MapleStory2 Thief Skills

MapleStory2 Thief (메이플스토리2 시프): With sleek and crafty movements, their enemies beg for mercy in front of their eyes. Faster than light, they swing their daggers in both hands as their enemies fall to the ground. Instead of justice and morals, power is what matters in alleyways, which is where the wandering rebel Jonathan Button and his group of followers, Thieves, began. Because of this, some people think its funny to call them “alley misfits who don’t even know the basics”. However, while many Thieves overlook it, they show their defiance with their brazen attitudes. In order to keep up their discipline and order, they do not allow outsiders but Thieves envy them because they want an honest and free life. The Thief, often called the Bandit, are part of the rogue branch of classes. Thief job relies largely on LUK but also a balance of DEX for its strength. Thief’s weapon of choice is a dagger. They have the ability to wield two daggers simultaneously or simply a dagger and shield combination.

Thief Overview

Class: Rogue
Weapon: Dagger
Attributes: Physical, Poison
Main Stats: LUK, Movement Speed, Evasion
Play Difficulty: ★★★★★
Instructor: Amritsar

Theif Pros and Cons


  • *Share your pros on this job!*
  • Stackable poison effect drains enemy HP fast.
  • Fast attacks and inflicts many hits.


  • *Share your cons on this job!*
  • Short attacking range. Hassle to grind/farm enemies and evade boss attacks.
  • Weak base damage. Relies heavily on poison to inflict heavy damage on enemies.

MapleStory2 Thief Video

Ayumilove MapleStory2 Thief Skills (2016)

MapleStory2 Thief Skills

MapleStory2 Thief Mind Stealer Mind Stealer (Active)
Nimbly move forward 4.5 m, dealing 40% damage to 3 enemies in your path and absorbing their energy to restore 10 spirit per target.

MapleStory2 Thief Spirit Thief Spirit Thief (Passive)
Steal from an enemy. When successful, attacks restore 4 spirit on hit.

MapleStory2 Thief Double Slash Double Slash (Active)
◆ Required Level: 0/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26
Quickly stab with your daggers, dealing 31% (49%) damage 2 times to 3 enemies up to 3 m in front of you. Has a 7% (16%) for 5 sec when your attack hits. Movement speed increases by 30% while Cunning is active, and some skills are enhanced. The damage of each attack is affected by the weapon in each hand.
Level 1: Damage 31%, Cunning Activation Chance 7%
Level 10: Damage 49%, Cunning Activation Chance 16%

MapleStory2 Thief Poison Edge Poison Edge (Active)
◆ Required Level: 0/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26
Swing your poison-coated daggers, dealing 68% (104%) poison damage to 5 enemies up to 3 m in front of you. Keep pressing the key to trigger a 5-hit combo. The fifth hit deals 72% (126%) poison damage and moves you 3 m in the direction you select. Base: When Cunning is active, this skill is empowered. Consumes 10 spirit. EX: Your daggers poison the target for an additional 11% (20%) poison damage every second for 13 sec on each hit of this skill. This effect stacks up to 5 times. Cunning is canceled when this skill activates. Consumes 10 spirit.
Level 1: Poison Damage 68%, Fifth-Hit Poison Damage 72%, (EX) Poison Damage 11% per second
Level 10: Poison Damage 104%, Fifth-Hit Poison Damage 126%, (EX) Poison Damage 20% per second

MapleStory2 Thief Somersault Kick Somersault Kick (Active)
◆ Required Level: 10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28
Perform a somersault kick to deal 238% (382%) damage to 5 enemies up to 3 m in front of you: Base: breaking their stance and decreasing their movement speed by 30% (45%) and jump power by 30% (45%). When Cunning is active, this skill is empowered. EX: stunning them for 1 sec. Cunning is cancelled when this skill activates. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active.
Level 1: Damage 238%, (Base) Enemy Movement Speed Decrease 30%, (Base) Enemy Jump Power Decrease 30%
Level 10: Damage 382%, (Base) Enemy Movement Speed Decrease 45%, (Base) Enemy Jump Power Decrease 45%

