MapleStory Runes Guide


  • Runes are magic things that will create a number of different effects when used.
  • In addition, all runes give you 2x EXP for a short duration.
  • You must be at least 10 levels below or less than the monsters in the map in order to activate a rune.
  • To activate a rune, walk up to it, and press your NPC chat/Harvest key (this key is spacebar by default, but can be reassigned). This is the same key that allows you to mine herb and mineral veins. If you don’t know what it is, open up your key settings and look for it. Once you press the key, your character will go into a sitting position and there’ll be directional keys (up, down, left, and right) on the screen. Press the directional keys in the right order and the rune will activate.
  • Runes have a 15 minute cooldown after an activation.

Types of Runes

  • Rune of Decay: Instantly kills monsters around you and doubles your damage
  • Rune of Destruction: Creates poison clouds around the field and increases your damage
  • Rune of Recovery: Maxes out your HP recovery
  • Rune of Swiftness: Increases your speed
  • Rune of Might: Causes you to triple in size (as if you consumed a giant potion)
  • Rune of Treasure: Summons a Treasure Mimic, which drops EXP, gear, and mesos from the top of the screen inside floating bubbles.
  • Rune of Thunder: Causes thunder to rain down periodically, dealing damage to monsters
  • Rune of Darkness: Summons up to three Elite monsters

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