Paladog Walkthrough Guide

Paladog is a strategy and defense game where you play as the paladin in shinning armor who defends the helpless critters from zombies and demons using various magical maces to cast powerful spells while equipping with rings that grants special powers. This game offers 3 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard) and 20 levels per episode with 5 chapters in total. View Paladog Walkthrough Guide below to get more insight!

Play Online: Paladog


A,D (←, →) Move left and right
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Summon Units
J,K,L Use Paladog’s maces
Q,E Move camera view
W Reset Camera View
Esc Pause

Paladog Upgrade Guide

Chapter 1 Mind Forest, get Hood The Rabbit (Archer). Although rabbit its weak and slow, they make up for their low food cost, powerful range attacks and able to shoot fire arrow that penetrates multiple enemies and enemy base!
Chapter 2 Forest of the Dead, get Rooky the Kangaroo (Boxer) and max upgrade it! Kangaroo is the ideal partner for Rabbit as it has very fast melee attack speed, average health and above all, throws 4 rapid fire punches within split second to knockout enemy quickly.
Chapter 3 Ice Glen, save money to grab Penguin and its upgrades. It will take awhile to get there since you need to purchase Defensive Tortoise, Monkey Pirate and Elite Rhino before unlocking Penguin.
Chapter 4 Dark Cave, get Penguin The Wizard (Ice Mage). This penguin cost a lot of food but its worth it against very powerful enemies. When bunnies golden arrow could not knock the big guys, Penguin will freeze them to death with its powerful ice shard. You might have difficulty completing Dark Cave Destiny Mode Level 5. Spend some cash on Defensive Tortoise and Monkey Pirates.
Chapter 5 Forgotten Palace, get the Pink Dragon (Flamethrower) to aid Penguin. Once you have those bunnies rushing in the early waves, summon Penguin followed by Pink Dragon. Get skills that allows you to produce food faster to summon these powerful allies into battlefield quickly.

Paladog Level Mode Guide

Adventure Mode

Crush enemy base to win. If base reaches 30%, mobs of enemies rushes out.
Equipment: Poison Mace + Lightning Mace + Food Mace + 2X Prayer Rings
Keep summoning bunnies (Hood The Bunny Archer) and make sure they are within Paladog’s aura to trigger their special attack, firing golden arrow that can penetrate multiple enemies including base! In Chapter 1, you will have low funds to upgrade these bunnies, so have Paladog in front of them to take in enemy damage. These weak bunnies dies easily but deals insane amount of damage in herds. As you progress each level, keep upgrading them and you can have your hero watching behind their backs. Support bunnies in early enemy waves by casting Poison or Lightning (if poisoned enemies have not reach 1 HP). Some zombies aren’t affected by Poison.

Destiny Mode

Destroy enemy with force and magic. Survive from enemy waves until the yellow triangle reaches the red flag. IF yellow triangle passes a skull, mobs of enemy will start pouring in, so be prepare!

Escort the Carriage

Get the transport safely to the final destination. Protect the carriage at all cost! You will not win until the carriage passes the finishing line even though you have allies pass through it.
Equipments: Poison Mace + Food Mace + Lightning Mace + 2X Prayer Rings
Cast Poison Bubble to set first enemy health to 1. Hold 60 Food in storage and summon Rabbits in a rush. Constantly convert mana into food using Food Mace. Once the carriage is half way, summon Kangaroos for front-line support. Kangaroos will protect Rabbits when they reach the finishing line and awaits for the carriage to crawl to its destination safely. Cast Lightning to aid Kangaroos before the zombies wipe them out. It’s better to avoid receiving damage by eliminating zombies than healing them with Heal Mace. This strategy can be applied for Boss Levels.
If your bunnies are way ahead of the horse carriage, position Paladog away from your allies to avoid triggering their powerful special attacks. This way, Bunnies kill enemies and advance forward much slower! This buy some time to bring out powerful allies such as Penguin Wizard (recommended) and Pink Dragon. If there is a boss in this level, summon Elite Rhino or Kangaroo

