Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday

Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday (AHH). Another soul has escaped from hell through a reincarny portal. Go find out if the soul is up to his evil ways and end his holiday from hell! – Luke a.k.a The Devil

Play Online: Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday

1) Click flower.
2) Click spoon.
3) Click bee hive as spoon turns red.
4) Click axe.
5) Click bee hive.
6) Click berry near the tree.
7) Visit well (RIGHT).
8) Pickup key from reincarny pocket.
9) Use key to unlock door.
10) Open door.
11) Visit campfire (LEFT).
12) Visit well (RIGHT).
13) Push bucket nearby well.
14) Visit campfire (LEFT)

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