MapleStory2 Guide (Soul Binder, Rune Blader, Striker)

MapleStory2 is a 3D game with a block-based world similar to MineCraft. Customization is a key feature, allowing you to change the visual design of your player and many game elements such as items. You will be able to create your own house, dungeons and more. The original MapleStory and MapleStory2 will be separate games, therefore your players and progress cannot be transferred over. Furthermore, Nexon will continue to maintain and run both at the same time, so you will not lose anything once MapleStory2 launches. MapleStory2 is being developed by Nsquare, the joint development studio formed by Nexon and NCsoft. MapleStory 2 will be released in Korea on July 7th 2015 at 7PM KST (10:00 UTC+0).

Download MS2 Game Client: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Download MS2 English Patch: MapleStory2 Data 2018-07-13
MS2 English Patch Guide: Click here for video guide!
Login: MapleStory2 Nexon Member Login Page

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MapleStory2 PC Requirements

MapleStory 2 has been developed with older and newer computers in mind, allowing everyone to partake. Specs and computer requirements are below. Note: RAM is memory, HD is Hard Disk Space, CPU is the main computer processor, GPU is the graphic card processor.

Game QualityOperating SystemPC SpecsGraphic Card Specs (NVIDIA / AMD)
LowWindows XP SP3Core2Duo CPU, 2GB RAM, 8GB HDGeForce 9800 / Radeon HD 4000
MediumWindows 7, 8i3 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8GB HDGeForce GT 400 / Radeon HD 5000
HighWindows 7, 8i3 CPU, 4GB RAM, 8GB HDGeForce GT 600 / Radeon HD 6000
Ultra HighWindows 7, 8i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, 8GB HDGeForce GT 600 / Radeon HD 6000

MapleStory2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I play MapleStory2 with an unverified Account?
A: No, you can’t yet as with the required verification, you must ensure that you live in Korea so you will not be able to bypass that. You can purchase verified Accounts for $12 USD.

Q: How to get activated/verified accounts?
A: There is two way to get an Activated Nexon (KR) account needed to play Maplestory 2:
1. Having a Korean friend that could activate your Nexon (KR) Account using a Korean phone.
2. Purchasing an Activated Nexon (KR) Account on a site specialized in selling Korean Games Accounts.

Q: Do I need a VPN to play MapleStory2?
A: No, you don’t there is no risk at getting banned if you don’t use a VPN as long as you don’t share an account.

Q: How do I login/play into MapleStory2?
1. Visit MapleStory2 Nexon Homepage
2. Enter verified account credentials (e-mail and password). Click “LOG IN” (blue button).
3. The website redirects to a captcha page.
4. Re-enter verified account credentials with correct captcha. Click “LOG IN”.
4. Wait for browser to auto-refresh page in 5 seconds to return to MapleStory2 Nexon Homepage.
5. Click “Game Start” yellow button.
6. Wait 10~30 seconds for game to start.
Note: If you complete step 2 using an unverified account, you will not be redirected to a captcha page and receive a small pop-up window error message. If you installed MapleStory2 in a SSD (Solid State Drive), it will take less than 20 seconds for the game to boot/start whereas 20~40 seconds if installed in a HDD (Hard Disk)

Q: Why does the update take so long?
A: This is probably because you aren’t located in Korea. This means that your ping is high and the download speed low as-well as many are updating at the moment.

Q: Why am I stuck in Maple-Island?
A: This happened to me twice and is probably because of the high ping/Server Maintenance they made. Just restart the Game and everything should be fine.

Q: Why did my Level/EXP reset?
A: This is because of the Server Maintenance during the last hours. You have to do all again.

Q: I’m getting a dialog box when i start the game with verified account?
I bought a Korean account and I’m able to log in without any verification issues. However, I’m getting a strange dialogue box that is giving me some date and time table. Is the server down or is this some kind of limitation to the hours that I’m allowed to play?
A: It is now a maintenance. Should be done in an hour or so.

