My Little Army Walkthrough Guide

My Little Army Walkthrough provides information on list of classes, characters, weapons and missions. My Little Army is a very customizable war game that follows much in the steps of the Epic War series, but brings many new features to the table! Three (or more?) heroes are fighting to conquer all Myth Balls. Who’ll win? You’ll decide! Play the adventures of three curious heroes and the Little Army! Mix and match ’em with 8 unique classes, 48 characters, and 96 weapons to beat dozen of missions in each scenario, and other rewarding quests!

My Little Army Extra Notes:

You can beat easy mode first, then New Game+ to start Hard Mode with more characters and weapons.
Your army can be customized on the “formation” page by mixing each unit’s 3 attributes: class, character, and weapon. Class determines the unit’s role on the battlefield. Different classes also use unique weapon types.
The “character” attribute determines the unit’s appearance and base stats. Weapons each have their own stats and attack types. Collect new classes, characters and weapons by completing missions , quest and purchasing them from the shop. you can restart game story mission from beginning and select different hero with carry over item

About My Little Army

Your objective is to finish the main missions and gather all the myth balls.
Complete quests to unlock new characters and weapons. Then use them to customize your army.
Select main quests and side missions from the “missions” page.
You can upgrade hero’s stats, unlock new spells, and manage your army in “formation” page.
Collect additional characters, weapons and loot on the “shop” page.

My Little Army Walkthrough

Summoning My Little Army In Large Group
As the saying goes, No one can break the sticks when there are two or more in a bundle. This is really true. When you summon 6-8 army at once, the group of soldiers will be able to break through enemy front lines easily. Having many soldiers gives you the opportunity for the first few soldier hitting enemy while the others recharges their attack cooldown. This leads to many attacks from your side, defeating enemy before they can lift a finger on you. Your troop stays healthy longer as they avoid damage from enemy attacks!

My Little Army Heroes

There are 3 types of heroes which are based on the game difficulty.
Khan Khong (Easy), Marchesa (Normal), and Shahanshah (Hard)
Different heroes posses different skills that they can use at their disposal!

My Little Army Achievements

Rookie Little Army – Clear 4 Missions (Reward: Crown Staff)
Strong Little Army – Clear 8 Missions (Reward: Octopus Bow)
Ballsy Little Army – Clear 12 Missions (Reward: Heavy Metal)
My Mythical Heroes – Clear All Hero (Reward: Lollipop Candy)
Seasoned Little Army – Win 25 Battles or more (Reward: Mythical Sword)
Veteran Little Army – Win 50 Battles or more (Reward: Hell Breaker)
Mythical Little Army – Win 100 Battles (Reward: Evil Dragon Sword)
My Multiracial Army – Collect 30 Different Characters (Reward: Grand Stinger)
My Little Military – Collect 50 different weapons (Reward: Cat’s Paw)
Rich Little Army – Earn 500,000 Gold (Reward: Drill Arm)

My Little Army Class

There are 8 types of My Little Army Classes, 7 of which unlocked through Missions.
The classes are named from left to right, top to bottom:
Warrior (Mission 0), Archer (Mission 1), Mage (Mission 2), Fighter (Mission 3), Cavalry, Sword Master, Thrower and Tanker.


My Little Army Weapon List

Sword (Warrior)

Wooden Sword – Power 25 | Mana 0
Iron Sword – Power 30 | Mana 1
Bloody Axe – Power 50 | Mana 2 (Shop)
Gun Blade – Power 75 | Mana 4 (Shop)
Giant Axe – Power 90 | Mana 5 | Critical Up Effect
Chain Saw – Power 110 | Mana 6
Light Saber Z – Power 120 | Mana 7 | Drain Effect
Smasher – Power 150 | Mana 8
Thunder Sword – Power 170 | Mana 10
Crusader Sword – Power 230 | Mana 12
Mythical Sword – Power 265 | Mana 15
Hell Breaker – Power 666 | Mana 20 | Stun Up Effect

Bow (Archer)

