MapleStory Wild Hunter Skill Build Guide V1

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MapleStory Wild Hunter is a Resistance Archer Class who wields crossbow and rides on Jaguar (mount). Primary Stat is DEX and Secondary Stat is STR.

Wild Hunter Overview

CLASS: Resistance
CHARACTER CARD: Instant Kill Succcess Rate +0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0%
JOB SKILLS: I: Wild Hunter → II: Wild Hunter → III: Wild Hunter → IV: Wild Hunter

Wild Hunter Changelog

GMS v.137 – Unleashed (2013-06-19)
GMS v.132 – Hyper Evolution (2013-04-03)
GMS v.123 – Tempest (2012-11-28)
GMS v.118 – Champions (2012-09-21)

Wild Hunter 1st Job Skills

Crossbow Booster Crossbow Booster (Supportive)
Temporarily reduces regular and skill attack delay.
LV20: 11 MP, Buff lasts 200 sec.

Jaguar Rider Jaguar Rider (Active)
Enhances overall stats when riding a jaguar.
LV15: 20 MP, +40% Max HP, +40% Critical Rate, +8% Min. Critical Damage, +150 Avoid, +40 Movement Speed.

Triple Shot Triple Shot (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 3 times.
LV20: 15 MP, 130% Damage.

Jag Jump Jag Jump (Active)
Perform a far jump while on a jaguar.
LV10: 10 MP, Jumps a certain distance.

Wild Hunter 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Triple Shot (1)
2. Jaguar Rider (MAX)
3. Triple Shot (MAX)
4. Jag Jump (MAX)
5. Crossbow Booster (MAX)

Wild Hunter 2nd Job Skills

Crossbow Mastery Crossbow Mastery (Passive)
Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of Crossbows.
LV10: 50% Mastery, +120 Accuracy.

Final Attack Final Attack (Passive)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Crossbow Mastery + Crossbow must be equipped.
Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack.
LV20: 40% chance to deal 150% additional damage.

Physical Training (Passive)
Increases STR (Strength) and DEX (Dexterity).
LV5: +30 STR, +30 DEX.

Soul Arrow Crossbow Soul Arrow: Crossbow (Supportive)
Temporarily allows you to use Crossbow without spending arrows.
LV5: 20 MP, Buff lasts 300 sec.

Silver Hawk (Supportive)
Summons a silver hawk that hovers around you, attacking and possibly stunning monsters nearby.
LV15: 68 MP, 270% Summon’s damage. Summon lasts 180 sec. 84% Stun Chance.

Ricochet Ricochet (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 1 time by firing penetrating arrows equipped with bombs. Has a chance to stun.
LV20: 24 MP, 360% Damage, 60% chance to stun for 6 sec.

Jaguar Rawr Jaguar Rawr (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 1 time. Enemies knocked back by Jaguar’s RAWR will be stunned.
LV5: 18 MP, 280% Damage, 100% chance to stun for 4 sec.

It's Raining Mines It’s Raining Mines (Supportive)
You drop mines at fixed intervals while moving. The mines explode after a while, showering damage to nearby enemies.
LV10: 30 MP, 280% Mine’s damage, Buff lasts 100 sec.

Call of the Wild
Temporarily increase party weapon attack for a short time.
LV1: MP Cost: 11, Duration: 150 sec, Damage: -2%, Additional Avoidability Chance: 2%, Max MP: +2%, Critical Rate: +1%. Party ATT: +1%
LV10: MP Cost: 19, Duration: 240 sec, Damage: -20%, Additional Avoidability Chance: 20%, Max MP: +20%, Critical Rate: +5%. Party ATT: +10%

Wild Hunter 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except It’s Raining Mines.
1. Ricochet (1) Jaguar Rawr (1) Soul Arrow (1)
2. Crossbow Mastery (MAX)
3. Ricochet (MAX)
4. Call of the Wild (MAX)
5. Physical Training (MAX)
6. Max Final Attack
7. Silver Hawk (MAX)
8. Soul Arrow (MAX)
9. Jaguar Rawr (MAX)
10. It’s Raining Mines (DUMP)

Wild Hunter 3rd Job Skills

Jaguar Boost Jaguar Boost (Passive)
Further enhances the Jaguar Rider skill. Effects applies while mounted on Jaguar.
LV15: +15 Move Speed, +40% Damage, 55% chance to Resist Knockback.

