MapleStory Thunder Breaker aka Striker Skill Build Guide V1

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MapleStory Thunder Breaker is a Cygnus Knight Pirate Class who are experts in melee combat using knuckle to crush their enemies. However, they do not use gun as they do not possess any skills that shoots. Thunder Breaker primary stat is STR (Strength) and secondary stat is DEX (Dexterity). Use the Auto AP Distribution to allocate your STR and DEX automatically.

MapleStory Thunder Breaker AP Stat Build
MapleStory Thunder Breaker Training Spots Level 1-200

Thunder Breaker 1st Job Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Bullet Time Quick Motion (Passive)
Permanently increases Accuracy, Max Movement Speed, and Jump.
LV1: +22 Accuracy, +2 Max Movement Speed, +1 Jump.
LV10: +220 Accuracy, +20 Max Movement Speed, +10 Jump.

MapleStory Somersault Kick Somersault Kick (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time with a powerful kick.
LV1: 8 MP, 229% Damage.
LV20: 16 MP, 305% Damage.

MapleStory Dash Dash (Active)
Double-tap the left or right arrow to perform a dash or jump dash. Also cancels all knockback. Use Corkscrew Blow or Triple Fire during the dash for additional damage.
LV1: 9 MP, Dash lasts 4 sec.
LV10: 0 MP, Dash lasts 20 sec.

MapleStory Critical Power Shadow Heart (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage.
LV1: +2% Critical Rate, +1% Critical Min Damage.
LV10: +20% Critical Rate, +10% Critical Min Damage.

MapleStory HP Boost HP Boost (Passive)
Permanently increases Max HP.
LV1: +2% Max HP.
LV10: +20% Max HP.

MapleStory Lightning Lightning (Supportive)
Summons a spirit that temporarily follows you around and attacks 3 enemies nearby.
LV1: 11 MP, 66% Damage. Lasts 110 sec.
LV10: 20 MP, 120% Damage. Lasts 200 sec.

Skill Build: Everything maxed except Somersault Kick.
1. Add 1 SP into Somersault Kick.
2. Max Dash, Lightning and Quick Motion.
3. Max Shadow Heart and HP Boost.
4. Dump remaining SP into Somersault Kick.

Somersault Kick will be your primary attacking skill as a 1st Job Thunder Breaker. Add 1 SP (Skill Point) to unlock the skill. Max Dash (speed up travelling between towns and hunting grounds) followed by Lightning (spirit to aid you in battle) and Quick Motion (increases your accuracy to hit monsters above your level with more success). Shadow Heart and HP Boost can be maxed later on since most monsters at this stage are manageable with 1-2 hit KO. HP Boost raises your Max Health Points so you will have less risk of dying in 1 hit when inflicted with powerful damage by high level monsters especially boss. Shadow Heart increases your Critical Rate so you can deal extra damage but this works best with skills that hit monsters multiple times instead of 1. The reason Lightning is maxed instead of Somersault Kick is because of 3 reasons. First, there is a skill known as Spark (3rd Job Skill) which enhances the spirit to attack more enemies. Secondly, most monsters in 1st Job can be killed in a maximum of 2 hits from Somersault Kick. Third, Lightning is kinda handy during 2nd Job since it will help you kill the remaining monsters should they have a few HP (Health) left after you execute your 2nd Job Offensive skill.

Thunder Breaker 2nd Job Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Knuckle Mastery Knuckle Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases knuckle mastery and accuracy.
LV1: 12% Mastery, +6 Accuracy
LV20: 50% Mastery, +120 Accuracy

MapleStory Knuckle Booster Knuckle Booster (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Knuckle Mastery.
Temporarily reduce regular and skill attack delay.
LV1: 30 MP, Lasts 10 sec.
LV20: 11 MP, Lasts 200 sec.

MapleStory Corkscrew Blow Corkscrew Blow (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time by charging forward with a punch while knock-backing them.
LV1: 11 MP, 286% Damage.
LV10: 20 MP, 340% Damage.

MapleStory Energy Charge Energy Charge (Passive)
Charges energy after every attack. When your energy is fully charged, Accuracy, Weapon Attack, Physical and Magical Defense, and Movement Speed increase. You also have a chance to activate a Stance (Resist enemy’s knockback) that allows you to use energy-type skills. Energy charges twice as fast when attacking bosses.
LV1: +15 Accuracy, +1 W.Attack, +15 Defense, +12 Speed. 10% Stance. Lasts 22 sec.
LV20: +300 Accuracy, +30 W.Attack, +300 Defense, +50 Speed. Lasts 60 sec. Lasts 60 sec.