Battlefield Mode

Summon allies to the enemy base using 3 different tactics: align units vertically or horizontally or use health restoration. Defend 1 of the 5 tracks and invade enemy lines.
Equipments: 2X Prayers Rings or Cultivation Rings (substitute)
The key to win this game is to summon rush of allies in horizontal, while holding enemy invasion using Mouse and Rabbit. Hold at least 30 Food before summoning them in pairs. Once you unlock Kangaroo, summon them instead of Mouse before summoning Rabbit. It’s best to have Prayers Rings to replenish mana quickly to summon rush constantly.

Paladog Skills

Luck increases amount of gold earned. (Max Level 9)
Leadership produces unit faster (Max Level 3)
Health increases maximum health (Max Level 5)
Cultivation increases food production. (Max Level 20)
Prayer increases mana regeneration (Max Level 20)
Aura Power larger aura diameter (Max Level 3)
War Aura strengthens allies to deal more damage (Max Level 20)
Defensive Aura increases defense of units within the aura (Max Level 5)
Skill Aura increases chance of special skill triggered in aura (Max Level 5)
Treasure Hunter increases chance to pick up items (Max Level 5)
Magic Mastery reduces mana consumption. (Max Level 5)
Mace Mastery adds level of this skill to mace’s rank (Max Level 5)
Defense reduces damage taken from enemy attacks. (Max Level 5)
Preservation increases maximum food. (Max Level 10)
March Aura increases allies movement speed. (Max Level 10)
Berserker Aura Allies deals more damage if health below 30% (Max Level 2)
Riding moves faster. (Max Level 5)
Mimic increases experience points gained. (Max Level 9)
Regenerate hero’s health slowly.

Paladog Allies

List of summon allies with their max stats upgrade and special attack within aura!
Mouse the Street Fighter (300 Health / 200 Attack) Perform jump assault attack.
Hood The Rabbit (100 Health / 400 Attack) Shoots penetrative fire arrows.
Bear the Royal Guard (1200 Health / 400 Attack) Penetrates enemy with melee.
Rooky The Kangaroo (1600 Health / 200 Attack) 4 Rapid punches in 1 second.
Defensive Tortoise (4000 Health / 0 Attack) Double Defense.
Monkey the Pirate (320 Health / 600 Attack) Throws powerful bombs.
Elite Rhino (7000 Health / 1200 Attack) Charges through enemies.
Penguin the Wizard (1000 Health / 1500 Attack) Freezes enemy with powerful ice.
The Pink Dragon (5700 Health / 2000 Attack) Spits blazing flames.

Paladog Equipments

Spell Casting Maces

Fist of Fury hits through 3 enemies.
Metero Mace summons meteor that damages mobs of strong enemies.
Ring of Fortune increases drop rate of items.
Turn Undead Mace randomly kills enemies instantly.
Heal Mace heals Paladog and nearby allies.
Wind Mace blows and knocks-out enemies unconscious but does no damage.
Lightning Mace drops lightning on enemies in a narrow area.

Magical Rings

Ring of Vitality increases health of all allies.
Ring of Mana increases max mana. Save mana and give a rush when required.
Ring of Agility lets your horse move faster.
Ring of Prayer helps recover mana more quickly.
Ring of Cultivation resupply food faster to summon allies.
Ring of Experience increases EXP obtain per enemy killed.
Ring of Wealth increases gold received from enemies.
Ring of Preservation increases your max food.
Ring of Regeneration that slowly replenishes your health.
Ring of Fortune increases drop rate of items.

