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For Black Wing eyes ONLY. Mihile is the target of our organization—wide surveillance efforts. Be advised that Mihil e .s been sighted, and all reports indicate that will return to Maple World on September 5th, 2012.

v.117 – New Dawn Update Notes (2012-08-31)

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New Content

New Events

New Content

New Playable Character: Mihile

The mightiest hero can come from the humblest beginnings. The great warrior you know as Mihile did not always go by that name. Once upon a time he was an overworked stock boy at Mr. Limbert’s General Store, known only as “kiddo.” Little did that young boy know that his life was about to change forever…
Empress Cygnus long suspected that there was more to the boy than what met the eye, so she and Neinheart decided to test the young warrior. It wasn’t until Cygnus watched him defeat her minions with ease that she knew the truth for sure. Neinheart was skeptical, but Cygnus’s faith never wavered. She explained to the boy that his father was a warrior of great power; a warrior for good and a warrior for the light. He had left his infant son with the old man Limbert, planning to one day return, but he was never able to escape the great evil that defeated him. She went on to call the nameless kiddo “Mihile,” which means “Born of Light” in honor of his fallen father, Chromile, the Knight of Light.

The young Empress and her faithful follower Neinheart brought the boy with a new name back with them to Ereve. There he learned that “Only the darkest night can produce the most brilliant sunrise!”

Overview of Mihile

CLASS: Cygnus Knight
MAIN WEAPON: One-handed Sword
SUB EQUIP: Soul Shield – a growth-type shield
HP: High
MP: Medium
PRIMARY STAT: STR (Strength) – needed for damage and for equips
SECONDARY STAT: DEX (Dexterity) – some is needed for equips

Notable Information

  • Mihile is a Cygnus Knight, but his tutorial and storyline are much like Hero and Jett classes, and his max level is 200.
  • There is no gender selection with Mihile – he can only be male!
  • Each Mihile character has its own individual Cash Inventory not shared with other characters.
  • Until Lv.120, Mihile receives an additional 10% EXP.
  • Once Mihile reaches Lv.70, he can pass down the Beginner skill Knight’s Watch to another character on the same account in the same world. Knight’s Watch uses the power of light to protect a character from being knocked back.
  • After completing the 4th job advancement, you can obtain Empress’s Shout and Empress’s Prayer through quests, and you will be able to create an Ultimate Explorer.
  • Lv. 30 Mihiles will get their own cards added to the Character Card system:

Lv.30-69 Lv.70-119 Lv.120-199 Lv.200
Weapon DEF +2% +3% +4% +5%


Unique Beginner Skill

  • Knight’s Watch: At Master Level: Knock-back Resistance Rate: 100%, Duration 90 sec, Cooldown 180 sec. Master Level: 1. Can be shared with another character in the same account and world when Mihile reaches Lv.70.

Mihile 1st Job

  • Soul Shield: At Master Level: Permanently increases Weapon DEF by +200 and Magic DEF by +200. Master Level: 15.
  • Soul Blade: At Master Level: Damage 340%, Max Enemies Hit: 5. Master Level: 20.
  • Weightless Heart: Use this while in the middle of a jump to go even further. Master Level: 10.
  • Soul Devotion: At Master Level: Permanently increases Accuracy by +200, Speed by +25, and Jump by +20. Master Level:10.
  • HP Boost: At Master Level: Max HP +20%. Master Level: 10.

Mihile 2nd Job

  • Sword Mastery: At Master Level: Permanently increases One-Handed Sword Mastery by +50% and Accuracy by +120. Master Level: 20.
  • Final Attack: At Master Level: Proc Rate 40%, Damage 150%. Master Level: 20.
  • Sword Booster: At Master Level: Duration 200 sec. Master Level: 20.
  • Rage: At Master Level: Weapon ATT +30, Duration 180 sec. Master Level: 20.
  • Soul Driver: At Master Level: Damage 145%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Monsters Hit: 6. Master Level: 20.
  • Radiant Driver: At Master Level: Damage 400%, Max Enemies Pushed: 6. Master Level: 20.
  • Physical Training: At Master Level: Permanently increases STR by 30 and DEX by 30. Master Level: 10.

Mihile 3rd Job

  • Trinity Attack: At Master Level: Damage 230%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Monsters Hit: 4. Master Level: 20.
  • Radiant Buster: At Master Level: Damage 270%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Stun Chance 20%, Duration 4 sec. Master Level: 20.
  • Radiant Charge: At Master Level: Damage +30%, Duration 300 sec. Master Level: 10.
  • Enduring Spirit: At Master Level: DEF +100%, Abnormal Status Resistance +60%, All Elemental Resistance +60%, Duration 180 sec. Master Level: 20.
  • Magic Crash: Cancel all enemy buffs and prevent them from casting new buffs: At Master Level: Success Rate 100%, Buff Block Duration 20 sec. Master Level: 20.
  • Intense Focus: At Master Level: Permanently increases STR by 60, Attack Speed Increased. Master Level: 20.
  • Righteous Indignation: At Master Level: When attacking enemies with an abnormal status, Damage +20%, Critical Rate +20%. Master Level: 20.
  • Self Recovery: At Master Level: 300 HP and 90 MP recovered every 4 sec. Master Level: 30.