Q: How to spawn bosses?
A: If you go to the map, there are maps with the boss icon in them. put your mouse over the icon and it will tell you the channels that the bosses are alive in. If you tried to enter a channel with boss alive inside but being blocked, it means the channel is full. You have to wait for it to open again or try one of the higher numbered channels.

MapleStory 2 Abbreviations

  • ACC: Accuracy, which can be increased with DEX, among other stats.
  • Action Skill: Movements skills such as climbing, flying, etc.
  • Active Skill: A skill that deals damage or grants buff effects temporarily.
  • Attack Speed: Attack Speed has a base of 100 and determines how quickly you attack.
  • Avoid: Increases your chances of avoiding attacks.
  • Blackmarket: Regular in-game items with stats are sold in the Blackmarket.
  • Critical: Critical attacks, which can be increased by LUK, do significantly higher damage than regular attacks
  • Critical Resistance: Reduces damage taken from Critical hits by bosses and in PVP
  • DEF: Increases your defense against physical attacks.
  • DEX: Dexterity, the main stat for Archers. It is the secondary stat for Rogues
  • EP: A separate stat that is used up when avoiding attacks or using things to move (e.g. wall climbing).
  • HP: Also known as hit points or health points, when your HP reaches 0 you will die. When you die, a tombstone falls from the sky. If other players destroy this tombstone you can be revived once with a 15% HP debuff for 5 minutes.
  • INT: Intelligence, the main stat for Magicians.
  • LUK: Luck, the main stat for Rogues. It is the secondary stat for Magicians.
  • M.DEF: Increases your defense against magical attacks.
  • Magical Resistance: Reduces damage taken from magical attacks. It can be raised by INT.
  • Marketplace: Wearable, or ‘NX’ items, are sold in the Marketplace.
  • Noob: A noob is a beginner. Be mean and karma will one day return the favor with severe PvP pwnage. Befriend them and you’ll have a friend for life.
  • Passive Skill: A skill which provides a permanent increase in stats.
  • Physical Resistance: Reduces damage taken from physical attacks in addition to defense. It can be raised by STR and DEX.
  • SP: Stamina Points are consumed when using skills and are fixed at 100 for any job or level. Some jobs have skills that restore SP, however, you are unable to regain SP using items.
  • Speed: Your movement speed, default is 100 (150 speed is about 1.5x faster).
  • STR: Strength, the main stat of Warriors. It is the secondary stats for Archers.

MapleStory2 Notes

Avoid buying user created cosmetics, especially if item use copyrighted material

TL;DR: Don’t buy things that violate the copyright rule.
In the Merit shop, the second tab (디자이너 샵) is user created cosmetics. I have looked through the market, and most (if not all) violate Nexon’s rule stating no copyrighted material or designs can be used on items. I know that BMO backpack looks awesome. But buying items that violate copyright rule is risky, since Nexon may not refund your Merits (because you just endorsed a copyright violation). So if you plan on spending Merit (which is basically cash), use it on Nexon’s shop, which is the first tab named “프리미엄 샵”.

MapleStory2 Videos

Ayumilove MapleStory2 English Patch Guide

English Patch Error and Solution
If you execute the English “switch.bat” file, an error appeared stating “Cannot gain access to the given folder, file or path…” – It means you will need to provide yourself (as the user) the permission to modify the filename extension. Here is the step by step guide on how to solve this issue:

  1. Visit the MapleStory2 installation folder
  2. Right-click on the “data” folder where the switch.bat is residing inside. (Note: Why not the MapleStory2 folder? This is because Windows doesn’t change permission for child folders)
  3. Click “Properties”
  4. Select “Security” tab.
  5. Click “Advanced” button.
  6. Select the “User” in the Permission Entries. (Note: If you do not see your Windows account username inside, you need to add it here!)
  7. Click “Edit” button.
  8. Tick the checkbox “Full Control”, “Modify”, “Read and Execute”, “List folder contents”, “Read” and “Write”.
  9. Click OK to save changes and close “Permission Entry”.
  10. Click OK to close “Advanced Security Settings”.
  11. Click OK to close the Properties window.
  12. Try to run MapleStory2 application again.
  13. *** END GUIDE ***

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