Purple Bow – Power 10 | Mana 0 (Shop)
Green Bow – Power 15 | Mana 1 (Shop)
Snake Bow – Power 30 | Mana 2 (Shop, Mission 2)
Ancient Bow – Power 35 | Mana 4 (Shop)
Octopus Bow – Power 42 | Mana 5 (Shop)
Thunder Bolt – Power 60 | Mana 6 (Shop)
Bone Bow – Power 90 | Mana 7
Sylvan Bow – Power 120 | Mana 8 | Freeze Effect
Machine Bow – Power 132 | Mana 10
Razor Claw – Power 165 | Mana 12
Cupid Bow – Power 205 | Mana 15 | Slow Effect
Grand Stinger – Power 300 | Mana 20 | Stop Effect

Staff (Mage)

Wood Staff – Power 20 | Mana 0
Cursed Staff – Power 35 | Mana 1 (Shop)
Moon Staff – Power 50 | Mana 2 (Shop)
Crown Staff – Power 70 | Mana 4 (Shop)
Star Rod – Power 75 | Mana 5 (Shop)
Eagle Staff – Power 95 | Mana 6
Beholder Staff – Power 125 | Mana 7 | Stop Effect
Skull Staff – Power 165 | Mana 8
Orb Staff – Power 180 | Mana 10
Crystal Staff – Power 210 | Mana 12 | Freeze Effect
Fire Dragon Staff – Power 235 | Mana 15
Lollipop – Power 100 | Mana 20 | Mini Effect


Cestus – Power 40 | Mana 0 (Shop)
Spiked Knuckles – Power 55 | Mana 1 (Shop)
Iron Gauntlet – Power 70 | Mana 2 (Shop)
Sweeper – Power 90 | Mana 4 (Shop)
Metal Fist – Power 100 | Mana 5 (Shop)
Ripper – Power 120 | Mana 6 (Shop)
Slicer – Power 140 | Mana 7 | Drain Effect
Champion Glove – Power 175 | Critical Up Effect
Gold Hand – Power 200 | Mana 10
Dragon Claw – Power 260 | Mana 12
Devil Fist – Power 295 | Mana 15
Cat’s Paw – Power 277 | Mana 20 | Critical 100% Effect

Spear (Cavalry)

Soldier Spear – Power 35 | Mana 0
Iron Pike – Power 50 | Mana 1
Glaive – Power 60 | Man 2
Guan Dao – Power 70 | Mana 4
Tepoztopilli – Power 85 | Mana 5
Bardiche – Power 100 | Mana 6
Cross Spear – Power 135 | Mana 7 | Stun Up Effect
Trident – Power 165 | Mana 8
Mighty Lance – Power 190 | Mana 10
Mythical Spear – Power 245 | Mana 12
Crystal Spear – Power 280 | Mana 15 | Freeze Effect
Drill Arm – Power 450 | Mana 20 | Critical Up Effect

2 Hand Sword (Sword Master)

Long Sword – Power 50 | Mana 0
Poison Sword – Power 60 | Mana 1 | Poison Effect
Katana – Power 90 | Mana 2
Flamberge – Power 120 | Mana 4
Dragon Sword – Power 150 | Mana 5
Heavy Metal – Power 160 | Mana 6 | Critical Up Effect
Keris – Power 195 | Mana 7
Ragnarok – Power 200 | Mana 8
Sword Fish – Power 225 | Mana 10 | Poison Effect
Templar Sword – Power 250 | Mana 12
Caladborg – Power 290 | Mana 15
Evil Dragon’s Jaw – Power 950 | Mana 20 | Drain Effect

Grenades (Thrower)

Egg – Power 5 | Mana 0
Pot – Power 30 | Mana 1
Radio – Power 50 | Mana 2
Grenade – Power 65 | Mana 4
Poison Tube – Power 60 | Mana 5 | Poison Effect
TNT – Power 135 | Mana 8
Skunk – Power 100 | Mana 7 | Poison Effect
Rock – Power 130 | Mana 10
Dynamite – Power 175 | Mana 12
Melon (Pumpkin) – Power 205 | Mana 12 | Poison Effect
TV – Power 230 | Mana 15
Atomic Bomb – Power 500 | Mana 20


