MapleStory2 Beginner’s Level 1-10 Guide

Hello! If you’re reading this then you might be having trouble with transitioning into the game. Whether it be a big jump and you have absolutely no prior experience with the Korean language, or you know how to read, but you’re lacking a bit in terms of vocabulary, this guide, if you’re having trouble will show how to do levels 1-10 and job advance. Honestly, this first part is pretty self explanatory, it’ll probably be the later levels that need more assistance.

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Beginner Adventure Fast Leveling Text Guide

Step-1: Road to 암할아범 (Halahbeom)
So, this guy is pretty much useless if you don’t speak/read Korean so just press ESC and leave the hut.

Step-2: Maple Administrator
The maple admin will walk you through a lot of stuff, just press what buttons she says.
Follow the orange highlighted path and walk into the blue block thing and press space.

Step-3: 아저씨 (Ajeossi) – Translates roughly to uncle
Just keep hitting space honestly unless you want to try to read, that’ll be the case for most of this guide. After you’ve fully accepted his quest, walk to your left and press space on the sparkling flowers. Do this three times and pick up the honey using the Z key. Finish the quest and equip your new weapon. Shortcuts for inventory and equipment are “I” and “P” respectively.

Step-4: 도움 (Doum) – Help
Kill three mushroom things and afterwards report back to 줄리앙 (Julliang). He’ll give you another quest, proceed to the next map through the portal.

Step-5: 비너스 (Venus)
Talk to Venus and keep pressing space. Kill 5 야수형(Beast Pig things). Report the quest to her and follow the orange line to 암허스트 (Amherst for you MS1 players).

Step-6: 암허스트 (Amheoseuteu)
Amherst has a couple of quests for you to do. First thing to do in this map, talk to 산티아고 (Santiago), who you can see on your map by pressing TAB.
You should be getting the hang of this by now, just press space for most of your troubles :)

Step-7: Head over to 카반 (Kaban), the guy on the other dock and finish his quests. Eventually, he will ask you to move the hay bales onto the indicated orange squares. Move two of these hay bales. Report back to Kaban and accept his new quest. You’ll notice that a girl to the left of your screen has a quest available now. Go to her. Her name is 세실리아 (Cecilia). She basically tells you to open your map by pressing M. Don’t worry about that arrow pointing to that circle. It doesn’t matter.

Step-8: Press TAB again and you’ll see a ? on your map. If you haven’t realized yet, it means that you can complete a quest there. Complete it and go to the portal on the right of the map. 보기콜리 해안가 (Waterfront)

Step-9: Talk to 디게이 (Digei) and do the usual. Walk over to 클리핀(I’ve never heard of this name, Currypin?)

Step-10: Now that you have both quests, kill the crabs for three crab claws and press space on the sparkling clam things to get three pearls. Complete both quests and head right towards the !. 먼부 루안 is the guy you want to talk to. Climb the ladders and collect the eggs (3). If you’re lucky there might be a boss when you climb the ladders. Finish up whatever you want to do here and then walk back to Amherst. On your way there 카프리오 will have a quest for you. Talk to him and head into town.

BONUS: If you want a cosmetic ‘Poo on a Stick’ follow this guide with the Climb skill. Thanks to Chloe Kim on youtube for this solution.

Step-11: Talk to 트루 and after you complete his quests, talk to him again. Set sail for 리스항구로 (Lith Harbor).

Step-12: Accept all of the quests in the area and make sure you walk into this taxi stand:
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-13: This taxi stand allows you to use the taxi to go back to this area. Try to walk into these whenever possible. Eventually you’ll get a quest from this guy. His quest involves going into the water and pressing space on the notes in the water. Do that and report back to him. The guy is still dying when you’re done with him, but just leave him.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-14: Visit this house. There will be a guy with a quest inside. Afterwards, go to the annoying guy on the beach. Wrap up with him and then talk to 러브 (Love lol). Go talk to 미미 (Mimi) and exit through the portal right next to her.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-15: It’s Kaban again. Do the usual and accept his quests.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-16: If you go here, there’s actually a golden chest behind this log, just press CTRL or X to hit it. Kill the Snails in the same screenshot and get three Leaf items.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-17: Talk to Kaban and complete the quest. You can move forward and talk to the old man up ahead, 제라르 (Jelaleu/Gerard). He’ll ask you to fix his cart, just press space on it and you’re done. Talk to the fat lady and the girl at the end of the bridge and then go to the next map. Things should be fairly straightforward here, just talk to the people on the map. The construction worker guy will ask you to get four 나무자재(Wood Materials) from the mushrooms on his left.

Step-18: After you finish with him, walk north. Once you get to 티보(Tibo/Tebow), the fat guy, he’ll ask you to collect two balloons. These can be gotten by climbing here:
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-19: After you get the balloons to Tibo, he’ll ask you to get 3 apples. Walk down and grab some apples real quick. Go back to him and report, the guy with a croissant head next to him will have a quest. Accept it and advance into the portal.

Step-20: This guy will tell you to save his friends tangled in the grass. Press space on them and save two, ignore the rest. Once you do that, head over here:
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-21: After finishing your quest with this guy, go to the next map.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-22: This guy will ask you to collect three white mushrooms. They’re to the left and right of him.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-23: Talk to the girl above. She’ll ask you to get three leather from 야수형 (Beast Wolf). If you also notice the giant bear in this screenshot, this boss may occasionally spawn and drop good stuff.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-24: Talk to the bee thing and get 3 honey. Finish and head to the portal at the end of the map.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-25: Accept this knight’s quest and press space to interact with the white boxes to get chicken. You’ll need four of them. Once you finish that quest, the other quest in this area is to kill 10 stump monsters. It doesn’t matter if they’re the big or small ones, just that they’re stumps.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-26: Press TAB and head towards the ? after you’ve killed 10 stumps. Complete both quests and start the new one. Move one of the boxes to the designated area. You’ll be doing this a bit in the future as well, but with more boxes.

Step-27: This knight will tell you to collect ten 전투 식량 (Combat Food) from stumps. Head down towards the next ? and talk to the knight, he’ll want you to step on the unstable floor. Press space and fly lol. Now you’re finally done. Walk towards the portal at the top of the map. This will bring you to 트라이아 (Teulaia) (Ter-eye-uh).
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-28: 트라이아 (Tria) is the first town you’ll visit and there are a variety of things that you can do here. Job advancement, cosmetic changes (NX) and shopping just to list a few. The main thing you’ll want to do here is job advance so, head towards the ?.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-29: This girl will reward you 4000 EXP, easily enough to hit level 10 if you’ve done every quest so far. Go inside the building ahead of her to job advance.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Step-30: There are eight classes if you didn’t know already: Heavy Gunner, Archer, Priest, Wizard, Knight, Berserker, Thief and Assassin. Have fun in MS2.
MapleStory2 Beginner Guide

Credits/Source: MapleStory2 Beginner Guide by ShadeJay from Reddit (Re-edited)

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