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2021-09-03 : Patch V4.60 Released
2021-08-07 : Patch V4.50 Complaints
2021-08-06 : 2X Void Event
2021-08-04 : Patch V4.50 Released
2021-07-24 : Ninja Promo Codes

2020 News


(2021-09-03) V4.60 – Clan Quests Revamp & Doom Tower Rotation 3

Hey Raiders! Another fortnight has passed, and it is about time for a new RaidDigest. There are several changes that the Update 4.60.0 has brought to the game, and in this issue, we would like to clarify some of them a little bit. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Clan Quests and Clan Gold

As you know, the last Update has expanded the number of quests available for a Clan to 90 and increased rewards for them – 100, 200, 350 of Clan gold instead of 50, 150, and 300 for quests of each difficulty level, respectively. The important side note here is that the quests you’ve taken before the Update will still provide you with the amount of Clan gold according to the old system. Also, 90 Clan quests will become available after the next reset, each with increased reward. This change is intended to mitigate competition between clanmates and, therefore, to encourage communication and cooperation inside the team.

Doom Tower – expansion of the Best Teams list

Having said that, we further develop friendly ways of clanmates competition that serve as an incentive without repercussions. It is always exciting to check how efficient your Doom Tower teams are on a particular Floor in comparison to those of your clanmates, so we increased the size of the Best Teams list from 10 to 30 entries.

Extra turn bug fix

Some time ago, we noticed that when some Champions used abilities that promised a chance of an extra turn on killing an enemy, they sometimes erroneously got that extra turn even without delivering a fatal blow. Though we’ve fixed that bug, new AI algorithms came to play. In particular, you may have noticed that Septimus started to prioritize other abilities over his otherwise more traditional A1. No worries – we know about that and are going to return Septimus’ good old AI settings in upcoming updates.

Login History – a new security feature

Last but not least, we’ve added a new security feature to the Plarium Play – Login History, which you can find in the settings of your profile. Now Plarium Play neatly logs each active session your account has, so in case of some malicious user log-ins into your Plarium Play account – you’ll notice it. In any case, we strongly recommend activating 2-factor authentication and not sharing any of your log-in information with anyone. Beware of scammers – our official support team never asks for log-in data.

That’s it, folks, now get yourself ready, for the next Fusion is coming next week! Have a glorious day and happy raiding!

(2021-08-07) V4.50 – Clan Quests

Hello Raiders! It has been a stormy week for all of us, but it’s moments like this that make us look deeper, rethink some things and cooperate closer. First of all, we’d like to thank you for not being indifferent and expressing your opinion on the latest changes in the game. We want you to know that your thoughts never remain unheard, even if sometimes it may seem otherwise. Some things reveal themselves in the long run, others need some better explaining to start making more sense. We invite you to dive into our regular #RaidDigest in which we will address several currently most pressing issues.

Clan Improvements

Let’s start with the big one. Release 4.50 – newly added Clan Levels, Clan Shop, and Clan Quests. These have been among the most expected additions to the game for quite a while. Unfortunately, when it came to implementation, they didn’t quite enter the game and your perception exactly the way they were supposed to. So here is what this is all about. Some time ago, we made a statement that our dev team set a course for the Clans feature development this year, which implies a set of clan-oriented improvements and some really big additions. Clan vs Clan Tournament was the first feature in this plan, Clan Levels (together with Quests and the Shop) – the second one. But these are only pieces of the puzzle: our ultimate goal is to create a built-in system inside our game aimed at encouraging players to work toward the team goal, which, in turn, should bring benefits to every clan member involved. Thus, the immediate features included in patch 4.50 are only a part of the much bigger picture that we have planned for Clans.

Clan Gold

It was introduced to the game as a bonus for those players who volunteer to take up quests and help their Clan to win Clan XP. Even though Clan Quests are an important mechanism for how Clans can earn Clan Gold and progress in their Clans development, they are NOT the main source of getting Clan Gold. CvC Tournaments (starting from one of the closest ones) will start featuring Clan Gold as a reward along with Clan XP. And a lot more places with Clan Gold as a reward will gradually be appearing in the game.

Clan Quests

Some Quests are more difficult than others, it’s true. And that’s what we aimed for – to bring variety and supply challenges-loving players with something to sweat over. However, we do agree that it’s best to admit when something is too much. That’s why, we are planning to modify several Quests where you need to fight in level 20 Dungeons (FK, Spider, Ice Golem, Dragon) with Rare Champions from a particular Faction. The condition “with Rare Champion only” will be removed. The change will take place in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned. We also acknowledge that the aspect of only 20 Quests being accessible to 30 Clan members in Clans below level 5 is a bit distorted. We will be reconsidering this one. We continue monitoring our analytical data and collecting your feedback on the Clan Quests to see if anything else needs to be adjusted.

Clan Level

Seeing some calculations made by players about how much time it theoretically might take to reach Clan Level 20 (even decades were mentioned!!), we ask you to be careful about trusting anything that is not official info. The calculations based on the data extracted from the game client cannot illustrate the real situation since it does not take into account other activities and locations where you will be able to earn Clan Gold and Clan XP in the future.

We will be providing you with more information on the subject in our future digests, highlights, and videos. Have a great weekend, everyone!

(2021-08-06) 2X Void Summoning Event

Raiders! Happy Thursday:cheers~2: I would like to let you know that the Double Chance event for Void Shards will start tomorrow (August 6). You will see the shining of the Portal when the event has been launched.

(2021-08-04) Patch 4.50 Released

The 4.50 release is online! This update brings Clan Improvements, a bigger Champion Collection, new Daily Login Rewards, and many other fixes and changes. Details available at Patch Notes 4.50 here! (Source)

(2021-07-24) Ninja Promo Codes

Many of you have already noticed that entering a Promo Code “Ninja” will grant you a bunch of goodies. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s about time to do so! Since it is not the last time when we give Promo Codes, we’d like to clarify how they work in general:

How Promo Code works in Raid Shadow Legends?

  1. After entering any valid Promo Code and receiving its bonuses you have to wait for 24 hours before attempting to enter another one.
  2. Any particular Promo Code may be used only once on any given account.
  3. Entering 5 invalid Promo Codes causes a one-hour delay before a new attempt could be made.
  4. New Promo Codes may appear from time to time on our social media or from our partners, so stay tuned.

The Missions with the 21st Levels of Faction Crypts

We would like to point out that there are several Missions that ask you to complete the 21st level of a particular Faction Crypt. Those missions are not retroactive, meaning that you cannot complete them in advance, it is possible only when you actually reach them. While some similar Missions where you need to complete the 14th level of Faction Crypts are retroactive, the missions about 21st level are not.

This is it for now! Thank you for your time!

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