MapleStory2 Thief Mind Breaker Mind Breaker (Passive)
◆ Required Level: 13/15/17/19/21/23/25/27/29/31
Unlocks Empowered Mind Stealer, which increases the number of targets that can be hit by the skill to 5 and the skill’s damage by 50% (500%).
Level 1: Skill Damage Increase 50%
Level 10: Skill Damage Increase 500%

MapleStory2 Thief Poison Vial Poison Vial (Active)
◆ Required Level: 16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32/34
◆ Required Skill: Double Slash Lv.3+, Poison Edge Lv.3+
Throw a vial of poison at the closest enemy up to 7.5 m in front of you, dealing 45% (72%) poison damage. The vial breaks on impact, splashing a toxic liquid that poisons 5 enemies within 3 m and deals 35% (62%) poison damage every second for 10 sec. Consumes 15 spirit.
Level 1: Poison Damage 45%, Poison Damage 35% per second
Level 10: Poison Damage 72%, Poison Damage 62% per second

MapleStory2 Thief Cunning Tactics Cunning Tactics (Active)
◆ Required Level: 19/21/23/25/27/29/31/33/35/37
Using the tricks of the trade, recover 20 (35) spirit and activate Cunning for 5 sec. While Cunning is active, your movement speed increases by 30% and some skills can be empowered.
Level 1: Spirit Recovered 20, Cooldown 23 sec
Level 10: Spirit Recovered 35, Cooldown 14 sec

MapleStory2 Thief Vicious Cuts Vicious Cuts (Active)
◆ Required Level: 22/24/26/28/30/32/34/36/38/40
◆ Required Skill: Somersault Kick Lv.2+, Mind Breaker Lv.2+
Quickly stab with your daggers, dealing 35% (62%) damage 5 times to 3 enemies up to 3 m in front of you. While Cunning is active, this skill is enhanced. The damage of each attack is affected by the weapon in each hand. Consumes 28 spirit.
Level 1: Damage 35%
Level 10: Damage 62%

MapleStory2 Thief Quick Step Quick Step (Active)
◆ Required Level: 25/27/29/31/33/35/37/39/41/43
Swiftly move back 3 m and recover 1 (19) spirit. Consumes 40 stamina. Max Level: 1
Level 1: Spirit Recovered 1
Level 10: Spirit Recovered 19

MapleStory2 Thief Blade Dance Blade Dance (Active)
◆ Required Level: 28/30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46
◆ Required Skill: Cunning Tactics Lv.2+
Spin with your daggers out, dealing 42% (69%), then 42% (69%), and then 56% (83%) damage to 8 enemies within 3 m. Base: While Cunning is active, this skill is enhanced. Consumes 26 spirit. EX: Your spin makes enemies dizzy, granting you a 81% (99%) chance to evade enemy attacks for 1 sec. Cunning is cancelled when this skill activates. Consumes 26 spirit.
Level 1: First-Hit Damage 42%, Second-Hit Damage 42%, Third-Hit Damage 56%, (EX) 81% Chance To Evade
Level 10: First-Hit Damage 69%, Second-Hit Damage 69%, Third-Hit Damage 83%, (EX) 99% Chance To Evade

MapleStory2 Thief Surprise Attack Surprise Attack (Active)
◆ Required Level: 31/33/35/37/39/41/43/45/47/49
◆ Required Skill: Poison Edge Lv.6+, Poison Vial Lv.2+
If a target is afflicted with Poison Edge or Poison Vial, they’ll take an additional 313% (520%) poison damage for each, and the poison will be removed. When Cunning is active, this skill is empowered.
Base: Stab 3 enemies up to 3 m in front of you, dealing 101% (164%) damage. EX: Spin with your daggers out, dealing 101% (164%) damage to 8 enemies within 3m.
Level 1: Damage 101%, Additional Poison Damage 313%
Level 10: Damage 164%, Additional Poison Damage 520%

MapleStory2 Thief Haste Haste (Active)
◆ Required Level: 34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50/52
◆ Required Skill: Mind Breaker Lv.2+, Vicious Cuts Lv.2+
Your movements mimic the wind. For 60 sec, 4 spirit is consumed in 0.5 sec intervals to increase attack speed and movement speed by 13% (22%) and physical attack by 8% (17%).
Level 1: Movement Speed Increase 13%, Physical Attack Increase 8%
Level 10: Movement Speed Increase 22%, Physical Attack Increase 17%