Pistol – Power 25 | Mana 0
Uzi – Power 30 | Mana 1`
Magnum – Power 45 | Mana 2
Sawed-off shotgun – Power 60 | Mana 4
Pulse Gun – Power 80 | Mana 5
Power Sniper – Power 110 | Mana 6
Kalashinikov – Power 155 | Mana 7
Assault Rifle – Power 175 | Mana 8
Super Shot Gun – Power 215 | Mana 10
Machine Gun – Power 220 | Mana 12
Beam Rifle – Power 250 | Mana 15
Martian Ray – Power 195 | Mana 20 | Freeze Effect

My Little Army Character

There are over 48 characters available that you can unlock, 4 of which are available in New Game.
Characters naming list starts from left to right, top to bottom.

Peasant, Ronin (Shop), Screamer (Shop), Mercenary (Shop), Spectre, Boxer Champ, Mike T, Demon, Satotkaca, Cyborg, N Tank, Super Alg, Scholar, Totem Warrior (Shop), Viking (Shop), Spartan.

Samurai, Troll, Valkyrie, Angel, Armor Knight, Templar Knight, Elephant, P-Bot, Novice, Ranger, Bad Girl (Shop), Pirate, Slasher, Shinobi, Tuxedo, Kunoichi.

Kangroo, Joker, Kong’s Alien, Super Flasher, Hippie (Shop), Merman (Shop), Maid (Shop), Handsome (Shop), Hermit, Kong’s Warrior, Scout, Chef, Mafia, War Chief, Noble, Egypt.

Primary Mission Loot List

Mission 1 – 2000 gold, Archer (Class), Iron Sword
Mission 2 – 4000 gold, Mage (Class), Snake Bow
Mission 3 – 6000 gold, Boxer (Class), Moon Staff
Mission 4 – 8000 gold, Ancient Bow
Mission 5 – 10000 gold, Sword Master (Class), Metal Fist
Mission 6 – 12000 gold, Heavy Metal, Star Rod
Mission 7 – 14000 gold, Calvary (Class), Smasher,
Mission 8 – 16000 gold, Trident, Tepoztopilli
Mission 9 – 18000 gold, Thrower (Class), Boxer Champ, Grenade
Mission 10 – 20000 gold, Boxer Champ
Mission 11 – 25000 gold, Tanker (Class), Templar Knight
Mission 12 (Final Mission) – 30000 gold, Crusader Sword, Mighty Lance

Secondary Mission Loot List

Ally of Justice – 35000 gold, Super Aly, Dragon Claw, Metal Fist
Assassinate!! – Dragon Sword
Assassinate 2 – 7000 gold, Kunoichi
Assassinate 3 – Kong’s Alien, Sword Fish
Bulgar Havok – 1000 gold, Totem Warrior
Demon Lord – 19000 gold, Demon
Don’t Disturb My Home – 3000 gold, Bloody Axe, Totem Warrior
Eastern Warrior – 1600 gold, Ronin, Iron Sword
Femme Fatale – 27000 gold, Satotkaca, Caladborg, Cupid Bow, Grand Stinger
Friday the 13th – 3200 gold, Slasher, Gun Blade
Ghost Haunt – 4000 gold, Bad Girl, Spectre
It’s Spartan!!! – 8500 gold, Spartan, Bardiche
Java Island – 5000 gold, Handsome, Scout
Kangroo Rush – 5500 gold, Kangroo, Scout
Last Samurai – Samurai, Dragon Sword
Maid Cafe – 2500 gold, Maid, Pot
Mike’s Revenge – 6000 gold, Mike T, Champion Glove
Mike’s Revenge 2 – 10000 gold
Mike’s Revenge 3 – 15000 gold, Gold Hand, Devil Fist
Myth Warrior – Keris
Newgrounds Warzone!? – Metal Fist, Ripper
Oh Snap! It’s Greg! – 40000 gold, Super Flasher, Fire Dragon Staff, TV
P-Bot Activated – 30000 gold, Martian Ray, P-Bot
Snow Giant – 25000 gold, Templar Sword, Crystal Spear
Orca King – Smasher, Elephant
Pirate Invitation – 1500 gold, Pirate
Robin’s Hideout – 2000 gold, Ranger, Snake Bow, Ancient Bow
Snowball Festival – 2500 gold, Egg, Crown staff
Trickster Show – 3500 gold, Tuxedo, Star Rod
Wizard Apprentice – 1200 gold, Hermit, Wood Staff

