MapleStory Wind Archer aka Wind Breaker Skill Build Guide V1 2012

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MapleStory Wind Archer aka Wind Breaker Skill Build Guide V2
MapleStory Wind Archer aka Wind Breaker Skill Build Guide V1


MapleStory Wind Archer is a Cygnus Knight Archer who are experts in bows and arrows. Primary Stat is DEX and Secondary Stat is STR.

Wind Archer 1st Job Skills

MapleStory Double Shot Double Shot (Active)
Fires 2 arrows at a single enemy.
LV1: 8 MP, 113% Damage.
LV15: 12 MP, 155% Damage.

MapleStory Archer Mastery Archer Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases accuracy, avoidability, attack range and movement speed.
LV1: +15 Accuracy and Avoidability, +8 Range.
LV1: +2 Movement Speed, Max Movement Speed Increased to 146.
LV15: +225 Accuracy and Avoid, +120 Range.
LV15: +30 Movement Speed, Max Movement Speed Increased to 160.

MapleStory Storm Spirit Storm (Supportive)
Summons a wind spirit that attacks the enemies you attacked.
LV1: 11 MP, 66% Damage, Lasts 110 sec.
LV10: 20 MP, 120% Damage, Lasts 200 sec.

MapleStory Critical Shot Critical Shot (Passive)
Performs critical attack with a certain success rate that deals extra damage.
LV1: +2% Critical Hit Rate.
LV20: +40% Critical Hit Rate.

Wind Archer 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Double Shot (1)
2. Archer Mastery (MAX)
3. Double Shot (MAX)
4. Critical Shot (MAX)
5. Storm (MAX)
6. Extra 1 SP

Double Shot will be your primary attacking skill in 1st Job so add 1 SP (Skill Point) to unlock the skill. Next, max Archer Mastery to increase your shooting range and movement speed, making it more convenient to hit monsters from far and travel much faster through big maps. Now start maxing your Double Shot to improve its damage for 1 hit kills and further boost its damage with Critical Shot. Finally, max Storm (a summon) that aids you in battle which can be helpful in killing monsters with little remaining health.

Wind Archer 2nd Job Skills

MapleStory Bow Mastery Bow Mastery (Passive)
Increases bow mastery and accuracy.
LV1: +12% Bow Mastery, +6 Accuracy.
LV20: +50% Bow Mastery, +120 Accuracy.

MapleStory Bow Booster Bow Booster (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Bow Mastery
Temporarily doubles bow attack speed.
LV1: -30 MP, Lasts 10 sec.
LV20: -20 MP, Lasts 200 sec.

MapleStory Final Attack Final Attack (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Bow Mastery
Temporarily grants a chance to deal additional damage after a bow attack.
LV1: -15 MP, 120% Damage, 2% Chance, Lasts 220 sec.
LV20: -15 MP, 170% Damage, 40% Chance, Lasts 600 sec.

MapleStory Soul Arrow Soul Arrow (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Bow Booster
Temporarily allows you to use bow without consuming arrows.
LV1: 15 MP. Lasts 30 sec.
LV10: 15 MP. Lasts 300 sec.

MapleStory Double Jump Double Jump (Active)
Jump a second time while in the air.
LV1: 28 MP, jumps a certain distance.
LV10: 10 MP, jumps a certain distance.

MapleStory Storm Spike Storm Spike (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time with a penetrative arrow.
LV1: -20 MP, 253% Damage.
LV20: -26 MP, 310% Damage.

MapleStory Wind Walk Wind Walk (Supportive)
Hide yourself to avoid enemy physical attacks.
Attacking in Wind Walk state deals extra damage to enemies but reveals yourself.
LV1: 21 MP, -18 Speed, 106% Damage, Lasts 12 sec.
LV10: 25 MP, -0 Speed, 160% Damage, Lasts 30 sec.

MapleStory Strafe Strafe (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 4 times with stream of arrows.
LV1: 18 MP, 86% Damage.
LV20: 24 MP, 105% Damage.

MapleStory Physical Training Physical Training (Passive)
Permanently increases STR (Strength) and DEX (Dexterity).
LV1: +3 STR, +3 DEX.
LV10: +30 STR, +30 DEX.

Wind Archer 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Strafe.
1. Storm Spike (1)
2. Bow Mastery (5)
3. Bow Booster (6)
4. Soul Arrow (2)
5. Bow Mastery (MAX)
6. Storm Spike (MAX)
7. Wind Walk (MAX)
8. Double Jump (MAX)
9. Physical Training (MAX)
10. Bow Booster (MAX)
11. Soul Arrow (MAX)
12. Final Attack (MAX)
13. Dump remaining SP into Strafe (2/20)

Storm Spike is favored more than Strafe because of its mobbing ability. Storm Spike defeats multiple enemies quickly, giving you more space to move around without getting bumped into monsters. Start by maxing Bow Mastery and Physical Training to increase your base damage followed by capping Storm Spike at Level 15. After that, get Double Jump to speed up travel further and increase the supportive skill duration for Bow Booster and Soul Arrow. Next, max Final Attack and Wind Walk for secondary additional damage.

Wind Archer 3rd Job Skills

MapleStory Arrow Rain Arrow Rain (Active)
Attack several monsters 3 times simultaneously with magical arrows raining upon them.
LV1: -18 MP, 113% Damage, Hits 5 Enemies, 3% Stun Chance: Stun Lasts 1 sec.
LV20: -24 MP, 170% Damage, Hits 10 Enemies, 60% Stun Chance: Stun Lasts 4 sec.