Mihile 4th Job

  • Soul Asylum: At Master Level: Permanently decreases damage taken by 20%. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
  • Expert Sword Mastery: At Master Level: One-Handed Sword Mastery +70%, Weapon ATT +30, Minimum Critical Damage +15%. Mastery Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
  • Advanced Final Attack: At Master Level: Permanently increases ATT by 30 and Accuracy by 10%. Also has a 60% chance of activating 250% damage Final Attack 2 times. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
  • Four-Point Assault: At Master Level: Damage 360%, Number of Attacks: 4, Blind Chance 40%, Accuracy -30%, Duration 100 sec, Critical Hit on final attack. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
  • Radiant Blast: At Master Level: Damage 280%, Number of Attacks: 6, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Stun Chance 40%, Duration 6 sec. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
  • Roiling Soul: At Master Level: Damage +60%, Critical Rate +20%, Minimum Critical Damage +15%, Duration 240 sec, Max Monsters Targeted: 1, Cooldown 270 sec. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.
  • Combat Mastery: At Master Level: Defense Ignored 40%. Master Level: 10.
  • Stance: At Master Level: Knock-back Resist Chance 95%, Duration 300 sec. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Book.
  • Maple Warrior: Increases all team members’ stats: At Master Level: All Stats +15%, Duration 900 sec. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books.

New Events

Renegades Festival – Extended!

August 8 to September 19

  • NPC Conor has decided to ply his wares a little longer.
  • The Renegade Coin rewards for Mu Lung Dojo have also been extended
  • See the info about Mu Lung Dojo here.

Lucky 3!3!3!

  • 3!3!3! Events are three fun activities that are based around the number 3!
  • Players have to be at least Lv. 10 to participate in any of the quests.
  • To start one of the 3 events, you must click on the Event Notifier on the left side of your screen or talk to the Maple Administrator, located in most towns.

Census Weeks One & Two
September 5 – September 18

  • Help the Maple Administrator take a census of Maple World!
  • The event is split into two parts and each part is based on a week. Week One is 9/5/12 – 9/11/12. Week Two is 9/12/12 – 9/18/12.
  • Players who accept the same quest 3 times in a week will be placed into a raffle.
  • The 1000 winners of the raffle will get 1000 Maple Points each.
  • This quest can be completed once a day.

300 Monster Mop-up
September 5 – September 18

  • The Maple Admin is up to her eyeballs in paperwork, but still wants you to defeat 300 monsters for her.
  • The player will be given a 3×3 Event Box if they manage to complete this Herculean feat. Each box contains a random 3×3 scroll or trait EXP consumable.
  • If the player manages to defeat 300 monsters 3 times, the player will get an even better 3×3 Event Gold Box, which has a chance to give a random scroll, Power Elixir x10 or 3×3 Gloves.
  • 3×3 Gloves: All Stats +1.
  • This quest can be repeated every 10 minutes.

Daily Gifts
September 5 – September 24

  • The Maple Admin is giving the players 3 gifts every day for the length of the event. You need at least 3 open slots in your Use inventory to accept the quest.
  • She gives you some Fresh Strawberry Juice, a 1.3x EXP Coupon and a Lucky 3!3!3! Event Teleport Rock.
  • The Lucky 3!3!3! Event Teleport Rock will take you to any town, but can only be used once every 30 minutes and disappears after 3 hours.
  • This quest can be completed once a day.

Mihile Events

September 5 – September 24

Righteous Gift

  • Requirement: Mihile, Lv 10 or above.
  • Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left side of the game window.
  • Reward:
    • Knight of Light Chair: REQ LVL 0, Recovers 50 HP and 50 MP every 10 seconds.

Knight of Light Ring

  • Requirement: Mihile, Lv 50 or above.
  • Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left of the game window.
  • Reward:
    • Knight of Light Ring: REQ LVL 50, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, Weapon/Magic ATT +2, Weapon/Magic DEF +10, Accuracy +10. When your job is Mihile(3) or Mihile(4) STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Weapon ATT +1. You can use a Sharing Tag to move it once within your account and in the same world via the storage system.

Luminous Edge

  • Requirement: Mihile, Lv 75 or above.
  • Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left of the game window.
  • Reward:
    • Luminous Edge: REQ LVL 75, REQ STR 215, Attack Speed: Fast, MaxHP/MaxMP +100, Weapon ATT: 88, Accuracy +10, When your level is 100 or higher. When your level is 100 or higher: Weapon ATT +8. 7 upgrade slots (unhammered). Untradeable.

The Greatest Chief Knight

  • Requirement: Mihile, Lv.10 to 70.
  • Accept the quests through the event notifier on the left side of the game window.
  • This quest can be repeated every time you go up 5 levels, between Level 10 and 40 and every 10 levels, between Level 40 and 70. You will receive a reward based on your level.
  • You cannot receive the reward for a lower level after you level up, so make sure to collect your rewards while you can! For example, you cannot collect the Lv.20 reward once you reach Lv. 21.
  • Reward:
    • Equipment Box: Filled with untradeable equips for Mihile, appropriate for the level at which the box was collected. The box is untradeable.

Blinded by the Light

  • Requirement: Mihile, Lv 120 or above.
  • Mihile can obtain untradeable Special Mastery Books upon reaching 4th Job Advancement.
  • Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left side of the game window.
  • The books are as follows. All of them have 100% chance to raise the master Level of their corresponding skills.
    • Expert Sword Mastery 30
    • Advanced Final Attack 30
    • Soul Asylum 30
    • Special Stance 30
    • Roiling Soul 30
    • Four-Point Assault 30
    • Radiant Blast 30

Free Character Slot Coupon

September 5 – September 24

  • Click the gift box icon on the left side of your game window to open a menu from which you can retrieve a free Character Slot Coupon.
  • Once you retrieve your coupon, double-click it in the Use tab of your item inventory to receive the free slot.
  • This reward applies only to accounts with characters created before the v.115 Mutiny update.
  • The coupon will expire in 21 days if you don’t use it.
  • You will be unable to use the coupon in a world where you have already reached the max character slots limit (15).
  • You can only retrieve the item with one character on your account.

Ongoing Mutiny Update Events

Check out the v.115 Mutiny Update Event Notes for information about events still ongoing!

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