If you found some quest loots from Mission that isn’t listed here, post a comment below and I’ll update the list above. Thanks for reading this walkthrough 🙂

My Little Army Screenshot

Battle Screen

Formation Screen

Shop Screen

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106 thoughts on “My Little Army Walkthrough Guide

  1. AJHydro

    This game would make such a good mobile game ngl

  2. AJHydro

    Hey guys I found this game when I was like 5 and fell in love glad I can still play. Have not gotten Joker and Iron Pike and Templar knight and stuff which is OK. My strategy is use the crystal spear since it freezes with the ant character and use a high damage character with hell breaker. for mission 4 I also use hell breaker.

  3. Frokraken

    Joker is most likely not obtainable.
    I have decompiled the game and looked at the source code and found out that he is not generated in any loot pools anywhere.
    Rumors about him being obtainable in the shop are probably false unless they provide proof.

  4. Mythballs

    femme fatale u can also get an angle as a reward drop I noticed that it wasn’t listed

  5. Turbioo

    Por fin
    N tank: En newgrounds warzone
    Joker: rara vez en la tienda (no mame como 2 semanas y media buscándolo)
    Caballero templario: Mision 11
    Boxer champ: En la mision 10
    1, 2 y 4 en medium mode
    3 en hard mode
    Toy feliz 🙂 conseguí el lollipop Candy

  6. Crow

    tienen mal español, pero esta comunidad esta muerta jajaja. loco para ver años más tarde sigo jugando juegos flash.

  7. Suprasoc

    Foro abandonado de buen juego, en fin igual chain saw en mision 3 en easy. Ademas es mas facil conseguir a joker en misiones bajas como 3 o 4 (me salio en 3) o ya de plano nueva partida

  8. suba

    i compted all missions in hard mode 9 on easy mode it 2 days

  9. Crow

    I really want to know how to get templar knight please help me 🙂

  10. Shyn-nosuke

    Sorry but where can i get LOLIPOP?

  11. lol

    i didn’t get the character n tank on hard mode

  12. bizarro

    same file and got flameberg on mission 7

  13. bizarro

    I got mercenary on new game plus easy off mission 2!!!

  14. Ayumilove

    Thanks Justin Khoong for the feedback!

  15. Justin Khoong

    P-Bot dropped in P-Bot activated!

  16. Zeroun Dao

    demon lord drops hell breaker

  17. LethRodent

    This is a theory for Joker, but i believe the odds of finding it in store gets less as your game progresses. when i bought it, it was my first time ever playing, no files, no unlocks, no achievements, no nothing.

  18. LethRodent

    I bought Joker from the shop, when starting normal mode. didn’t know it was so rare, so i didn’t really pay attention to it. but i bought it between first mission to mission 4, between there, i believe.

  19. Alex

    i cant get joker its just impossble to get him although igot everyone else but p-bot and templer knight

  20. jason

    help me!!!!!!! how to get iron pike,joker,templar knight pleeezzzzzz help people now

  21. nicky

    i found the iron pike and the joker!

