Out of Wind Walkthrough Guide

Out of Wind is a physics puzzle game where you power up windmills with underground wooden and metal gears as the wind has mysteriously stop blowing through the small village. View Out of Wind Walkthrough Guide below to solve any puzzles that you have difficulty with. This game offers 20 challenging levels and various gears from toolbox!

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Out of Wind Level Guide

Level 1-5
Level 6-10
Level 11-15
Level 16-20

Out of Wind Screenshots

Main Menu displays 4 buttons: Play, Credits, Options and More Games! Clicking More Games leads you to the notDoppler’s site, who sponsors Lampogolovii, the developer of this puzzle game Out of Wind.
Out of Wind Main Menu

Credits lists people who contribute on bringing this game to life! Art & Design by Leric, Sounds by Ahura and programming by Lampogolovii. It also links to their site www.brain-games.us that showcases some of their previous developed games such as Gift Pusher, Balloon’s Mail and A Magnetic Adventure.
Out of Wind Credits

Option Menu allows players to mute sound effects and background music or control the volume of each respectively without having to meddle with pc speakers. Nice addition for games with music. I turned the music off as it was kinda monotonous and wasn’t my cup of tea. Vibrant music should be offered for different levels to not bore players for over 20 levels.
Out of Wind Option Menu

Level Menu presents an array of gears chain together underground. Select of the levels to play or replay to complete a level in the shortest amount of time. Each level offers new perspective on implementing gears to power up windmills.
Out of Wind Level Menu

Forging Metal Gear is an essential part of building gears to support wooden gear if there is insufficient wooden gear. It allows you to create any gear size depending on how you want to solve the puzzle. Sadly, not all levels has this feature, only some with lava cracks underground will prompt this unique ability.
Out of Wind Forging Metal Gear

Congratulations You Win! Upon completing the game, villagers will thank you for your help in powering up the dead windmills using the underground moving gears. I wonder how these gears move in the first place. It would be nice to show underground river/water that spin this gears to look more realistic.
Out of Wind Congratulations You Win

Out of Wind Review

This is a fun casual game but not really difficult since it takes a while to guess by swapping in different gear size until it spins the gears. There are a few aspects of the game that can be improved such as game preface (storyline introduction).

It sounds really awkward to abruptly have automatic moving gears. This could be narrated by having villagers discovered a rushing underground river beneath the village, which is used to spin a chain of various gear sizes to power up their windmills on the surface.

If a new series would appear, it will be nice to see the game implements axles and belts, more components apart from various sizes of gears. The lamp to light up dark caves is an interesting concept, and it would be nice to have it as an optional quest. Completing it will reward extra points to player if they are successful in using gear to perform extraordinary stuff.

Last but not least, have a minimum gear requirement to complete the game to achieve Gold/Silver/Bronze. Bronze is for completing the game, Silver is completing a game with side quest, Gold is completing level with minimum amount of tools with extra in toolbox similarly to Talesworth Adventure The Lost Artifacts.

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