MapleStory M Updates – Special Hot-Time Event (2018-09-14)

Special Hot-Time

As many of you already know, we do regular investigation on accounts that use illegal programs to ensure fair gameplay and game environments. In doing so, we’ve been supported by many of you Maplers with reports made through our Customer Center. To show appreciation to your support, we’ve got special hot-time as below! (09.14/Fri.)

🔥 19:00 ~ 23:59 (server time)
– EXP +30%
– Party EXP +30%
– Item Drop +30%
– Meso Drop +30%

🔥 22:00 ~ 23:00 (server time)
– Expedition Additional Open

MapleStory M will continuously make efforts to eliminate usage of illegal programs.

Please be advised that accounts banned will be restricted
from logging in.

Thank you

Show us Your Multi Characters

Are you all enjoying the 🍁Maple Leaf Tree Festival🍁 with your multiple characters? Show us your multiple characters for a chance to win Royal Hair/Face Coupon!

✔️Event Period: 09.14 (Fri.) – 09.21 (Fri.)
✔️How to Participate:
1. Leave a screenshot of character selection window, showing your multiple characters
2. Higher chance to win with Cygnus Knights!

✔️Event Rewards:
🎁 Royal Hair Coupon x1 + Royal Face Coupon x1 for 150 winners

✔️Winners Announcement: 09.27 (Thurs.)

✔️Event Notes:
– One participation per account
– Participants must include their server, world, and nickname.

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