  22. angel

    the angel can be unlocked ny beating Femme Fatale

  23. penguin

    how do you do the ctrl+f thing

  24. vigo 100

    to make the battle fast,don’t look at the battle while your unit battling

  25. vigo 100

    i can easily kill P-Bot with swordfish(do poison effect)

  26. Ki-Rin

    Just received a N-Tank as a prize on the Newgrounds Warzone!? mission. Also someone had asked if someone had received 3 prizes on any of the missions; yes I have. Although they were prizes that I already had I would have to say that using a ranged attacker with freeze and then using a close combat attacker with high damage seems to work VERY well. As far as the dialogue goes, I sort of think that some of the grammer is done on purpose. Everyone loves “All your bases are belonging to us” after all. 🙂 Also, a double innuendo never hurts either. lol

  27. dakak

    i agree with siperjack. how do you get N tank? i hav beaten every lvl on every difficulty except for oh snap, its greg. pleez help

  28. dakak

    i agree with siperjack. how do you get N tank? i hav beaten every lvl on every difficulty except for oh snap, its greg. pleez help

  29. tslay3r

    I got a Chain Saw when I completed mission 3 on easy.

  30. dfd

    mission 4 gives you a champion glove if you take out milkey sometimes

  31. dfd

    ‘dont disturb my home’ also gives you the giant axe.

  32. Siperjack

    How does i get N tank?

  33. dakak

    ayumilove pleeezzz explain how to get joker and iron pike…

  34. dakak

    @royal tenenbaum
    ok i actually figured that out but thnx anyways

  35. Sawed Off Shotgun

    I keep getting sawed-off shotgun for mission 11. Grr… I want the friggin templar knight! >_<

  36. Gene

    how do you pass Mike’s Revenge? my troops died at most 2 hits

  37. Sadness


  38. Jojo

    Well, started again. This time on easy, playing weak characters with strong weapons, strong characters with weak weapons. Bulgar Havok so far gave me Wooden Sword and Bloody Axe. Will try to use only one soldier per secondary missions using giant spell when I raise enough money for all upgrades. Was anyone here ever awarded with 3 things per mission, since there are 3 loot slots?

  39. ayumilove

    I find that when reaching higher mission in game or perhaps having better equipped army, it will be difficult to get low level equips on lower ranking Secondary Missions.

  40. Jojo

    On occasion, mission 10 gives you a Boxer Champ, final mission sometimes awards you with a Mighty Lance, and Femme Fatale sometimes gives Cupid Bow and Grand Stinger. Don’t disturb my home can give you a Totem Warrior. Am not sure whether this is completely random or has something to do with the strength and number of characters or strength of weapons used to finish missions. Haven’t got a clue how to get Joker, or Templar Knight, and haven’t seen Iron Pike either.

  41. ayumilove

    Thanks Col! I have updated the Secondary Mission List with your findings 🙂

  42. Col

    oh wow, i just got the “TV” from “Oh Snap! It’s Greg!”

    only missing joker and iron pike now… when i get em, i’ll let u know

  43. Col

    Mission 10 can get you “Boxer Champ”. Greets

  44. Col

    myth warrior gets u “keris”.

    Still looking for the “Joker”. Anyone got an idea how to get him?

  45. ayumilove

    I think its completing Easy, Medium and Hard game modes in a single save file?

  46. ayumilove

    Thanks “Me”, I wonder why the developer did not re-write that pot as a “Flower Pot” it makes more sense since it has flower in it 😀

    Added “Pot” into Maid Cafe Mission Loot List!

  47. ayumilove

    Thanks Jojo! I have added your loot into the Secondary Mission Loot List 🙂

  48. Jojo

    It’s spartan gave me a bardiche 🙂

  49. Me

    You can add the pot loot to the maid cafe 😉

  50. Scolez

    Hi .. what is meant by My Mythical Heroes – Clear all Hero?? I’ve completed the game with every Hero but this Achievements is still locked.

  51. Jojo

    Ok, after an unsuccessful search for the Iron Pike, I started to play secondary missions on normal with each and every character I have (45 characters)… After 720 secondary battles so far and a finally unlocked cavalry weapon slot in the shop still no Iron Pike…

  52. Victoboy

    How can I Get Mafia?

  53. ayumilove

    Thanks Purpin! Updating the list now 🙂

  54. Purpin

    You forgot Assassinate III too- rewards are Kong’s Alien and Sword Fish.

  55. Purpin

    The rewards (I got) are two Samurai, and one Dragon Sword.