MapleStory Energy Blast Energy Blast (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV1 Energy Charge.
Attack 6 enemies 2 times with a very close range burst attack.
This skill can only be activated when energy is fully charged.
LV1: 343% Damage.
LV20: 400% Damage.

MapleStory Dark Clarity Dark Clarity (Supportive)
Temporarily increases Weapon Attack and Accuracy.
LV1: 15 MP, +1 W.Attack, +84 Accuracy. Lasts 66 sec.
LV20: 15 MP, +30 W.Attack, +160 Accuracy. Lasts 180 sec.

MapleStory Physical Training Physical Training (Passive)
Permanently increases STR (Strength) and DEX (Dexterity).
LV1: +3 STR, +3 DEX.
LV10: +30 STR, +30 DEX.

MapleStory Tornado Uppercut Tornado Uppercut (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time with a powerful moving tornado.
LV1: 18 MP, 318% Damage.
LV20: 24 MP, 375% Damage.

Skill Build: Everything maxed except Corkscrew Blow and Energy Blast.
1. Add 1 SP into Tornado Uppercut, Energy Charge and Energy Blast.
2. Max Knuckle Mastery, Dark Clarity and Physical Training.
3. Add 12 SP into Knuckle Booster.
4. Max Tornado Uppercut, Energy Charge and Knuckle Booster.
5. Dump remaining SP into Energy Blast.
6. No SP added into Corkscrew Blow.

Tornado Uppercut is maxed instead of Corkscrew Blow is because it has lower attack delay and it can hit monsters who are located far away from you. With that convenience, it allows a more efficient training especially monsters located on different platform levels. Therefore, add 1 SP into Tornado Uppercut as it will be Thunder Breaker 2nd Job primary skill for leveling. Also add 1 SP into Energy Charge (to take advantage of the passive effects during transformation) and Energy Blast (deals high damage against monsters with lots of health). Max your damage boosting skills (Knuckle Mastery, Dark Clarity, Physical Training) and add 12 SP into Knuckle Booster to speed up your attacks. Without early Knuckle Booster, most Thunder Breaker attack feels sluggish and usually getting bump into agitated monsters if you couldn’t kill them in the first attack. Finally, max Tornado Uppercut to boost its damage and Knuckle Booster to reduce the hassle to recast it so often. Dump the remaining skill points into Energy Blast. Even if the Energy Blast isn’t max, it still does pretty awesome damage for a 2 hit kill monster whereas Tornado Uppercut would probably take twice the time compared to Energy Blast at max level.

Thunder Breaker 3rd Job Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Spark Spark (Supportive)
Enchant your weapon with lightning attribute so it can inflict extra damage.
LV1: 20 MP, 133% Damage, Lasts 60 sec. Attack 2 enemies.
LV20: 40 MP, 190% Damage, Lasts 240 sec. Attack 3 enemies.

MapleStory Shark Wave Shark Wave (Active)
Attack multiple enemies with waves of hungry sharks.
LV1: 15 MP, 307% Damage, Attack 4 enemies.
LV30: 35 MP, 510% Damage, Attack 6 enemies.

MapleStory Buccaneer Blast Buccaneer Blast (Active)
Attack multiple enemies 4 times with a powerful laser blast. Can only be used when energy is fully charged. Allows you to passively charge additional energy per attack.
LV1: Attack 8 enemies with 405% Damage. Charges 42 Energy.
LV20: Attack 10 enemies with 550% Damage. Charges 100 Energy.

MapleStory Precision Strikes Precision Strikes (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate and critical damage. Additional Critical Rate against bosses.
LV1: +6% Critical Rate, +4% Critical Damage, +1% Critical Rate vs Boss.
LV20: +15% Critical Rate, +10% Critical Damage, +20% Critical Rate vs Boss.

MapleStory Opportunistic Fighter Opportunistic Fighter (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate when attacking a stunned enemy. Also has a chance to temporarily stun enemies with any attack you execute.
LV1: 10% Stun Rate, +22% Critical Rate.
LV20: 20% Stun Rate, +60% Critical Rate.

