), its pretty much running your fingers on all areas.
Reincarnation Bloody Bayou House Scene

Swamp Scene where death awaits our evil Reincarny!
Reincarnation Bloody Bayou Swamp Scene

Credits showcases the people who work hard on this Reincarnation Series! Animation, Directed and Written by Christopher Gianelloni, Actionscript Programming by TaroNuke, Music by Brian Holmes. Voice Talents are D-Mac Deven Mack (Demon), Andrew Dennis (Luke) and Robert Liderc (Reincarny).
Reincarnation Bloody Bayou Credits

Reincarnation Review

Reincarnation Bloody Bayou is a mini Reincarnation puzzle game (mini is usually 1-2 screens at most). It is somewhat lacking compared to the longer version with more features such as tooltip. Tooltips are basically items giving hints on how to use them in combination with other pickup items placed into inventory. It would be best to have some of those implemented in mini Reincarnation versions for better user experience instead of point anything that can be used.

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