Paladog Screenshots

Main Menu has 2 options: Play and Options Menu (Gear Logo). It also displays some buttons that links to iTunes App Store, Google Play
Paladog Main Menu

Option Menu allows you to mute or control the volume of background music and sound effects. No quality change in here. It also has a handbook guide on how to play the game.
Paladog Options Menu

This game offers 3 save slots (save games) which you can continue from existing game or delete them or play on a different difficulty. I chose Easy for a Casual gameplay, but it is still challenging on boss stages.
Paladog Save Game Select Slot

This is the Upgrade Menu where you can unlock allies to summon them into battle! Each has unique abilities with special attacks which can only be triggered within Paladog’s aura. I recommend only purchasing and upgrading Rabbit, Kangaroo, Penguin and Dragon.
Paladog Unit Upgrade

The Pig is the shopkeeper who sells the same type of maces and rings. As you level up, he will introduce you higher ranking equipment. Sell your unwanted equipment to him in exchange for gold. Keep the Poison Mace, Food Mace and Lightning Mace. These maces are very valuable in battle. Other weapons and accessories are dropped in battle.
Paladog Shop

Here is the Inventory Menu where you equip Paladog with a mix of 3 types of maces and 2 types of rings. To level up quickly, wear 2 Rings of Experience. To farm equipment, wear 2 Rings of Fortune. To battle difficult levels, wear 2 Prayer Rings or Cultivation. The caterpillar will give some in-game tips, which are listed at the bottom of this guide.

Level Menu displays a total of 24 stages or levels, 2 boss levels, 2 escort carriage, 2 battlefield mode, 2 Destiny Mode and 16 Adventure Mode. It seems a little grinding for me. It would be best to cut it down short to 10 levels with this mix (2 boss, 1 each of Destiny, Escort Carriage and Battlefield Mode and remaining are Adventure) while increasing the experience and gold rate per enemy kill.
Paladog Level Menu Stage Select

Start Game is where all the fun begins! In any of the modes in Paladog, you are required to summon allies to win the game. You can support them by casting spells to attack enemies or heal party members. To summon allies, you will need to have plenty of food stocked up (meat symbol on the left) This same applies for casting spells, the blue potion symbol indicates total mana (magic points). Paladog’s level is indicated on top left corner and the center bar (blue is Paladog’s health, red is enemy’s health)
Paladog Start Game

Completing a Chapter reveals an Ending Wallpaper and reveals another new Chapter!
Paladog Chapter

Fazecat (Game Developer of Paladog) takes this opportunity to remind players about his mobile version of Paladog available on GooglePlay and iPhone App Store. Download Paladog to your smartphone and meet more heroes, mini games and survival mode.

Paladog’s Tips and Tricks

If the battle is too hard, raising your level at some easy stages is also a good idea. It is important to check your items before heading for a battle! What weapon you should use will depend on your strategy, but it is better to have a weapon, ranged weapon and a healing to make the battle easy. It is not a good idea to summon units right after the battle starts. Units are weak alone. Enemies that attack from afar becomes scary when they’re all along. Get rid of them from time to time to avoid that situation.

If your inventory is full, monster’s won’t drop items any more. So I recommend selling needless items at shop. The skill of allies can also knock down your enemies. Don’t forget that the skills only works when allies are in the aura! Every boss monsters has distinct features. So the strategy also has to be different for each of them. Think wisely!

Paladog’s Playthrough

Ayumilove Paladog Ring Effect Stacks Experiment

Yes. Equipping 2 same rings allows both of its effects stacks together! This applies to other magical rings such as Ring of Fortune, Ring of Experience and Ring of Wealth.
[youtube url=]

Ayumilove Paladog Playthrough Epic Archer Strategy

Just using Bunnies for the kill while Kangaroo to defend the front lines. In later levels, Kangaroos are replaced by Penguin the Wizard, Pink Dragon and Elite Rhino, depending on the situation.
[youtube url=]

Paladog Animation

If these were in the game, it would totally rock! Everything in 3D but kinda CPU intensive for a browser game. Cute drawings vs 3D animation, which would you pick? The video animation does not highlight Pink Dragon and Penguin Wizard. Guess the desert is too warm and dry for both of them.
[youtube url=]

Final Boss Battle – Paladog Episode 5 Level 24

[youtube url=]

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  1. Noxu

    mineło tyle lat a ta gra dalej jest zajebista przeszedłem ją jakieś 30 razy i dalej się nie nudzi

  2. Troy Garner

    I’ve been looking for this walkthrough for a while now.

