GMS v.188 – Tune Up (2017-09-01)

List of GMS Skill Changes

V.188 – Tune Up is live on August 30!

Skill Revamps

  • All jobs receiving some skill revamps to improve the balance between jobs.
  • Both Kanna and Hayato are receiving skill revamps to adjust their skills’ stats, balance, energy cost, and more.
  • Kanna’s stats will be increased to make her more competitive and balanced with other Magician jobs.

Hayato Skill Changes

  • Quick Draw – Sword energy cost has changed.
  • Shimada Heart – The damage bonus will now appear on the detailed stats.
  • Keen Edge – Link skill has been improved.
  • Battoujutsu Advance – Damage increase for using Battoujutsus.
  • Blade Flash – Range has been improved.
  • Jin Blade Flash – Range has been improved.
  • Willow Dodge – The damage bonus will now appear on the detailed stats.
  • Fuu Blade Flash – Range has been improved.
  • Rai Blade Flash – Range has been improved.
  • Rai Sanrenzan – Increased targeted enemies.
  • Hitokiri Strike – Instant KO removed but damage increased with short Invincibility.
  • Iron Skin – Skill is now a passive.
  • Jinsoku – Adjusted skills avoidability.
  • Eye for an Eye – Skill no longer activates on hit but when avoiding a hit and increased targeted enemies.
  • Bloodletter – Increased damage, chance on applying, and duration.
  • Akatsuki Blossoms – Updated tooltip to match skill function.
  • Falcon’s Honor – Skill grants sword energy on use.
  • Hitokiri Strike-Cooldown Cutter – Adjusted cooldown reduction amount.
  • Hitokiri Strike – Presist – New skill which increases Hitokiri Strike’s buff duration.
  • Return of the Five Planets – New skill which allows Hayato to teleport to Momijigaoka.

Kanna Skill Changes

  • Haku’s Gift – Added new passive stats.
  • Shikigami Charm – Added a passive damage reduction.
  • Haku Reborn – Added Magic ATT passive and a final damage buff that increase per party member affected by Haku’s buff.
  • Radiant Peacock – Increased duration.
  • Burning Shikigami Haunting – Improved damage increase buff.
  • Soul Shear – Added new passive effect and mana recovery.
  • Lifeblood Ritual – Added new passive effect.
  • Spirit Path – Added new critical damage stats.
  • Frozen Shikigami Haunting – Adjusted damage increase.
  • Vanquisher’s Charm – Adjusted damage values.
  • Kasen – Increased mastery.
  • Haku Perfected – Adjusted tooltip and improves final damage buff.
  • Haku’s Blessing – Adjusted buff tooltip to show actual Magic ATT.
  • Breath of the Unseen – Buff now stacks with other ignore defense buff.
  • Nine-Tailed Fury – Cooldown has been reduced.
  • Shocking Shikigami Haunting – Increased range and improved damage increase buff.
  • Demon’s Fury – Adjusted damage values.
  • Blossoming Dawn – Adjusted tooltip.
  • Princess’s Vow – Adjusted tooltip and removed damage cap.
  • Return of the Five Planets – New skill which allows Kanna to teleport to Momijigaoka.
  • A bug where SP Reset Scrolls could be used on skills that don’t consume SP has been fixed.
  • A bug with the cooldown reduction of one of Zero’s Chrono Break effects (where it applied more than its value) has been fixed.
  • 5th job skills will not receive the summon duration increase effect.
  • The cooldown reduction potential on Hat equipment will apply at a rate when the skill’s cooldown is 10 seconds or less.
  • The quest completion requirement explanation for ‘The End of Hilla’ will now display correctly.
  • Completing the quest ‘Sentrobo Lives!’ will now take the correct amount of required material.

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