MapleStory2 Ranger Skills

MapleStory2 Ranger (메이플스토리2 레인저): Loose your arrow into the heart of evil! A member of the Green Hoods, the Archer works tirelessly to protect Henesys – and all of Maple World. This hero rains arrows on their enemies with a bow. As a DPS, the archer is proficient as a mid-ranged mobile harasser that excels at sustained damage while navigating across the battlefield. They can deal with several enemies at once with several AoE and crowd control abilities. However, archers don’t survive long in melee combat. The Archer takes the smart path to fighting as he defends the woods as part of the Green Hoods, firing arrows from afar while his pet eagle does the messy stuff. Quote: “Shoot an apple off your head? Sure, I’ve done that trick a few times. It usually works out fine, and when it doesn’t, well, he was thinking about getting that ear pierced anyway.”

Ranger Overview

Class: Archer
Weapon: Bow
Attributes: Physical, Fire, Frost
Main Stats: DEX, attack speed, Critical Hit
Play Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Instructor: Ikas

Ranger Pros and Cons


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MapleStory2 Ranger Video

Ayumilove MapleStory2 Ranger Skills (2016)
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MapleStory2 Ranger Skills

MapleStory2 Ranger Eagle Glide Eagle Glide (Active)
Summon Bronze Eagle and grab onto him to fly 7.5 m forward. This skill can cancel other skills. Consumes 80 stamina. Max Level: 1

MapleStory2 Ranger Snipe Snipe (Passive)
Take aim and even your breathing to restore 5 spirit every 0.5 sec. When no enemies are within 4 m, the amount of spirit restored increases by 3. Max Level: 1

MapleStory2 Ranger Arrow Barrage Arrow Barrage (Active)
◆ Required Level: 0/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26
Fire several arrows at once, dealing 153% (252%) damage to 8 enemies up to 7 m. Keep pressing the key to trigger a 3-hit combo. The second shot does the same as the first. You perform a reverse somersault on the third and rapidly fire arrows, dealing 82% (127%) damage 3 times. Consumes 12 spirit.
Level 1: First Hit Damage 153%, Third Hit Damage 82%
Level 10: First Hit Damage 252%, Third Hit Damage 127%

MapleStory2 Ranger Arrow Stream Arrow Stream (Active)
◆ Required Levels: 0/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26
Fire a series of arrows that deal 32% (50%) damage 3 (5) times to the closest enemy up to 9 m in front of you.
Level 1: Damage 32%, Number of Hits 3
Level 10: Damage 50%, Number of Hits 5

MapleStory2 Ranger Evasive Salvo Evasive Salvo (Active)
◆ Required Level: 10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28
Swiftly jump back 3 m and fire 3 volleys of arrows. The arrows are 2 m apart and deal 108% (171%) damage each to up to 5 enemies. All three volleys have a 40% chance to be critical regardless of your critical rate. This skill can cancel other skills. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active. Consumes 40 stamina.
Level 1: Damage 108%
Level 10: Damage 171%

MapleStory2 Ranger Bronze Eagle Bronze Eagle (Passive)
◆ Required Level: 13/15/17/19/21/23/25/27/29/31
Bronze Eagle, your companion from the Green Hoods, has a 100% chance to fly by your side for 15 sec when you land a critical hit. He increases your Dexterity by 4.4% (7.1%) and awaits your command. Once he appears, he cannot return again for 18 sec.
Level 1: Dexterity Increase 4.4%
Level 10: Dexterity Increase 7.1%

MapleStory2 Ranger Rapid Shot Rapid Shot (Active)
◆ Required Level: 16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32/34
◆ Required Skill: Arrow Stream Lv.3+, Arrow Barrage Lv.3+
Shoot a series of fire arrows 3 times, dealing 42% (69%) damage to the closest enemy up to 9 m in front of you. The skill lasts while the skill key is held down. Fire arrows pierce the enemy 3 times and can hit enemies behind. Consumes 7 spirit.
Level 1: Damage 42%
Level 10: Damage 69%

MapleStory2 Ranger Conditioning Conditioning (Passive)
◆ Required Level: 19/21/23/25/27/29/31/33/35/37
Special training with the Green Hoods permanently increases your physical attack by 1% (6.4%) and movement speed by 1% (10%).
Level 1: Physical Attack Increase 1%, Movement Speed Increase 1%
Level 10: Physical Attack Increase 6.4%, Movement Speed Increase 10%

MapleStory2 Ranger Ice Arrow Ice Arrow (Active)
◆ Required Level: 22/24/26/28/30/32/34/36/38/40
◆ Required Skill: Evasive Salvo Lv.5+
Fire three ice arrows at once, dealing 58% (94%) damage to enemies up to 9 m in front of you and decreasing their movement speed and jump power by 4% for 5 sec. Ice arrows pierce the enemy 4 times and can hit enemies behind. The movement speed reduction effect can stack up to 10 times. At max stacks, the target will be frozen for 2 sec. Consumes 6 spirit.
Level 1: Damage 58%
Level 10: Damage 94%