MapleStory Concentrate Concentrate (Supportive)
Temporarily increases Weapon ATT and decreases MP cost when using skills.
LV1: -12 MP, +1 Weapon ATT, -6% MP Cost, Lasts 66 sec.
LV20: -50 MP, +20 Weapon ATT, -25% MP Cost, Lasts 180 sec.

MapleStory Hurricane Hurricane (Active)
[NOTE] Complete Level 90 Wind Archer Quest to unlock this skill.
Fires continuous stream of arrows when skill key is press and hold.
LV1: -7 MP, 132% Damage per arrow.
LV30: -9 MP, 190% Damage per arrow.

MapleStory Bow Expert Bow Expert (Passive)
[REQUIRE] Max Bow Mastery.
[NOTE] Complete Level 100 Wind Archer Quest to unlock this skill.
Permanently increases Bow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage.
LV1: +56% Bow Mastery, +6 Weapon ATT, +6% Minimum Critical Damage.
LV20: +65% Bow Mastery, +25 Weapon ATT, +15% Minimum Critical Damage.

MapleStory Puppet Puppet (Supportive)
Summons a Puppet that distracts enemies who are attacking you.
LV1: -30 MP, 1600 Puppet HP, Lasts 18 sec.
LV15: -50 MP, 10000 Puppet HP, Lasts 60 sec.

MapleStory Eagle Eye Eagle Eye (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV1 Eagle Eye.
Temporarily transforms you to a heroic figure known as Eagle Eye which allows you to access exclusive skills such as Wind Piercing and Wind Shot against enemies while boosting your overall stats.
LV1: -40 MP, Lasts 120 sec. Cooldown 250 sec.
LV1: +4 Weapon ATT, +20 Weapon DEF and Magic DEF, +8 Speed, +4 Jump.
LV5: -52 MP, Lasts 120 sec. Cooldown 130 sec.
LV5: +20 Weapon ATT, +100 Weapon DEF and Magic DEF, +40 Speed, +20 Jump.

MapleStory Wind Piercing Wind Piercing (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV1 Eagle Eye.
Attack multiple enemies while siphoning their health but not more than their MaxHP. This skill is only accessible during Eagle Eye Transformation.
LV1: -15 MP, 560% Damage, Converts 10% damage into HP, Penetrates 3 Enemies.
LV20: -27 MP, 750% Damage, Converts 10% damage into HP, Penetrates 6 Enemies.

MapleStory Wind Shot Wind Shot (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV1 Eagle Eye.
Attacks an enemy 3 times. This skill is only accessible during Eagle Eye Transformation.
LV1: -18 MP, 310% Damage.
LV15: -27 MP, 380% Damage.

MapleStory Evasion Boost Evasion Boost (Passive)
Allows all attacks to be critical for 1 sec if you dodge an enemy attack successfully.
LV1: 12% Dodge Chance.
LV10: 30% Dodge Chance.

MapleStory Mortal Blow Mortal Blow (Passive)
[NOTE] Complete Level 110 Wind Archer Skill Quest to unlock this skill.
Has a chance to 1 HIT KO enemy if their health is below a certain percentage.
LV1: 15% chance to instantly kill an enemy below 30% Health.
LV1: If enemy killed by Mortal Blow, 5% MaxHP and MaxMP is recovered.

Wind Archer 3rd Job Skill Build: All skills maxed except Wind Shot.
1. Arrow Rain, Eagle Eye, Wind Piercing (1)
2. Eagle Eye (MAX)
3. Wind Piercing (MAX)
4. Concentrate (MAX)
5. Arrow Rain (MAX)
6. Evasion Boost (MAX)
7. Save SP for Bow Expert.
8. Bow Expert (MAX)
9. Hurricane (MAX)
10. Mortal Blow (MAX)
11. Puppet (MAX)
12. Wind Shot (DUMP)

Wind Shot skill isn’t really useful once you get Hurricane which overpowers an enemy with pure volley of arrows fired at blazing speed. It’s safe to not max Wind Shot for that purpose. Max Eagle Eye first so you can enjoy high damage with Wind Piercing which helps replenish your health at the same time. Some training ground have multiple platforms, and Arrow Rain skill excels in dealing with this situation.

Wind Archer Quests

[SKILL QUEST] Hurricane
Talk to Nienheart (Nineheart) after reaching Level 90. He instructs you to learn a new skill from Irena (Wind Archer Job Instructor). She asks you to defeat a boss in 3rd Drill Hall and retrieve the item to prove your worthiness. Upon returning the item to her, she teaches you Hurricane skill. This skill is superb against bosses or one-to-one enemy.

[SKILL QUEST] Bow Expert
Talk to Nienheart (Nineheart) at Ereve after reaching Level 100. He instructs you to learn a new skill from Irena (Wind Archer Job Instructor). She asks you to defeat a boss Pianus in 4th Drill Hall and retrieve an item to prove you worthiness. Upon returning the item to her, she teaches you Bow Expert skill. This skill further increases your Bow Mastery (stabilize your damage) and raises your weapon attack.

[SKILL QUEST] Mortal Blow
Talk to Nienheart (Nineheart) at Ereve after reaching Level 110. He will instruct you to kill Thanatos at Ludibrium Clocktower. After completing this, you will be taught Mortal Blow skill.

Wind Archer Skills Preview
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    Hi Aloysius Ong Lone, if you are watching the Wind Archer Revamp, you should check out the Wind Archer Revamp 2013 Skill Build Guide.

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