Evasion Boost (Passive)
Grants you a chance to dodge enemy attacks. All attacks following a successful dodge for 1 sec will be criticals.
LV10: 30% Dodge Chance.

Concentrate (Supportive)
Temporarily increases your Weapon Attack and decreases MP consumption for all skills. Stacks with other buffs.
LV20: 50 MP, +30 Weapon Attack, -25% MP Cost, Lasts 180 sec.

Feline Berserk Feline Berserk
Your jaguar will temporarily grow a set of blazing red wings. Greatly increases Max HP, ATT, and Movement Speed. Attack Speed will increase by 1. Enemy attacks will not cancel the buff.
LV30: 150 MP, +80% Max HP, +30% Attack, +15 Movement Speed.

Blind Blind (Supportive)
Aim, then fire your shot into an enemy’s eye. Your attack has a chance to decrease the target’s Accuracy and DEF. Boss monsters will only have their Accuracy impaired.
LV10: 30 MP, Buff lasts 160 sec. 30% chance to blind enemy for 10 sec. Blind effects are -20% Accuracy, -50% Enemy Defense

Wild Trap Wild Trap (Supportive)
Summons a trap that attacks nearby enemies and allures them to attack it instead of you.
LV15: 35 MP, 200% Trap’s Damage, 14000 Trap HP, Summon lasts 50 sec.

Swipe Swipe (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 4 times, and a portion of the damage dealt by you replenishes your HP.
LV10: 23 MP, 300% Damage, 5% of damage dealt recover as HP.

Dash 'n Slash Dash ‘n Slash (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 4 times and has a chance to stun them by using Jaguar’s claw.
LV20: 40 MP, 600% Damage, 95% chance to stun for 4 sec.

Enduring Fire Enduring Fire (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 5 times.
LV20: 29 MP, 184% Damage.

Wild Hunter 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Enduring Fire and Wild Trap.
1. Add 1 SP into Swipe, Dash ‘n Slash, Evasion Boost, Concentration.
2. Max Jaguar Boost, Swipe, Feline Berserk, Concentrate.
3. Max Evasion Boost, Blind, Dash n’ Slash.
4. Dump remaining SP into Wild Trap. No SP added into Enduring Fire!

Wild Hunter 4th Job Skills

Crossbow Expert Crossbow Expert (Passive)
[REQUIRE] Max Crossbow Mastery.
Increases Crossbow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage.
LV30: 70% Mastery, +30 Weapon Attack, +15% Min Critical Damage.

Advanced Final Attack (Passive)
[REQUIRE] Max Final Attack.
Permanently increases ATT and Accuracy. Greatly increases the damage and activation rate of your Final Attack. Mastery Book is required to master the skill to level 30.
LV30: +20 Weapon Attack, +10% Accuracy, 70% chance to deal additional 210% damage.

Wild Instinct Wild Instinct (Passive)
Your attacks ignore a portion of enemy Weapon DEF, and you have a chance to dodge incoming blows. Permanently increases resistance to all elemental effects.
LV10: Ignores 30% Enemy Defense, +10% Dodge, +10% Resistance.

Sharp Eyes Sharp Eyes (Supportive)
Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy’s weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy.
LV30: 45 MP, +20% Critical Rate, +30% Max Critical Damage for 300 sec.

Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily increases you and all party member stats.
LV30: 70 MP, +15% All Stats, 900 sec.