MapleStory2 Ranger Arrow Storm Arrow Storm (Active)
◆ Required Level: 25/27/29/31/33/35/37/39/41/43
◆ Required Skill: Arrow Barrage Lv.5+, Rapid Shot Lv.3+
Fire a spreadable arrow straight up into the sky, which rains down a volley that deals 39% (66%) damage 20 times to 8 enemies within 4.5 m. Hold the skill down for 0.5 sec to fire the arrow 7.5 m in front of you instead. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active.
Level 1: Damage 39%
Level 10: Damage 66%

MapleStory2 Ranger Eagle Claw Eagle Claw (Active)
◆ Required Level: 28/30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46
◆ Required Skill: Bronze Eagle Lv.7+
Command Bronze Eagle to attack, dealing 302% (491%) damage to 8 enemies up to 9 m in front of you. Your companion also scratches enemies, dealing an additional 60% (96%) damage every sec for 6 sec and reducing their movement speed and jump power by 30% (45%). This skill can only be used while Bronze Eagle is around, and Bronze Eagle disappears after the skill is used.
Level 1: Damage 302%, Additional Damage 60%, Movement Speed and Jump Power Reduction 30%
Level 10: Damage 491%, Additional Damage 96%, Movement Speed and Jump Power Reduction 45%

MapleStory2 Ranger Agile Archer Agile Archer (Passive)
◆ Required Level: 31/33/35/37/39/41/43/45/47/49
◆ Required Skill: Ice Arrow Lv.4+
A personal training session with Oska has taught you how to put more power into your shots and to move with more agility. Increases piercing by 1% (6.4%) and evasion by 1 (10).
Level 1: Piercing Increase 1%, Evasion Increase 1
Level 10: Piercing Increase 6.4%, Evasion Increase 10

MapleStory2 Ranger Sharp Eyes Sharp Eyes (Active)
◆ Required Level: 34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50/52
◆ Required Skill: Conditioning Lv.6+
Create a magic seal that affects 5 tiles around you, increasing the critical rate of allies who absorb it by 13 (76) and their accuracy by 1 (5) for 180 sec. The seal lasts for 20 sec. Sharp Eyes also increases critical rate by 4 (40).
Level 1: Ally Critical Rate 13, Ally Accuracy 1, Self Critical Rate 4
Level 10: Ally Critical Rate 76, Ally Accuracy 5, Self Critical Rate 40

MapleStory2 Ranger Eagle's Majesty Eagle’s Majesty (Active)
◆ Required Level: 37/39/41/43/45/47/49/51/53/55
◆ Required Skill: Eagle’s Claw Lv.3+
The majesty of eagles restores 1 (10) spirit every second for 30 sec. While this effect is active, Bronze Eagle deals 25% (34%) damage when you attack, capped at once every 3 sec.
Level 1: Spirit per second 1, Damage 25%
Level 10: Spirit per second 10, Damage 34%

MapleStory2 Ranger Bow Swing Bow Swing (Active)
◆ Required Level: 40/42/44/46/48/50/52/54/56/58
◆ Required Skill: Agile Archer Lv.3+
Swing your bow wildly as you spin, dealing 244% (397%) damage to 8 enemies within 3 m. Deals an additional 183% (300%) ice damage to targets frozen by Ice Arrow debuff and consumes the effect.
Level 1: Damage 244%, Additional Ice Damage 183%
Level 10: Damage 397%, Additional Ice Damage 300%

MapleStory2 Ranger Screwdriver Shot Screwdriver Shot (Active)
◆ Required Level: 43/45/47/49/51/53/55/57/59/61
◆ Required Skill: Rapid Shot Lv.8+
Loose a spinning arrow up to 12 m in front of you, dealing 372% (605%) damage to 20 enemies in its path. Hold the skill key down for 0.5 sec to enhance the arrow to Lv. 2, increasing its damage to 725% (1193%). Hold the skill key down for 0.5 sec at Lv. 2 to enhance it to Lv. 3, increasing its damage to 1078% (1771%). The arrow is shot automatically when it reaches Lv. 3. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active. This skill can only be used while Snipe is active.
Level 1: Lv.1 Damage 372%, Lv.2 Damage 725%, Lv.3 Damage 1078%
Level 10: Lv.1 Damage 605%, Lv.2 Damage 1193%, Lv.3 Damage 1771%

MapleStory2 Ranger Precision Shooter Precision Shooter (Passive)
◆ Required Level: 46/48/50/52/54/56/58/60/62/64
Increase your aim technique and improve your firing speed. Increases attack speed by 1% (5%) and improves Screwdriver Shot. Improved Screwdriver Shot can be cast in Snipe mode and inflicts greater damage but cannot be reinforced. Also increases improved Screwdriver Shot damage by 5% (50%) Screwdriver Shot Damage Increase %.
Level 1: Attack Speed Increase 1%, Screwdriver Shot Damage Increase 5%
Level 10: Attack Speed Increase 5%, Screwdriver Shot Damage Increase 50%

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