Pocket Creature PVP Guide

Pocket Creature PVP Guide is an idle-strategy defense game where you select a team of 5 monsters to save Queen Juliet who is possess by a mysterious evil power. There are 4 monster class to choose from: Dragon, Corpse, Variant and Pinocchio. These classes can be upgraded multiple times and have specific unique abilities and stats. Building a well-rounded party members is the key for survival to win a lengthy battle. This game offers 13 collectible Queen Juliet’s guardian which can be only obtain from endless mode chests or new stages that you first time complete.

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Pocket Creature PVP Party Build Combination

Pocket Creature PVP Balance Party
This party can win all levels except for Queen Juliet Stage. Complete the Attack Gem Tree first followed by Health Gem Tree. Equip Attack Gems on Chronos and Chakra while Health Gems on Ultima, CorpseKing and ScarFace.

1) Get 2 Pinocchio and evolve them to Chronos.
2) Evolve Corpse into DeathEater
3) Get 2 Pinochio and upgrade them to Striker.
4) Evolve DeathEater into EntropyAlien.
5) Evolve both Striker(s) into Ultima(s).
6) Evolve both Pinochio into Chakra(s).
7) Max upgrade both Chakra(s) followed by Ultima(s) and EntropyAlien.

Queen Juliet Best Assault Party
Once you complete all the stages using the Balance Party Build above, switch to this Queen Juliet Assault Party. You will have more than enough money to buy and evolve new creatures to save her. You will need 1 of each and position them in the following order: SoulSeeker, EntropyAlien, Chakra, ScarFace, and Corpse King. Equip 1 best Attack Gem and 2 best Health Gem to Chakra as this is your primary frontline attacker. Equip remaining Attack Gems on SoulSeeker while the remaining Health Gems to ScarFace followed by Corpse King. Make sure all of them are max upgraded before starting the battle.

ScarFace and EntropyAlien are the key for survivability to get through the first 2 battles before Queen Juliet. You will need a tanker like CorpseKing and ScarFace who can protect Chakra and other weaker party members behind. If Queen Juliet has lost all of her guardians while you lost your tankers and Chakra, SoulSeeker can end the game pretty easily while knocking back her to the corner, attacking at a safe distance from her lightning attacks.

Pocket Creature PVP Party Build for Endless Mode
[UPDATE Nov 11 2012] After the developer updated the game, the previous Party Build using Shadow Dragons aren’t able to reach past level 15. Therefore, use this instead: 3 Shadow Killer (equipped with the best attack gems +30 +15 +15) + 1 Juliet (equipped with best health gem +500) and 1 Devourer (equipped with +350 health, +40 speed and +10 attack gems) This build sometimes reach past level 30 depending on how weak your enemies is or how long your Queen Juliet last before she stops healing the party when her health reaches the yellow zone.

You will need 2 ShadowDragon (with Attack Gems), 1 EntropyAlien, 1 CorpseKing and 1 ScarFace. Give the best Health Gems to ScarFace and the remaining gems to CorpseKing. This build can last you above wave 15 and at best wave 30.

Pocket Creature PVP – Queen’s Juliet Guardians

Melee Guards
DogFace : 1 Gem + 450 Health + 30 Attack + 110 Speed + 65 Knockback
Machetes : 1 Gem + 1200 Health + 40 Attack + 115 Speed + 150 Knockback.
Knight: 2 Gem + 1400 Health + 75 Attack + 250 Speed + 50 Knockback.
WolfKnight: 2 Gem + 1400 Health + 75 Attack + 250 Speed + 50 Knockback.
Templar: 3 Gem + 2400 Health + 125 Attack + 125 Speed + 200 Knockback.
Alien : 3 Gem + 4000 Health + 0 Attack + 500 Speed + 50 Knockback.
Hercules: 3 Gem + 1850 Health + 160 Attack + 150 Speed + 250 Knockback.
Galio: 3 Gem + 3000 Health + 100 Attack + 170 Speed + 250 Knockback.

Range Guards
CatFace : 1 Gem + 200 Health + 20 Attack + 80 Speed + 15 Knockback + 300 Range.
Vuvuzela : 1 Gem + 400 Health + 40 Attack + 90 Speed + 15 Knockback + 500 Range.
Giant : 0 Gem + 700 Health + 140 Attack + 100 Speed + 100 Knockback + 600 Range.
Chariot : 2 Gem + 600 Health + 300 Attack + 100 Speed + 180 Knockback + 650 Range.
Azrael : 3 Gem + 600 Health + 35 Attack + 100 Speed + 80 Knockback + 650 Range.