Wild Arrow Blast Wild Arrow Blast (Active)
Launches arrows at a tremendous speed, like a catastrophic rainstorm. Pressing the skill key will fire arrows continuously.
LV30: 10 MP, 270% Damage.

Sonic Roar Sonic Roar (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 6 times with a chance to stun.
LV30: 80 MP, 200% Damage, 100% chance to stun for 10 sec.

Exploding Arrows Exploding Arrows (Active)
Attack 15 enemies 10 times with a summoned jagged wheel. Higher skill level reduces cooldown.
LV30: 350 MP, 180% Damage, 850% Explosion damage, 100% Stun. Cooldown 20 sec.

Stink Bomb Shot Stink Bomb Shot (Active)
Launches an arrow with a gaseous bomb attached to it. Monsters hit by it are pissed off and you earn more EXP from defeating them.
LV10: 60 MP, +40% EXP.

Hero's Will Hero’s Will (Active)
Cures yourself from Seduce Effect. Higher skill level decreases cooldown.
LV5: 30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

Wild Hunter 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Add 1 SP into Wild Arrow Blast, Advanced Final Attack, Crossbow Expert, Wild Instinct.
2. Add 1 SP into Sonic Roar, Exploding Arrows.
3. Max Crossbow Expert, Sharp Eyes, Wild Instinct,
4. Max Wild Arrow Blast, Advanced Final Attack, Maple Warrior.
5. Max Exploding Arrows, Sonic Roar, Hero’s Will, Stink Bomb Shot.

Wild Hunter Hyper Skills

Feline Berserk – Reinforce (Level 143) +10% Damage.

Feline Berserk – Vitality (Level 162) +20% Max HP.

Feline Berserk – Rapid Attack (Level 183) Attack speed is increased by one.

Sonic Roar – Reinforce (Level 149) +10% Damage.

Sonic Roar – Spread (Level 168) Attack +2 enemies.

Sonic Roar – Extra Strike (Level 189) Hits +1 time per enemy.

Wild Arrow Blast – Reinforce (Level 155) +20% Damage.

Wild Arrow Blast – Range (Level 177) +50 Range.

Wild Arrow Blast – Guardbreak (Level 195) Ignores 20% Enemy Defense.

Silent Rampage (Level 150)
Damage increases by 20% and Final Attack’s activation rate is boosted to 100% for 90 seconds. Cooldown: 180 seconds. Passive effect: 20% resistance to status effects and elemental damage.

Drill Salvo (Level 170)
Deals 300% damage 10 times with 600% damage over time every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Hits 10 monsters. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Maximum damage: 9,999,999.

For Liberty (Level 200)
The damage of all Resistance members in your party is increased by 10%, and the damage cap is raised by 50,000 for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Wild Hunter Hyper Skill Build:
1. Feline Berserk – Reinforce (MAX)
2. Feline Berserk – Vitality (MAX)
3. Wild Arrow Blast – Reinforce (MAX)
4. Wild Arrow Blast – Guardbreak (MAX)
5. Sonic Roar – Extra Strike (MAX)
6. Silent Rampage (MAX)
7. Drill Salvo (MAX)
8. For Liberty (MAX)
9. Hyper Dexterity (MAX)
10. Hyper Health (MAX)
11. Hyper Mana (MAX)
12. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
14. Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)


Wild Hunter Hyper Skills
Feline Berserk – Reinforce -> SAME
Feline Berserk – Extra Life -> Feline Berserk – Vitality
Feline Berserk – Rapid Attack -> SAME
Sonic Roar – Reinforce -> SAME
Sonic Roar – Additional Targets -> Sonic Roar – Spread
Sonic Roar – Bonus Attack -> Sonic Roar – Extra Strike
Wild Arrow Blast – Reinforce -> SAME
Wild Arrow Blast – Additional Range -> Wild Arrow Blast – Range
Wild Arrow Blast – Ignore Defense -> Wild Arrow Blast – Guardbreak
Silent Rampage -> SAME
Drill Container -> Drill Salvo
Will of Liberty -> For Liberty

MapleStory Wild Hunter Skills Video Preview

MapleStory : Wild Hunter 3rd Job Skills
[youtube url=]

How to catch Jaira in Jaguar Habitat for Wild Hunter
[youtube url=]

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  2. Wild Hunter Fans

    Hello Ayumilove first thing first I love your guide. I wanted to ask you from the comment you made just now when does the skill reorganization for Wild Hunter come?