MapleStory Landlubber Blast Landlubber Blast (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time with a shock wave by pounding the ground hard.
LV1: 18 MP, 655% Damage.
LV20: 28 MP, 750% Damage.

MapleStory Octopunch Octopunch (Active)
[SKILL QUEST] Unlocks at Level 90.
Attack 1 enemies 6 times with barrage of fast punches.
LV1: 20 MP, 284% Damage.
LV20: 32 MP, 360% Damage.

MapleStory Speed Infusion Speed Infusion (Supportive)
[SKILL QUEST] Unlocks at Level 100 + [REQUIRE] Max Knuckle Booster.
Temporarily reduces regular and skill attack delay. Stacks with any Weapon Booster.
LV1: 78 HP, 78 MP, Lasts 110 sec.
LV20: 40 HP, 40 MP, Lasts 300 sec.

MapleStory Roll of the Dice Roll of the Dice (Active)
[SKILL QUEST] Unlocks at Level 110.
Roll a dice to get a random buff. Roll a 1 and you will get no buff.
LV1: 60 MP, Lasts 180 sec. Cooldown 200 sec.

Skill Build: Everything maxed except Landlubber Blast.
1. Add 1 SP into Shark Wave, Buccaneer Blast and Landlubber Blast.
2. Max Buccaneer Blast, Opportunistic Fighter, Precision Strikes and Shark Wave.
3. Max Spark, Speed Infusion, Octopunch and Roll of the Dice.

Thunder Breaker 3rd Job Primary Attacking Skill will be Buccaneer Blast. However, this skill requires recharge. Therefore, add 1 SP into Shark Wave and Landlubber Blast to help with the recharging. Both of these skills have their pros and cons. Use Shark Wave when enemies are far away from you whereas Landlubber to dish out massive damage at close range. Most of the time, I would use Landlubber Blast on higher level monsters (takes 2 to 3 hits to kill) in a tightly pack area. Landlubber attacking range is 2 times shorter compared to Shark Wave and it could not affect enemies who are on a platform separated even if they are on the same level/height as you.


Bullet Time → Quick Motion
Critical Power → Shadow Heart
Mental Clarity → Dark Clarity
Pirate Training → Physical Training
Tornado Upper → Tornado Uppercut
Fist Enrage → Octopunch
Critical Rage → Precision Strikes
Stun Mastery → Opportunistic Fighter
Shockwave → Landlubber Blast
Energy Laser → Buccaneer Blast

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    Hi Omelte, Speed Infusion is obtained from quest which is made available at Level 100. Roll of the Dice is also from quest which is available at Level 110. Octo Punch is from quest at Level 90.

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    Thank you..

  22. Sothi Ganesh

    Hi Ayumi,
    Thank you for the skill build guides but when i watched thunder breaker all skills video and other guides there are other skill such as straigh, lightning charge and some other energy-energy stuff and the job maximisation is till 4th job. I don’t understand whether different regions have different skills or what? Can you help me explain this. Your all skills videos in youtube are awesome!!

    Thank you..

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    Octopunch = lvl 90
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    Hi James, Tornado Uppercut (TU) should work perfectly. Tornado does not pass through hard obstacles nor able to go into a straight-line when there is a gap between you and the target (example: platform to platform). However, if it still does not work for you, go ahead with Corkscrew Blow. When I train at Haunted Mansion Twisted Jesters and Scarecrows, I use Tornado Uppercut instead of Corkscrew Blow (I added 1 SP to test it out), and from there, I found out that Corkscrew Blow is slow since the area it covered while moving is short and hits very little monsters within that vicinity. And later I switched to Energy Blast since its easier to kill Twisted Jesters.

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    My TU doesnt always proc a tornado is this normal or a bug? If it is a bug should i consider maxing corkscrew blow over TU?

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    I think it would be better to max speed infusion rather than landlubber blast as it is slow and not as good as buccaneer blast. You can use shark wave, which is a fast attack skill, to quickly fill up the charge. Therefore, landlubber blast is quite useless to max.

  42. Yuna10

    Is landlubber blast useful??

  43. Ayumilove

    Hi A_Striker, You could go ahead with 1 SP (Skill Point) and use the remaining SP to max out the other skill. At the end, you should only have 1 SP for Tornado Uppercut in Thunder Breaker’s 2nd Job.

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