MapleStory2 Thief Retaliation Retaliation (Passive)
◆ Required Level: 37/39/41/43/45/47/49/51/53/55
◆ Required Skill: Blade Dance Lv.2+
Deftly dodge an attack and position yourself for a counterattack, which restore 12 (30) spirit, increases physical attack and magic attack by 4.5% (18%), and increases evasion by 6 (15) for 12 sec. This effect will not activate again for 1 sec.
Level 1: Spirit Restored 12, Physical / Magic Attack Increase 4.5%, Evasion Gained 6
Level 10: Spirit Restored 30, Physical / Magic Attack Increase 18%, Evasion Gained 15

MapleStory2 Thief Ruthless Guile Ruthless Guile (Passive)
◆ Required Level: 40/42/44/46/48/50/52/54/56/58
◆ Required Skill: Poison Vial Lv.6+, Poison Edge Lv.6+
Prey on the weaknesses of your enemy to deal 2% (11%) additional poison damage to targets afflicted with Poison Blow or Poison Vial.
Level 1: Additional Poison Damage 2%
Level 10: Additional Poison Damage 11%

MapleStory2 Thief Deft Combatant Deft Combatant (Passive)
◆ Required Level: 43/45/47/49/51/53/55/57/59/61
◆ Required Skill: Vicious Cuts Lv.5+, Haste Lv.3+
Intense training has honed your body, increasing the damage output of Vicious Cuts and Somersault Kick by 1% (19%).

MapleStory2 Thief Mesoguard Plus Mesoguard Plus (Active)
◆ Required Level: 46/48/50/52/54/56/58/60/62/64
◆ Required Skill: Quick Step Lv.2+
Create a meso shield. If Cunning is active, the skill costs no mesos, and Cunning will be removed. Base: Spend 777 mesos to create a meso shield that lasts 4 seconds, reducing damage taken by 26% (80%).
EX: Create a meso shield centered around your weapon that lasts 12 seconds, increasing physical attack by 11% (39%) and reducing damage taken by 2.6% (8.0%).

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7 thoughts on “MapleStory2 Thief Skills

  1. David

    It seems like the link isn’t able to be posted here. Basically if you search up LekiTV REALLY SHORT Thief guide, you should find the video demonstrating how good a Thief truly can be. It really opened up my eyes that thief is not at all a terrible class. Just not for people who can’t keep stacks up while managing their skill combos and dashes.

  2. David

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe thieves can deal insane amount of damages fast and can also solo many bosses due to their dashes. I saw a video of a thief doing really well, just the combo and timings made use of both poison and the dagger skill trees. Might be a con since the technical parts of playing thieves require learning to manage the skill combo and that you can’t macro the combo in order to do insane damage. A pro is when done right, the DPS is probably one of the highest in game currently in GMS2. Maybe? Oh, though one thing about thieves I learned from other videos is that they have infinite SP when attacking 2 or more units at the same time, cause of their insane attack speed. This is from one of the best thieves player in the game so far as well as I believe in CGMS2. Below is the link to the video that I learned from. Also a note that this is when 50 was max and even with GMS2 at 60 max, there is no Awakened/Ascension skills (60+ skills.)

  3. Spotikiss

    Quick Step (Action) states it raises your critical accuracy which would mean Crit chance? but the level part only says accuracy as in hit rate? what one would it be?

  4. Kevin

    hey ayumi, thought u said this was a skill build guide. Is maplestory 2 a game where all skill points are going to be used? Which skill should be maxed first at early levels

  5. Zan

    hello, do you have any information about the mesos guard?

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @Roxis: Thief damage is pretty insignificant unless you make use of their Evil status and stackable poison effects. Boss HP just drains down like water through a sieve when executed the skills correctly. The other thing is their attacking range is similar or shorter than a Knight (MapleStory2 Warrior Tank). You need to get very close to the enemy to deal damage to enemy which is kinda of a hassle during grinding and evading boss ultimate attacks unless you have very low ping rate (less lag) and quick reflexes to use the skill to evade attacks.

  7. Roxis

    Is there an update on pros and cons for this class? Thinking of playing this but the difficulty is really high. Though on it ayumi?