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi BBHunter, Wild Hunter has a skill reorganization that replaces Wild Arrow Blast – Add Range with Wild Arrow Blast Boss Killer (20% Extra damage against boss). I’ll re-update 4th job skill build guide by moving Stink Bomb Shot down and Hero’s Will up. See the new revamp skills at

  4. BBHunter

    Hi Ayumilove, i’m pretty deep into playing wild hunter here but i’d like to have your opinion on the passive (skill reinforcement) hyper skills. having 5 passive skill points in the end i think its a safe bet to place in:

    -Feline Berserk – Reinforce (Level 143) +10% Damage.
    -Feline Berserk – Vitality (Level 162) +20% Max HP.
    -Wild Arrow Blast – Reinforce (Level 155) +20% Damage.
    -Wild Arrow Blast – Guardbreak (Level 195) Ignores 20% Enemy Defense.

    of course there are only these 4 skills that generally should be taken. what i would like to know is if you think
    “Feline Berserk – Attack speed increased by 1.” or “Wild Arrow Blast – +50 Range.”
    would be a better choice of skill.

    an increase of attack speed of course does not affect wild arrow blast at all, improving only the attack rate of sonic roar and perhaps swipe which aren’t exactly great mobbing skills compared to other jobs. also out of experience i do recommend player to train in areas where you can easily kill mobs with wild arrow (around 5 hits or less would be great) instead of using sonic roar/swipe unless you are in dimensional invade PQ.

    meanwhile the utility range +50 is also rather limited apart from out-ranging bosses, for example bodyguard A who has roughly the same range as your wild arrow blast without the +50 range boost, hence the extra range would allow you to kill him while staying out of his own range.

    so back to the question, should wild hunters place their last passive hyper skill point into + Attack speed, + Range, or even reinforcing sonic roar?


    PS: stink bomb shot is such an impossibly horribly slow skill its should almost never be used and hero’s will can be maxed in priority until they final decide to revamp resistance 🙂

  5. Hunterz

    Hi Ayumi, I doont have the skill called “Call Of The Wild” on MSEA. I suppose that is “Jaguar-oshi”?

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ayumi, which MapleStory version are you playing? Jaguar-oshi has been removed right?

  7. Ayumi

    Sorry..Not 1 SP…But 6SP… 🙁

  8. Ayumi

    Omg Ayumilove..Please change Wild Hunter second job the name please..Instead of “Call of the Wild”…Change it to “Jaguar-oshi”…Because of the misunderstood..I wasted 1 SP…

  9. wildhunter55

    Dear Ayumi,
    i heard to go for: DEX, WDEF, MDEF, HP, MP and crit rate, as Acc is not much of an issue and i have maxed speed and jump on a jiara, though i might consider Avoid over MP

    however i am still lost on what to take for the passive skills, not stat skills eg. Feline Berserk – Reinforce, Feline Berserk – Vitality

    -thanks for your time 🙂

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi wildhunter55, for the passive stats, you might want to go for DEX (Dexterity), HP (Health), MP (Mana), STR(Strength), ACC (Accuracy), Avoid (Avoidability). Some speed and jump would be helpful too. For me, I’ll add all of them when I have surplus of Hyper Skill Points.

  11. wildhunter55

    What should we add for wildhunter’s stats and passive hyper skills?

  12. snowball

    picture of call of the wild?