  3. Frostfangs

    Naver Line just add this game to their app it seems. I’m now restarting my survival mode 😀 Anyone still play this game I can talk to?

  4. kaizoku

    hi! thanks for the guide. i have a question – i’m at lvl 30 and the shop continues to show the same items. at what lvl will it start to show upgraded items?

  5. Ayumilove

    Thanks Antony for contributing your tips and guides here. Dragons are lovely and powerful but they are killed very quickly in just 2 – 4 hits from Boss attacks compared to summoning 5 bunnies with less health. If boss deals high damage but high delay, its better to go with many bunnies vs 1 dragon.

  6. Antony

    Additional Info :
    I’m doing it at around level 115, fully upgraded rabbit (20/20) and half upgraded penguin (10/20). Normal game difficulty. Ring of Wealth+10 X2.
    I use Lightning Staff, but maybe Meteor Staff will do.

  7. Antony

    With this way you can even get a lot of weapons and rings.
    In my case i use Lightning Staff, so when you’re overwhelmed, just drop the (multiple) lightning to thin the herd as necessary.
    This strategy is not always working, as i think the spawning enemy number is random. Its all about troop balance.
    Be careful because most of the time the Bad Paladog (Paladog mirror image that belong to the enemy’s force) will spawn and disturb the enjoyment. Kill him ASAP.

  8. Antony

    1st thing, summon only Penguin Wizard, as fast as you can. You should get very little number of unit there. Back them up with a few (5-6) rabbits.
    2nd, Hold the line, dont rush the level, you soon will encounter that mummy bosses that keep summoning a lot of minions.
    3rd, Hold them so the Mummy King wont die, they keep summoning minions, try to keep the Mummy King alive. Kill everything except the Mummy Kings until you reached desired number of money.
    4th, You soon will be overwhelmed, so keep summoning rabbits and penguins, but dont overdo it or else that Mummy Kings will die shortly. Balance your troops and enemy’s troop.

  9. Antony

    1st, great guide there 🙂 its like one stop shopping for all of your need. 🙂
    Just want to add some info, its from my personal experience, so please correct me if there is better way.

    You need money so bad and so much for that expensive dragon upgrade?
    My personal tips, replay chapter 5 level 19. I managed to get 1,000,000 ++ with proper timing in one go. (proper timing here is not really hard, seriously).

  10. Ayumilove

    Hi SirCat, weapons can’t be upgraded but there will be new powerful versions sold in shop or you can obtain from monster loot. What is P.D?

  11. SirCat

    Where can i upgrade my equipment, or how is it upgraded?
    P.D.: Do you still play maplestory?

  12. dave

    No i mean the fist fireball spamming mace its like the rabbit arrow i think.
    The Starting weapon i tried poison but was dissapointed 😀
    Only for the last boss i needed the heal mace too otherwise i would have lost.

  13. Ayumilove

    Well poison does not suck but it deals a good damage against tanks (high health monsters) by percentage for some time.

    What kind of knockback are you referring to? Are you referring to Wind Mace? It’s has very short range though. Not my liking but works good.

  14. dave

    Poison sucks becauce its single target the basic mace is the best.
    Knockback aoe manacost range everything you need.

  15. Mike

    Does that make the poison mace the most powerful mace in the game because it reduces an enemy’s HP down to almost zero? Can you provide some detail on that? I believe you may have forgotten to list that one under your maces list.

  16. Ayumilove

    In my opinion, they do not have any “bonus” damage against a particular monster. To keep things simple in game, each summon unit deals X damage depending on their summon rank and upgrade levels.

  17. Mike

    Do enemies in this game respond differently to various types of damage?

    For example, consider the ghosts that disappear when hit then reappear a little later. Do arrows, bombs, or swords do more damage against them or is all damage the same regardless of the type of weapon?