MapleStory Remnants of Goddess Guide (Orbis Party Quest Level 70-120)

Orbis Party Quest aka OPQ or Remnants of the Goddess is about resurrecting Minerva the Goddess by collecting pieces of goddess statue. You can meet with Wonky the Fairy via the Dimensional Mirror (Multi-Functional Portal) to start this OPQ after setting up a party with at least 3 members. The EXP rewarded is a lot more compared to all PQ at Level 70-120 or similarly rewarded as Tangyoon Cooking Class Party Quest but half the delay!

Orbis Party Quest Step By Step Guide

Lobby 1

  1. When you enter, you will be asked by Chamberlain Eak (Cloud NPC) to save the Goddess.
  2. Head to the bottom of the map and enter the portal to go to the first stage.

Stage 1

  1. If you speak with Eak, he will provide you with the required record for the day you are PQ-ing. Alternatively, you can use the table below to determine the correct record.
  2. Make your way to the top of each jump quest and click on the box. The box will drop a random record.
  3. Once the correct record has been found, drop it in front of the record player, and wait for the both the record to disappear and the record player to become animated.
  4. Do not pick up color CD if it does not match with the day. It will pop up a message notifying all party members that something is picked up. Party members would assume that a correct CD is found and they can retreat to the NPC/Portal without attempting the remaining unchecked boxes.
  5. When the correct music has been found, speak to Eak to get Goddess Statue: 1st Piece and clear the stage. Then proceed through the portal to enter Stage 2.
  6. *Note: Movement skills such as Flash Jump, Double Jump, Teleport, Haste, etc. can be used in this map.

CD Color Chart
Here is the chart of what type of CD you need for what day. Assuming today is Tuesday (real-life date), you need to pick Yellow CD from the box and drop in front of the record player. If you were to play OPQ for several rounds within the same day, the CD color does not change until it passes midnight 12pm which is tomorrow’s day. In this scenario, it would be Wednesday and you will then pick Purple CD. Once the CD disappears, the record player will appear to be playing music, have party leader immediately talk to NPC to proceed to next stage.

Day – Type – Color of CD

  • Monday – Cute – Orange
  • Tuesday – Scary – Yellow
  • Wednesday – Fun – Purple
  • Thursday – Sad – Dark blue
  • Friday – Cold – Light Blue
  • Saturday – Tight – Green
  • Sunday – Operatic – Red

Stage 2

  1. Defeat all five Cellions on the map.
  2. Speak with Eak to clear the stage and receive Statue of Goddess: 2nd Piece
  3. Enter the portal to head to the next stage.

Stage 3

  1. In this stage, you must defeat all 30 of the Star, Lunar, and Luster Pixies in Tower of Goddess on the map and collect the 4th Small Fragments that they drop. Upon death, the pixies will transform into weaker Ghost Pixies.
  2. Press up at a doorway to be teleported to the corresponding platform*
  3. A counter will be updated each time a 4th Small Fragment is collected. Once all of them have been collected, the stage will clear. Speak with Eak to receive Statue of Goddess: 4th Piece.
  4. Enter through the portal to enter Stage 4.
  5. *Note: It is recommended that parties start at the top left and top right and work their way down. It is possible to jump downwards from one level to another. Mechanics can also use Rocket Booster to work from the ground level, up.

Stage 4

  1. Make your way past the miniature jump quest at the bottom of the map.
  2. Find the correct platform to be teleported to the next row*. Once the correct platform has been found, it will glow. There is a respawn point every 4 rows. If you try an incorrect platform, you will be sent back to the previous respawn point.
  3. Once you have found the correct combination of platforms and reached the top, you must determine the correct lever combination to clear the stage. Have members hit each lever in various combinations.
  4. Once the stage is clear, speak with Eak to get a Goddes Statue: 3rd Piece and head out through the doorway on the bottom
  5. Note: It is possible to skip rows of platforms by jumping and pressing up. If timed correctly, it will register as trying the platform above you. In this manner, you can successfully get to the top while only going through 4 rows of platforms.
  6. Note: It is recommended that the levers are hit in a specific order. Start with only the left lever down, then then only the middle lever, then only the right lever, then only the left and middle, etc.

Lobby 2

  1. Place the Pieces of the Goddess Statue by clicking the on the corresponding location (people other than the leader can have the pieces if the leader runs out of room in their inventory).
  2. Once the statue has been restored, speak with Eak to clear the lobby and move the party to the Garden.
  3. You may also enter the Bonus Stage through the ladder at the bottom of the map.
  4. You can also Enter the Hidden Stage by pressing up at the location below.

After Garden

  1. With the Grass of Life in your inventory, click on the statue to revive the Goddess, clear the stage, and automatically kill any remaining Jr. Boogies. Speak with the Goddess Minerva to be transported to the exit stage.
  2. In the exit stage, speak with the Goddess again to receive a journal page. In order to exit and complete the PQ, you must have at least 2 open etc. slots.
  3. Upon clearing the party quest you will receive experience as well as 33 Willpower and 20 Charm.
  4. Speak with Cloudkeeper Eak to return to the lobby.

Possible prizes include
Goddess Wristband: 15 Feather of Goddess
Goddess Shoes: 10 Feather of Goddess
Minerva’s Bracelet: 30 Feather of Goddess and 1 Goddess Wristband
Minerva’s Shoes: 20 Feather of Goddess and 1 Goddess Shoes

Garden (Boss Stage)

  1. Defeat the Nependeaths in Tower of Goddess and collect the Strange Seeds that they drop.
  2. Plant the seeds in the various pots by clicking on the indicated locations while standing near them.
  3. Once the Royal Nependeath in Tower of Goddess has been found, defeat it to summon Papa Pixie.
  4. Note: Having a Priest or some All Cure Potion handy is recommended as Papa Pixie may cast Darkness.
  5. Defeat Papa Pixie and speak with Eak to receive the Grass of Life. In addition, Papa Pixie will drop a Feather of Goddess. Each member with an open etc. slot will receive this upon pick up.
  6. Enter through the portal to go back to the Lobby.

Bonus Stage

From Tower of Goddess Center Tower, head to the very bottom of the map to go to Tower of Goddess. Head into Tower of Goddess Jail I. Once all the Luinels are killed, head over to the next room, Tower of Goddess and hit the box to receive your reward!

Rewards (Randomly):
Blue Potion
White Potion
Mana Elixir
Power Elixir
Pure Water
Bronze Ore
Mithril Ore
Orihalcon Ore
Aquamarine Ore
Diamond Ore
Sapphire Ore
Topaz Ore
Scroll for Gloves for ATT 100%
Scroll for Bottomwear for DEF 60%
Scroll for Cape for MP 60%
Scroll for Cape for Magic Def 60%
Scroll for Cape for INT 60%
Scroll for Cape for LUK 60%
Scroll for Claw for ATT 60%
Scroll for Crossbow for ATT 60%
Scroll for Dagger for ATT 60%
Scroll for Gloves for ATT 60%
Scroll for One-Handed Sword for ATT 60%
Scroll for Overall Armor for DEF 60%
Scroll for Pole Arm for ATT 60%
Scroll for Shoes for DEX 60%
Scroll for Shoes for Speed 60%
Scroll for Shoes for Jump 60%
Scroll for Spear for ATT 60%
Scroll for Topwear for DEF 60%
Scroll for Two-Handed BW for ATT 60%
Scroll for Two-Handed Sword for ATT 60%
Scroll for Bottomwear for DEF (10%)
Scroll for Overall Armor for DEF 10%
Pink-Flowered Earrings
Blue Moon
Blue Gaia Cape
Red Gaia Cape
Steal Pow

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