  13. WinterWolf

    Hello. Thanks for answering my questions. It helped me lots! I certainly would come here again if I have any other questions c:

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks ShYGuY154 for helping out with the Hero’s Will question 🙂

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi WinterWolf, Hero’s Will is obtainable through Carta quest. Open up the World Map and find the NPC by their name to locate their position.

    1) Talk to Cheif Tatamo at Leafre.
    2) Then talk to Carta the Purple Witch at Aqua Road Cave.
    3) Use Miniature Pianus to get in the map to find the the little black rocks (you need 40 of them)
    4) Repeat 3 until you have 40 total.
    5) Turn in the rocks to Carta who says she wants her Mithril Braclet back.
    6) Go see Eurek the alchemist about fixing the bracelet.
    7) Hunt Griffey to get the battered bracelet.
    8) Take the battered bracelet and 10 mithril plates to Eurek to get the shiny new Mithril Braclet.
    9) Give the braclet to Carta who will give you a potion.
    10) Drink the potion to gain the Hero’s Will skill

  16. Metal

    Hi Ayumi! I opened up a Wild Hunter’s Mystery Mastery Book, and got Marksman Boost 20. Do Wild Hunters use Marksman Boost? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  17. ShYGuY154

    No problem! 😀
    To get Hero’s Will, there’s a quest in Leafre by Chief Tatamo (forgot what it was called), but it requires you to go to Aqua Road and talk to this sea witch. You enter into a timed map via Pianus Statue, from Pianus the big fat fish himself, to collect 50 pieces of courage (may take multiple trips). After completing it, you go to Eureka the Alchemist to make some plates (which, I forgot again) to give him for something. Go back to the sea witch to get a drink that teaches you Hero’s Will.

  18. WinterWolf

    Thanks for answering my previous question. I have another question. I can’t seemed to find Hero’s Will on my list of skills for fourth job. Do you think it’s because of the updates Maplestory made or do I have to do something like a quest to get it?

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks ShYGuY154 for answering the Soul Arrow question 😀

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi blazeman22, Soul Arrow is really helpful. Read ShYGuY154 explanation below which answers your query in detail 😀

  21. ShYGuY154

    Really, what’s wrong with Soul Arrow? It saves the usage of arrows by sacrificing a small amount of MP for unlimited arrows, without consumption of the arrows themselves. This allows for more inventory space that would have been filled with arrows if you did not use Soul Arrow, especially when using moves like Wild Arrow Blast or Hurricane that consumes up to 8 arrows a second, for other vital things like potions.

  22. blazeman22

    is soul arrow really that helpful?

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    Sorry collis, I missed your comment while skimming through the comments. There isn’t sufficient SP (Skill Points) to max all the skills. If you don’t find yourself using Blind often, channel skill points into Wild Trap.

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Blazeman22, I personally own a Wild Hunter and during my job advancement from 1st to 4th, I rarely used Enduring Fire at all. The other skills outdamage Enduring Fire and later on in 4th Job, you will use Wild Arrow Blast for mostly all boss raids. If you see yourself using Enduring Fire often, go ahead and max it or perhaps add some SP (Skill Points) into it. But I recommend no SP in it at all.

  25. Blazeman22

    wait please explain why no points in enuring fire(3rd job skill) i would assume that would be one of the classes’ main attack skills. plz explain

  26. collis

    .Ayumilove any advice for me ? Appreciate alot. thanks 🙂

  27. collis

    WH 3rd job listed there Everything maxed except Enduring Fire and Wild Trap. howcome not maxed wild trap? i though it very useful for WH while soloing any mob or boss ? instead maxed blind which LV10: 30 MP, Buff lasts 160 sec. 30% chance to blind enemy for 10 sec. Blind effects are -20% Accuracy, -50% Enemy Defense & Boss monsters will only have their Accuracy impaired.

    any advice for me pls. thanks 😀

  28. SwiftWaif

    Ok, thanks. I guess I just have to hope that some time in the near future they may offer another SP reset again.

