MapleStory M Updates – BBQ Party & Moon Bunny’s Mysterious Event (2018-09-19)

[BBQ Party & Moon Bunny’s Mysterious Event]
▶ Event Period: 09.18 10:00 – 10.01 09:59 (server time)
*Server Time
America Server (UTC-8) / Europe Server (CEST/UTC+2) / Asia1, 2 Server (GMT+8)
1. BBQ Party Event (Daily)
• You can get BBQ ingredients from monsters that are within level 16 range of your level
• You can get rewards after collecting a certain number of BBQ ingredients
• You can check the ingredients you’ve collected and the rewards at [Event] → [Event Achievement]
• You can participate in [Moon Bunny’s Mysterious Event] using BBQ.

*Missions will reset at 00:00 (server time) every day
*Rewards have expiration period of 14 days and cannot be traded or transferred.
2. Moon Bunny’s Mysterious Event
• Moon Bunny will gift you with mysterious box if you give BBQ to Moon Bunny
• Get various items from Mysterious boxes!

– You can pre-view the rewards in the box by using a magnifying glass.
– You can purchase a magnifying glass using mesos twice per day.
2. BBQ
– You can get maximum of 5 bbq’s daily. You can purchase 3 additional bbq’s with crystals.
– The amount of crystal required to purchase bbq will increase from the second purchase.
3 Filling Boxes
– You can use crystals to fill the mysterious box when there are 5 boxes opened. You can reset once for free if you’ve opened 30 boxes (daily).
– Locations of items will change once you’ve filled the mysterious box.
– You can fill the mysterious box using crystals maximum of twice per day.
4. Purchase/fill count will reset at 00:00 serve time.
▶ Event Rewards

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