  56. royal tenenbaum

    there’s a glitch that when you have an item equipped or character in your party it makes your inventory and kongregate high score think you do not have that object or person. well as long as you only have 1 of that item only~

  57. ayumilove

    You can purchase Angel from shop after you have gain access to “Femme Fatale Mission”

  58. leet guy

    how do you get Angel ?

  59. dakak

    ok now im cofused. is there some secret weapon? because on the list i see 5 empty spots but on the kong high scores it says im missing 6

  60. dakak

    lol thnx

  61. Awood2009

    um…on Mission 4, use Hellfire on the mummies only….leave the portal alone, kill archers when low on health….and DO NOT attack boss

  62. HK

    You don’t need 2 defeat him, you should just survive 5 min…. You can see the tim in the upper left corner 😀

    PS. Had the same problem 😀

  63. ayumilove

    What are the rewards given by Last Samurai? e.g. Gold, equip, etc.

  64. Xhope

    Depends, If you’re on the easy dificulty you should upgrade “Rage” and “Haste” to max and then HEAL HEAL HEAL! If you’re on the Normal dificulty you should just upgrade “Heal” “Shield” and “regenerate” to lvl 2 and then HEAL HEAL HEAL! XD

  65. Xhope

    You forgot about the “Last Samurai” side quest 😀

  66. royal tenenbaum

    ayumilove does i saw her in the top score on kongregate

  67. Ashen

    so has anyone actually gotten the joker or the iron pike?

  68. dakak

    how do you beat mission 4? ive tried over and over and i cant beat that boss he kills all my guys in pretty much 1 or 2 hits. i have unlocked everything possible up to that level besides upgrades and achievements although i got the achievements for 25 and 50 wins!! please help.

  69. ayumilove

    Thanks Brandon 🙂
    Secondary mission loot list has been updated with your findings!

  70. Brandon

    You will also get Elephant from Orca King quest.

  71. ayumilove

    @Pure Awesomeness
    Thanks, updating loot list for secondary mission 🙂

  72. ayumilove

    What I have found out is when you switch classes, the element changes (the warrior class uses slash element, the mage class uses ice element, etc) I have listed the element down in a “class” table.

  73. Pure Awesomeness

    I found spectre in ghost haunt(mission)…

    Awesome work

  74. geekahedron

    Each weapon has a specific element associated with its attack, which is not in the tooltip information so you have to equip each weapon to see what it is. It might be nice to include this element information to the tables of weapon stats.

  75. ayumilove

    To beat super alg in Ally of Justice Secondary Mission in 3 minutes, summon 5 units equipped with crystal spear (to stun 100%) and 3 units equipped with sword fish (to poison enemy, kills enemy easily who has lots of health).

  76. Daakee

    If you’re having problems beating super ALG, use the Grand Stinger. It has a stop effect and if you have all 8 units as archers he will be unable to move/attack. It will take awhile (10+ minutes) for them to take him down but its the safest and surest way to get him down.

  77. Brandon

    Play Femme Fatale. You would get it there. I think ayumilove swapped the loot for Femme Fatale and Myth Warrior.

  78. Taima

    @Brandon Actually you can get the Hell Breaker from the Demon Lord Side mission, gotten a few of them.

    Also on Mission 10 I have gotten the Boxer Champ and the Valkyrie.

  79. Anon

    Anyone ever got the Templar Knight from Mission 11? I have done it 30+ times(refreshing) and still nothing. And I’m not even sure about where to look for the Joker. Maybe he can appear at the level where the boss is a clown?

  80. ayumilove

    Oh, that basically means you need to complete the final mission to unlock these secondary mission such as Oh Snap, It’s Greg, P-Bot Activated, Ally of Justice and so forth.

  81. ayumilove

    I have added information on Wizard Apprentice Secondary Mission.

  82. Brandon

    Oops my bad there’s no hell breaker from demon lord. Also, there isn’t a list for the rewards you get for winning wizard’s apprentice.

