Reincarnation: All Hallow’s Evil

Reincarnation: All Hallow’s Evil (AHE). My records show that our old friend Darcy have escaped through a Reincarny Portal. Luckily for you, it’s Halloween time in the human realm. Go out and find him and bring him back for a proper torture – Luke a.k.a. The Devil.

Play Online: Reincarnation: All Hallow’s Evil

1) Click ‘Door Bell’.
2) Visit ‘Street’ (DOWN).
3) Pickup ‘Small Rocks’ from ‘Pile of Rocks’.
4) Throw ‘Small Rocks’ to ‘Vampire Kid’.
5) Enter ‘Darcy’s House’ through the ‘Open Door’.
6) Pickup ‘Silver Key’ beside door.
7) Pickup ‘Candle’ from table.
8) Pickup ‘Cigarette’ from ashtray.
9) Combine ‘Candle’ with ‘Cigarette’ to create ‘Lit Candle’.
10) Enter Kitchen (RIGHT).
11) Visit Darcy’s Bedroom (RIGHT).
12) Pickup ‘Sleeping Pills’ nearby lamp.
13) Pickup ‘Cockroach’ on wall (when its not moving).
14) Visit Kitchen (LEFT).
15) Use ‘Cockroach’ to distract Darcy.
16) Pickup ‘Knife’ and ‘Empty Coffee Mug’ while Darcy is in distraction.
17) Fill ‘Empty Coffee Mug’ with water.
18) Combine ‘Coffee Mug with Water’ with ‘Sleeping Pills’.
19) Use ‘Coffee Mug with Water and Sleeping Pills’ on Darcy.

First Ending
20) Lit Darcy’s bed using ‘Lit Candle’. (Arsonist)

Second Ending:
20) Pickup ‘Bleach’ from drawer below sink.
21) Pickup ‘Raw Steak’ from fridge.
22) Exit Darcy’s house.
23) Pickup ‘Empty Bucket’.
24) Carved Pumpkin using ‘Knife’.
25) Place ‘Lit Candle’ into Carved Pumpkin. (Obtain Jack O Demon Medal)
26) Visit Darcy’s backyard.
27) Combine ‘Raw Steak’ with ‘Sleeping Pills’.
28) Serve dog a ‘Sleepy Steak’.
29) Open Darcy’s basement using ‘Silver Key’.
30) Enter Darcy’s basement.
31) Pickup ‘Window Cleaner’ (Spray Bottle).
32) Visit Darcy’s Bedroom.
33) Place ‘Empty Bucket’ on bedroom floor.
34) Put ‘Bleach’ and ‘Spray Bottle’ into ‘Empty Bucket’.
35) Congratulations! You get Darcy to be asphyxiated.

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