Raid Shadow Legends Champion Ranking in Spider’s Den

RAID: Shadow Legends - Spider's Den

RAID: Shadow Legends – Spider’s Den Overview

The Spider Boss also known as Skavag (Spider Queen) summons 2 Spiderlings whenever your champion gains an Extra Turn or begins his turn. A maximum of 10 Spiderlings can be summoned in a battle. The Spiderling is able to inflict two 5% Poison debuff on your champion. When multiple Spiderlings attacks a specific champion, they can stack up to 10 Poison debuff which deals 5% of Champion’s MAX HP as damage. This can easily wipe out your most tankiest high HP/Defense champion. Skavag the Spider Queen will heal herself to full health and increase her damage when she consumed her Spiderlings. The longer the battle is dragged on, the Spider Boss grows stronger and eventually wipes out your team.

Spider’s Den Boss Farmable Items

Ring, Amulet, Banner

Spider’s Den Boss Skills

  • Venom Spray: Attacks all enemies. Damage increases by 15% if the target has [Poison] debuffs.
  • Enfeeble (Cooldown 4 turns): Attacks all enemies. Has a 70% chance of decreasing the Turn Meter by 30%. If a target’s Turn Meter is fully depleted, places a [Sleep] debuff for 1 turn.
  • Spiderling Horde (Cooldown 2 turns): Spawns 6 Spiderlings at the start of the round. Spawns 2 Spiderlings at the start of each enemy Champion’s turn. Spawns 4 Spiderlings at the end of Skavag’s turn. Skavag can have a maximum of 10 Spiderlings in battle at any time. Skavag consumes all remaining Spiderlings at the start of each turn. If Skavag consumes Spiderlings, she will not consume them on the following turn. Skavag heals by 3% of her MAX HP for each Spiderling consumed, and permanently increases her ATK by 10% for each Spiderling consumed. Heals from Lifesteal Artifacts and skills that heal based on damage inflicted will only heal Champions by 35% of the stated amount when attacking Skavag or her Spiderlings.
  • Healing Assured: Immune to [Heal Reduction] debuffs.
  • Almighty Immunity: Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Cooldown Skills], [Fear], and [True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects, and cooldown increasing effects.

Spider’s Den Dungeon Guide

In early stages (Spider’s Den Stage 1-14) you can easily counter Spiderlings by killing them with AoE damage skills before they begin their turn. However, as you progress further (Spider’s Den Stage 15-20), AoE damage skills could not defeat them easily as they have significantly more HP and Defense. The best strategy to solve this dungeon is to use skills that deals damage based on ENEMY MAX HP or AoE HP Burn debuff to defeat Skavag the Spider Queen. Use Stun or Freeze to prevent the Spiderlings from attacking. Inflict Decrease Speed debuff and Decrease Turn Meter on boss to prevent her from taking her turn. In case the Spiderlings manage to get through the Crowd Control, have at least 1 Tanker that can apply massive AoE Shield (e.g. Miscreated Monster) or Counter Attack High Resist AoE A1 Attacker with Lifesteal (e.g. Zephyr Sniper) to recover quickly from the Spiderling’s damage. You can further increase your champion damage against Spiders by applying Weaken debuff and Decrease Defense debuff

Best Champions for Spider’s Den Dungeon

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Spider’s Den | Legendary Champion

4★ Spider’s Den | Legendary Champion

3★ Spider’s Den | Legendary Champion

2★ Spider’s Den | Legendary Champion

1★ Spider’s Den | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Spider’s Den | Epic Champion

4★ Spider’s Den | Epic Champion

3★ Spider’s Den | Epic Champion

2★ Spider’s Den | Epic Champion

1★ Spider’s Den | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Spider’s Den | Rare Champion

4★ Spider’s Den | Rare Champion

3★ Spider’s Den | Rare Champion

2★ Spider’s Den | Rare Champion

1★ Spider’s Den | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Spider’s Den | Uncommon Champion

4★ Spider’s Den | Uncommon Champion

3★ Spider’s Den | Uncommon Champion

2★ Spider’s Den | Uncommon Champion

1★ Spider’s Den | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Spider’s Den | Common Champion

4★ Spider’s Den | Common Champion

3★ Spider’s Den | Common Champion

2★ Spider’s Den | Common Champion

1★ Spider’s Den | Common Champion

Spider’s Den Guide Videos

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33 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends Champion Ranking in Spider’s Den

  1. Stephen

    I cant seem to get auto spider 20. These are my level 60s I have to work with. All have full mastery. Some booked some half way.
    Cillian the Lucky
    Dark Athel
    Dhukk The Pierced
    Ghrush the Mangler
    Grizzled Jarl
    Mausoleum Mage
    Mountain King
    Royal Guard
    Royal Huntsman
    Rugnar Goldgleam
    Scyl of the Drake
    Soulbond Bowyer
    Stag Knight
    Ultimate Galek
    Visix the Unbowed
    Wurlim Frostking

  2. Luis

    Does the loot table gets affected by each level that you push ??

    Right now I can farm stage 10, 11 and 12 which drops 4-5* items. Can’t push it to 13 yet…

    My best ttimes:
    Lvl 10 1:48 min
    Lvl 11 2:50 min
    Lvl 12 5:32 min

    I don’t mind the time for auto battles, just want to know if I get a better chance at a legendary or 5* item @ lvl 12 than just farming lvl 10 until I can push that tier (lvl 13-19) to get 6* items.

    Thank you.

  3. HisChild

    You have Dutchess Lilitu listed as a 5 in Spider, but when you list out the champions needed to beat it, she isn’t one of them. Where would she fit in>

  4. SniffyFingaz

    Level 15 used to take me about 20 mins to complete but now I have a combo that achieves the completion in 4 mins…I lead with Ma’Shalled (ATK) as his Leech and True Fear Debuffs work very well…then next two are Gurptuk Moss-Beard (support) and Kreela Witch-Arm (support) then the back are defensive teams of Martyl (DEF) and Scyl of the Drakes (DEF)

  5. Nele

    After 123 days log in, as f2p I was able to kill spider 10 times on auto and finish mission. My set up was Lyssandra, Coldhart, Fayne, Psylar and Alure (or Apothecary). Thank you for your awesome guides guys.