  83. Brandon

    For the orca king……there is a chance to get elephant and for the demon lord, I think you have the hell breaker too. BTW, what do you mean by (complete final mission) for the secondary quests?

  84. Taima

    @joker Yea that is what I am doing, just have to get back to mission 11 first…I can try to do it on some of the missions I can attempt now, to find the Joker.

  85. joker

    After you complete battle 11 just refresh the screen if he doesn’t come in your loot and you will be able to play the battle again…REfreshing just reloads the game…better than playing through 10 misssions again! @joker

  86. joker

    I saw the joker once a long time ago and he’s not an onscreen character like the templar knight he’s a randomly generated character. ON missions 1-12 i played through with one character at a time to generate the most enemy characters but no luck. Can somone try the secondary missions?

  87. Taima

    @Ashen Your guess is as good as mine for the Pike and Joker. As we now know, the Knight is on Mission 11, which means I have to do another playthrough and hope for the best. I have tried sitting and entering the shop untold amount of times and I have never seen the Pike pop up. As for the Joker I personally have never seen it anywhere in the game.

  88. joker

    Templar knight is in mission 11.

  89. Ashen

    so how do you get the iron pike, joker and templar knight?

  90. Taima

    @myuhinny The Ctrl+f and the tables are referring to on this site. You use Ctrl+F to bring up the find command, and the table is referring to the table of stats for the units. Has nothing to do with what you can actually do in-game.

  91. Ashen

    So for the Joker and Templar Knight do you have to just keep going back to the shop hoping that they will show up or do you get them from a side quest that shows up randomly?

  92. myuhinny

    You can get angel from the femme fatale battle Super AGL can be got from the Ally of Justice battle P-bot from the P-bot Activated battle it might take awhile to get him. I have all weapons except iron pike Templar Knight and joker I have went through easy normal and hard and haven’t seen them I checked the store numerous times on all three runs and never got N-tank till I did the hard run. I have no clue what the ctrl F thing is suppose to do or what the table is that the templar knight is suppose to be in. Unless the game is set up differently on different sites.

  93. joker

    ayumilove you did a great job and obviously you got everything. Yes, i ctrl f and saw the weapons and all the characters, but it does not say where joker and the iron pike are.

  94. joker

    no after lvel seven the calvary class becomes available and i cycled through 100 times and no iron pike. it’s between 1 or 4 stronger weapons

  95. Xavier

    The Iron Pike can be bought when you first receive the Chivalry Class just cycle through he store till you find it
    the Templar Knight and Joker are almost impossible to find.

  96. Taima

    @Nec You’ll get P-Bot from it eventually, it took me a good 6-8 tries at least. Just keep trying.

    @Joe You can buy Angel from the store close to end of the game.

  97. Nec

    @Taima I’m missing P-Bot. I have the quest, I’ve finished it three times, but still didn’t get the P-Bot character reward. As for the Iron Pike, the Joker and the Templar Knight, I don’t have any of them, and I don’t know where to go to find them.

  98. joe

    How to get angel???

  99. Taima

    No hidden missions as far as I know…and what are you missing from the P-Bot mission? you get P-bot and the freeze gun. If your looking for Tankman…aka N-Tank, that is back on the Newgrounds Assault mission.

  100. Nec

    Same situation: can’t seem to get the iron pike, Joker, Templar Knight. Also, I’ve completed the P-Bot activated quest 3 times, but I still don’t have it. Are there hidden missions?

  101. Taima

    Does anyone know where to acquire the Joker, Templar Knight or Iron Pike? They are the only things I am missing and I did not see them in the shop. I am on my third playthrough and have grinded through the side missions numerous times.

  102. ayumilove

    @kongmish Templar Knight is in the table, and Iron Spike (Spear) is listed above. Try using CTRL + F to find them 🙂

  103. ayumilove

    @kongmish Super ALG can be obtain from completing the secondary mission, something with the title Justice.

  104. kongmish

    Also missing Templar Knight and the weapon ( spear ) Iron Pike 🙁

  105. kongmish

    How do you unlock Joker and Super ALG ? I’ve never seen them