  29. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi SwiftWaif, without Final Attack, you lose tons of DPS (Damage Per Second) as a Wild Hunter. Killing a boss now feels like ages without the extra damage. You can only use SP from 2nd Job to max Final Attack, not SP from 4th Job I believe. Therefore, purchase SP Reset 2nd Job Skill from Cash Shop but that will cost you an arm and a leg for 20 SP Final Attack unless you are rich (money isn’t an issue), or perhaps recreate another Wild Hunter 😀

  30. SwiftWaif

    I recently got back to playing Maple again, and was surprised to see my SP reset again due to the introduction of new skills, however, i messed up my skill build and now I don’t have Final Attack mastered and as a result I am unable to learn Advanced Final Attack when I’m at 4th job so the question is will I still be able to assign any SP to my 2nd job skills ? It only allows me to add them to my 4th job skill list.

  31. Ng Sze Jie

    Thanks Alot Ayumilove !! 😀

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks lmogumogu for the correction! I’ll be updating Enduring Fire Skill Description 🙂

  33. lmogumogu

    I thought Enduring Fire shoots 5 arrows?

  34. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi WinterWolf, Enduring Fire is the least useful for training and boss soloing. When I train my Wild Hunter, I only spam Dash n Slash + Swipe during my 3rd Job since its far more efficient and effective when eliminating multiple mobs and being able to move across the map + recover some health. For boss soloing, you could use Swipe + Wild Arrow Blast (4th Job Skill). You could add 1 SP (Skill Point) into it to play around with that skill but that means 1 SP less from other essential skill. If you are willing to remove 1 point from Swipe or Dash n Slash, then go ahead with it, it will not detrimentally effect your leveling speed.

  35. WinterWolf

    Why should Enduring Fire not have any SP added to it?

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ng Sze Jie, for me I got my Jaira in less than 5 minutes, maybe I’m lucky? Basically you need to use your arrow to knock one of the cat to critical health and catch it with your Beginner Net Skill.

  37. Ng Sze Jie

    Hi Ayumi how long do i have to camp to get my jaira?

  38. collis

    hi, Wild Hunter 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Enduring Fire and Wild Trap.
    Howcom except wild trao ? i though wild trap was a useful skill for WH while solo boss instead of maxed blind.? blind 30% chance to blind enemy for 10 sec. Boss monsters will only have their Accuracy impaired.. any advice for me ?? thank !

  39. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks for the note coldmiller21 🙂

  40. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ColdMiller21, the -20% damage should be receiving less 20% damage from enemies.

  41. coldmiller21

    Also I wish I recorded it but you can catch SNow White Jaguars in the jaguar habitat at least at the moment I got one last night ^_^

  42. coldmiller21

    question whats the -20% damage on call of the wild mean? unsure really

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks xXDuckyClaimerXx for spotting the missing skill info 🙂

  44. xXDuckyClaimerXx

    Why is there no call of the wild in 2nd job? You need to fix that 🙂

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Em, I have fixed it and remove the duplicate skill 🙂

  46. Em

    Oh Ayumi, you misunderstood me! I guess I expressed it wrong 😛 I meant in the skill build distribution points it’s missing advanced final attack. Just appears to put 1 SP.
    I’m quoting your skill build so you can see:
    “Wild Hunter 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
    1. Add 1 SP into Wild Arrow Blast, Advanced Final Attack, Crossbow Expert, Wild Instinct.
    2. Add 1 SP into Sonic Roar, Exploding Arrows.
    3. Max Crossbow Expert, Sharp Eyes, Wild Instinct, Wild Arrow Blast.
    4. Max Maple Warrior, Exploding Arrows, Sonic Roar, Stink Bomb Shot, Hero’s Will.”

    And it was there in the description of 4th Job Skills, so now it’s duplicated!

