Planet Juicer Walkthrough Guide

Planet Juicer is a 2D Tower Defense (TD) Game similarly to Plants vs Zombies where you defend your drill as you mine planets of their cores. These planet cores are used to produce Core Juice. Protect your drill by building units and researching new technologies to strengthen your defenses. Below are some picture and video guide on how to get through all 3 levels : easy, medium and hard!

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Planet Juicer Level 1, 2, 3 Walkthrough Guide

My defense strategy uses only 3 types of units (Grenadier, Freezer and Shooter). This works for all 3 levels (or 3 planets) Start by building 5 columns of shooters starting from right to left, followed by 1 column of Grenadier starting at left but leave the first 2 spots vacant! This gives ample time for Grenadier to recharge his grenades while enemies are crawling in from the left. Then build Freezer in between Grenadier and Shooter. Freezer buy more time for both defenders to recharge their ammo by slowing down enemy movement.

Planet Juicer Level 1 Guide

Technology Build:
Research Double Shot, Combustible Liquid, Explosives, Firm Tower, Grenades, Liquid Nitrogen, Freezer Unit, Grenade Fragments, Alien Fruit, Therapeutic Injection.

Planet Juicer Level 2 Guide

Technology Build:
Bubbles, Bubble Gun, Nitrogen Mixture, Feed Drum, Sonic Wave Grenade, Orbital Mines.

Planet Juicer Level 3 Guide

Technology Build:
Rail Gun, Bubble Gun, Lighter Explosives, Insulated Tanks, Hyper-Freezer Valve, Flame Thrower, Enhanced Flame Thrower, Compressed Flamer-Fuel, Melee Combat, Bruiser, Larger Tank Capacity, Improved Weapons, Sharp Weapons, Chain Saw.

Planet Juicer Technology Tree Build

Below is a list of technology researched in sequence to complete levels easily.
Combustible Liquid unlocks Flame Thrower, Explosives.
Explosives unlocks Grenades (New Tower)
Firm Tower provides extra protection to towers.
Grenades unlocks Grenade Fragments.
Liquid Nitrogen unlocks Bubbles, Freezer Unit (New Tower)
Freezer Unit unlocks Nitrogen Mixture.
Alien Fruit unlocks Therapeutic Injection.
Therapeutic Injection restores 3 health units in 10 seconds.
Bubbles Unlocks Bubble Gun.
Nitrogen Mixture unlocks Insulated Tanks.
Feed Drum unlocks Rail Gun.
Sonic Wave Grenade unlocks Lighter Explosives.
Orbital Mines

Planet Juicer Video Playthrough

Planet Juicer Level 1 Guide

Planet Juicer Level 2 Guide

Planet Juicer Level 3 Guide

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