Monsters TD Walkthrough Guide

Monsters TD is a simple 2D tower defense game where you kill monsters before they escape out using the portal. This game offers 12 unique towers, 7 monster type, 3 powerful casting spells, 20 achievements, 12 upgrades and 10 challenging levels! View Monsters TD Walkthrough Guide to complete game successfully without any monster leaks! You are in charge of defending the tower. Monsters are on the way and you need to keep them back. You must protect the portal to our world from the monsters attack.

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Monsters TD Level Guide

Level 1 Invasion
Level 2 Ascent
Level 3 Big Fish
Level 4 Double Trouble
Level 5 Lightning
Level 6 Mad Cat’s Head
Level 7 Divarication
Level 8 Big Daddy
Level 9 Long Cave
Level 10 Twisted Way

Monsters TD Skill Build Guide

Spend Skill Points into purchasing the skills below in sequence!
1) 10% Discount on Brown Towers build/upgrade cost.
2) 200 Extra Damage to Magic Beam
3) 20% Extra Effect Brown Towers abilities.
4) 10% Discount on Blue Towers build/upgrade cost.
5) 10% Discount on Red Towers build/upgrade cost.
6) 5 additional seconds to Stun Magic.
7) 5 additional seconds to Gain Magic.
8) 10% bonus money in the beginning level.
9) 20% Extra Effect Blue Towers abilities.
10) 10% Extra Health of Total Monsters that can enter Portal.
11) 10% Extra Money Per Monster Kill.
12) 20% Extra Effect Red Towers abilities.

Monsters TD Enemy Guide

Joltick : No special ability.
Slug : Becomes invisible for 15 seconds.
Glutton : Recovers HP overtime.
Crocop : Damage received reduced by 5.
Ricky-Ticky : Resistant to attack and abilities of Eye Tower (Blue).
Juggernaut : Resistant to attack and abilities of Brown Tower (Yellow).
Imp : Resistant to attack and abilities of Fire Tower (Red).

Monsters TD Magic Guide

Magic Beam deals 200 damage to any enemies within beam. Hotkey: 1
STOP stuns all monsters for 10 seconds. Hotkey: 2
Gain boost tower’s damage, range and reload. Hotkey: 3

Monsters TD Tower Cannons Guide

Steam Tower
Strikes monsters from far distance.
Can be upgraded to Critical Tower, Triple Shot Tower or Rocket Tower

Critical Tower
Has 25% chance to deal critical damage.

Triple Shot Tower
Attacks 3 monsters simultaneously!
At 3rd level upgrade, has 25% chance to poison enemies.
Poisoned enemies loses 15 HP per second. Poison lasts 10 seconds.

Rocket Tower
Attacks monster with rocket that deals splash damage.
At 3rd level, shoots 3 rockets instead of 1.

Fire Tower
Attacks an enemy with continuous flame jet.
Can be upgraded to Inferno Tower, Greed Tower or Eye Tower.

Inferno Tower
Successor of Fire Tower.
Has 10% chance to set monster on fire. losing HP every 2 seconds.
At 3rd level, monster killed by fire will explode, burning nearby enemies.

Greed Tower
Does very tiny damage to enemies. Every hit generates money!
At 3rd level, deprives monster’s abilities.

Eye Tower
The best tower to stop enemies!
Can be upgraded to Radar Tower, 3 Eyed Tower or Chain Lightning Tower.

Radar Tower
Boost nearby towers range, damage and fire rate but it can’t attack.

3 Eyed Tower
Stuns and slows 3 enemies simultaneously!

Chain Lightning Tower
Stuns multiple enemies with lightning and has a chance to slow them.

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2 thoughts on “Monsters TD Walkthrough Guide

  1. ayumilove


    Good luck with Level 9 and 10! If you’re still stuck, check out the walkthrough for Level 9 and 10 posted here.

  2. j

    you put this up just when i needed it! i started playing the game yesterday and couldn’t get a perfect score from level 5 onwards. watched your youtube video and then came to your blog for level 8! thanks!
    and i’m going to attempt 9 and 10 now 😀