  47. I just parked at B1

    I ply mplesea and 2nd job got Jaguar Oshi y here dun have de??? and silver hawk oso dun have…

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Em, thanks for the notice! I have added Advanced Final Attack Skill into the guide 🙂

  49. Em

    Ayumi, read my post up there please 😛

  50. Gunzero

    Thank you

  51. Em

    Gunzero, Concentrate is in the skill build after Feline Berserk -> “2. Max Jaguar Boost, Swipe, Feline Berserk, *Concentrate*”

  52. collis

    it is the Feline Berserk gltich when mounted on the snow white jaguar. i found at google some of they wildhunter also facing the same problem but duno whether is it been solved. Hope maplesea can solve this soon 🙁

  53. Gunzero

    Hi, I am Lv95 wild hunter but i cant see Concentrate in my 3rd job skill, why?

  54. Em

    Hi Ayumi! I was checking the 4th Job skill build and you forgot there to put when to max Advanced Final Attack 🙂 Cya!

  55. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Collis, make sure your archer is mounted on the Jaguar to perform Feline Berserk. Try placing the Feline Berserk into your quick slot to see the cooldown (2 minute 30 seconds). And check whether you have sufficient MP to cast Feline Berserk 🙂

  56. collis

    howcome my Feline Berserk kept cant use one ? it show out you may not use the skill yet. but there cooldown had aldy finished. it seem like got bug ? currently play at maplesea

  57. asdfjkl;


  58. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi jimaila, you should make Kaiser, Demon Slayer, Mercedes or Kanna as your main. They do pack a punch and farm nice meso and goodies easily especially Kanna. Kaiser for obvious reasons is very tough tanker and hits very strong.

  59. jimaila

    Do u thin I should make my wildhunter my main?>

  60. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Coldmiller21, I think there isn’t sufficient SP (Skill Points) in maxing out Enduring Fire. And Enduring Fire is a filler skill. Its not efficient to use for training purposes.

  61. coldmiller21

    Sorry for double comment but im confused, so Why isnt enduring fire used at all in your build? is there not enough skill points or what? just curious

  62. coldmiller21

    I got mine around 2-3 AM in the morning just go through all the channels.

  63. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Cheaster, what are you referring spawn time to?

  64. Cheaster

    do u noe the spawn time ?

  65. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Fire. Which Maplestory server are you currently playing? The guide above is updated to sync with GMS skill table with Tempest Update.

  66. Fire

    Urm 2nd job skill does not have sliver hawk!!! Pls update…

  67. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Cheaster, its really simple! I have added a video into this guide on how to catch Jaira.

    1. Talk to Belle at Resistance Headquarters: Secret Plaza.
    2. Then talk to Black Jack in the same map to enter Hidden Street: Jaguar Habitat.
    3. Reduce Jaira’s health (black cat) around 10-20% by hitting it with your regular attacks or skill. Make sure to eliminate any other cats that are nearby as they will interfere with the capture.
    4. Use the skill Capture to tame one of the Tamable Jaguar.

  68. Cheaster

    so how u get jaira n when ? i spend so much time still cant get it

  69. Ayumilove Post author

    Hello hi, people have different measure in terms of godly scrolled. For me, if the an equipment item stats that have at least 7 x 60% scroll passes in stats or equivalent (using the hammered slots) with great potential stats (like +12% Attack, +30% damage, 12% all stats), then its very powerful = godly.

  70. Hi

    What does it mean by godly scrolled equipment ?

  71. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi 日才猫 and ml tan, Wild Hunter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skill Build Guide has been updated.

  72. 日才猫

    This guide should update after the revamp and tempest update.

  73. ml tan

    hey its raining mine is 2nd job’s skill!!

  74. Karli

    Great build! Thanks, it’s helped a lot. Sadly, I’m not quite a fast leveler because of all my other characters. My Wild Hunter is only Level 50, but thanks anyway! XD