Refraction Walkthrough Guide

Refraction is an educational math puzzle game with space as its theme. Your objective is to use pieces from your toolbox to split and bend lasers so it gives the right amount of power to each animal spaceship! View Refraction Walkthrough Guide if your are stuck.

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Refraction Level Guide

Stage 1 : Basic
Stage 2 : Intermediate
Stage 3 : Expert

Refraction Review

Refraction is a challenging game that puts your mind to the test against fractions! This flash game was originally built for teaching fractions, although it has been popular with adults as well. The player must partition lasers in order to power spaceships containing various animals who have gotten stuck in space.

These animal spaceships all require different fractions of the lasers, and the player is given several pieces that split and bend the lasers to reach the animals and satisfy these requirements. These mechanics can be used to teach many important fraction concepts, such as equal partitioning, addition, multiplication, mixed numbers, improper fractions, and common denominators. Refraction won the Grand Prize at the Disney Learning Challenge at SIGGRAPH 2010.

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