Reincarnation: A Taste Of Evil

Reincarnation: A Taste Of Evil (ATOE). Time for you to return to the human realm, find the latest Reincarny and return him back to Hell for his proper punishment. – Luke a.k.a. The Devil.

Play Online: Reincarnation: A Taste Of Evil

1) Pickup ‘Coin’ beside curb.
2) Visit left of Fast Food (LEFT).
3) Pickup ‘Cup of Soda Water’ on trash.
4) Pickup ‘Used Gum’ on floor.
5) Visit roof (RIGHT,RIGHT,UP).
6) Pickup ‘Coin’ nearby toolbox.
7) Pickup ‘Washcloth’ nearby toolbox.
8) Combine ‘Washcloth’ and ‘Cup of Soda Water’ to create ‘Soda Water on Washcloth’.
9) Visit Mick’s Truck (DOWN).
10) Use ‘Soda Water on Washcloth’ on Mick’s Truck to remove dirt.
11) Visit phone booth (LEFT).
12) Use ‘Coins’ on phone booth to activate it.
13) Click phone booth and dial 555-0823.
14) Dial 666-6666 (Obtain Medal)
15) Visit roof (DOWN,RIGHT,UP)
16) Enter building via roof vent.
17) Put ‘Used Gum’ on tap.
18) Turn on ‘Order Placed’ Translucent Signboard on ceiling.
19) Turn on ‘Order Placed’ again after previous cut scene is over.
20) Turn on tap when guy is over ‘Hot Surface’. (Obtain Deep Fried To Hell Medal)

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