Pocket Creature PVP Video Guide

Pocket Creature PVP Guide Video Playthrough + Queen Juliet Guide
[youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o_hffWHoD0]

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25 thoughts on “Pocket Creature PVP Guide

  1. traplegend

    wow this is great, I didnt know that queen juliet actually healed allies around her

  2. Biskitpagla

    The build you mentioned for beating the Queen didn’t work for me for some reason. Ended up beating her with 2x ShadowKillers, EntropyAlien, ScarFace, and CorpseKing.

  3. leunaichs123

    it only worked for 10 waves

  4. Yep.

    I somehow made it to wave 466 with the 3 Shadow Killer 1 Juliet and 1 Devourer team…
    How the hell did I do this?

  5. D

    Nice guide but… it’s just me or the order and other things like the gems for example are different from the guide and the video?
    Also tried several times the last fight and always lost.

  6. Axel

    Believe it or not, this worked for me until level 28 on unlimited mode:
    1: Entropyalien +25 SPD
    2: Entropyalien +25 SPD
    3: Shadowdragon + ATK
    4: Shadowdragon + ATK
    5:Shadowdragon + ATK

    The +25 SPD turns the entropyalien into a moving creature. It knocks back the enemies and they both heal quickly enough to survive a substantial amount of time while the shadowdragons obliterate everything.

  7. Axel

    Hmm, your new endless strategy doesn’t seem to be working for me past level 8….

  8. GHAD

    I tried tons of recommended team comps for endless and many of them don’t work, rely on Juliet luck or rely on rolling a Romeo with Spartan which is very rare. This one will get you past 25 with no luck involved, enjoy:

    Repost from ZeBlackCat: his was the strategy that worked for me to get hard badge (made it all the way to 30) Oct. 25, 2013 Everyone overestimates Romeo and Juliet when you can finish without them and forgets other basic monsters. For those who want to reach or surpass wave 25 in endless swirl make a team consisting of 1 entroalien (with one small speed gem), 2 chakra (three attack gems each) and 2 spartans (two speed gems each). you can easily reach level 27-29 with that team (depenting on the gems)

  9. Gold11

    Try this build for the last level.
    From left to right have:

    5. Shadow Killer – +30 ATK.
    4. Entropy Alien – +350 HP.
    3. Devourer – +350 HP, +15 SPD, +15 ATK.
    2. Devourer – +350 HP, +25 SPD, +15 ATK.
    1. Devourer – +500 HP, +40 SPD, +15 ATK.

  10. Ayumilove

    Congrats Gold11 for reaching a high wave ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Gold11

    The highest I’ve reached was wave 46

  12. owie

    Your mode of describing the whole thing in this piece of writing is in
    fact good, every one can effortlessly know it, Thanks a lot.

  13. Dayumi

    GET 2 PINOCHIO upgrade or evolve????

  14. Sunny

    Correction ^ before I didn’t have the proper gem, I just put them on and I got to level 155

  15. Sunny

    Thanks a lot for your help! Before I could only get to level 12 on Endless mode and now im getting to the 40s

  16. busybee

    you are missing romeo
    his stats are (after 4 feeds):
    3710hp, 280att, 350speed, 168ela, melee

  17. Angeljnt

    Well, that was supposed to follow the format lol

  18. Angeljnt

    I reached level 163 with the following:

    From left to right:ยด

    name – gem(s)
    EntropyAlien – +200HP
    Azrael – +15+15+30ATK
    Chakra – +15+15+10ATK
    Scarface – +200+350+350HP
    CorpseKing – +350+350+500HP

    Max feed all of them, of course.

  19. Joose

    I reached level 101 with the following: 5. Azreal +30att +15att +500hp, 4. Azreal +15att +15att +350hp 3. Juliet-S +200hp 2. Devourer +10att +40spd +200hp 1. Devourer +15att +200hp +10att

  20. Aragon

    I reached level 28 with that team posted above.

  21. Aragon

    I had more success with 3 Shadowkillers + attack gems (30, 15, and 15), Juliet โ€“ S + 500 Health gem and a Devourer with health gems (350, 350) and attack gem + 15.

  22. Paladin5

    After asking around a member of the Kongregate Community found a method that I have yet to reach under wave 25 on. it is 3 Shadowkillers each with attack gems (30, 15, and 15), Juliet – S with a +25 Elasticity gem and a Devourer with health gems 500, 350, and 350.

  23. Ayumilove

    Hi Cetra, Whats your current party build for Endless Mode? I tested my build and it can goes above Wave 15 and sometimes if lucky, reach Wave 30 and above. I guess it depends on what enemies appears, if too much tankers and Knockbackers, this Shadow Dragon Build can be easily defeated.

  24. Cetra

    Thank you for the helpful information but your build suggestion on ‘endless’ only averaged around wave 6.

  25. TkZero

    Heyy thank you so much helped me out alot ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you able to make a video of “Endless” i can’t make it to 45 only 37