MapleStory M Updates – Cygnus Knights and Game Revamp (2018-09-11)

Cygnus Knights Content

5 Cygnus Knights will be added.

Cygnus Knights will start their adventure in a new continent, Ereve.

There will be a small change to the Character Creation menu with the introduction of Cygnus Knights.
When you create a character, you can choose between “Adventurer” and “Cygnus Knights”

New Guild Contents Update

Immortal Guild Dungeon, Guild Rankings, Guild Donation, and Guild Shop will be added

Immortal Guild Dungeon

• The infamous Papulatus lurks in Guild Dungeon. Defeat Papulatus and his minions in the guild dungeon and get rewards based on the amount of damage dealt!
• You will receive guild rewards based on the points accumulated by guild members.

Immortal Guild Dungeon: [Guild] -> [Guild Dungeon]

Guild Dungeon Info

• Any guild member can enter the dungeon
• It’s a single-player dungeon
• You can enter twice every day between 00:00 – 23:55
• The time limit for the dungeon will be one minute.

How to Play Immortal Guild Dungeon

① The Immortal Boss, Space-time Papulatus

– The immortal boss, Papulatus, will be summoned once you’ve entered the dungeon.
– Papulatus will not attack
– You will receive points based on the amount of damage you’ve dealt to Papulatus
– Points received will be accumulated in the gauge at top of the screen. The dungeon rank will change based on the points accumulated. (C – SS)

② Normal monsters in different dungeon ranks
– Different normal monsters will be summoned in different ranks of dungeons.
– Normal monsters will not attack.
– You will receive more points by defeating higher-rank monsters. The higher rank

[Quick Review] How to earn points in Immortal Guild Dungeon

1. Boss Monster: Cannot be defeated ▷ receive points by dealing damage
2. Normal Monster: Can be defeated ▷ receive points by defeating them

③ The guild member, who’s achieved the highest points in each dungeon rank will be displayed daily.
④ Auto-battle: Auto-battle in Immortal Guild Dungeon will be free.

Immortal Guild Dungeon Rewards

• You can get personal reward sand guild rewards in Immortal Guild Dungeon

Personal Rewards

– Personal rewards will be delivered to your inbox based on the rank you’ve achieved.
– You will be eligible for personal rewards if you’ve achieved at least 1 point.

Guild Rewards

– Points earned by guild members will be accumulated and you will receive guild reward based on the길accumulated points the next day.
– All guild members will receive the rewards whether they participated in the dungeon or not the day before.
• Rewards are time-limited and cannot be traded or transferred between storage.
*You will get one random item from [Immortal Dungeon Rank Box]

Guild Ranking

• Ranking page will be reset in a certain period of time.

Guild Point (GP) & GP Coin System

• You will receive GP coins based on the amount of guild points collected.
• GP coins can be used in various guild contents

Guild Donation

• You can make three guild donations per day, which increase your guild EXP.

Guild Shop

• Guild Shop will be open, from which you can exclusive items using guild points.
– Guild Location: [Guild] -> [Guild Shop]
• Each item can be purchased once per day

Guild Attendance

• You will be automatically attended when you enter the guild.

Guild Open Banquet System Change: Regular Scheduling

• When guild master scheduled when the Guild Banquet opens, the banquet will open at the same time from the day after.
• The banquet will open at 12:00 server time if the guild master does not set up the schedule.
※ The banquet will open regardless of the current on-line state of guild master.
– You cannot re-schedule for one hour if you change the schedule.
• For 09.11 (Tues.), on which the new schedule system will be introduced, The banquet will open at 12:00 server time.

Maple Leaf Tree Festival

• The new passive skill, Maple Leaf Tree Festival, which grants you bonus stats based on the number of characters you own and their levels will be added.
• Festival Rank will be determined based on the sum of character levels. There are four different ranks and higher-rank Festival will grant you more bonus stats.
※ Your Festival rank might drop if you delete your character.

Dungeons UI Improvements

• Dungeon UI will be improved.
• You can set the order of dungeon to your personal preference.

Mini-dungeon Improvements

Challenge Icon

• Challenge icon will appear on monsters of which you haven’t completed the daily challenges. The icon will disappear once you’ve claimed the rewards.

Buff Booster

• [EXP Increase Booster] will be deleted and [Monster Respawn Cooldown Decrease Boosters] will be added in Mini Dungeon.
• The cost for certain buff boosters will be changed (Diamond -> Meso/Gold Leaf/Diamond)


• 15-minute dungeon will be added
– One Mini Dungeon entry ticket will be consumed

Mini Dungeon In-game UI Improvements

• Monsters Eliminated, Earned Mesos, and Earned EXP will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen.
• Time remained and buff booster will be displayed in the top of the screen.

Total Damage unit in Mini Dungeon

• If the total damage exceeds 100 million, “K” (1,000) will appear.
• If the total damage exceeds 10 billion, “M” (1,000,000) will appear.
• Bug that causes minus value to appear when the total damage exceeds 2.1 billion will be fixed.

Mu Lung Dojo Improvements

New Items at Mu Lung Shop

• New items will be available at Mu Lung Shop. Please check the in-game Mu Lung Shop for details.

Mu Lung Dojo Daily Clear Rewards

• You can get Mu Lung Dojo daily rewards based on the round cleared.
• Rewards are cumulative. (You will get all rewards for each round cleared)`
• Each reward can be received once per day (reset at 00:00/server time)
• Rewards Example
– Round 47 cleared on the first play (All rewards for clearing 30 / 40 / 45 rounds received)
– Round 51 cleared on the second play (rewards for clearing 51 additionally received)
• Mu Lung daily reward cannot be traded or transferred between storage.

Mu Lung Dojo Buff Boosters

• You can purchase buff boosters upon entering Mo Lung Dojo
• Purchase buffs will be applied in Mu Lung Dojo.

Booster List

– Increase Attack: increase attack by 10% in Mu Lung Dojo
– Increase Defense: increase defense by 10% in Mu Lung Dojo
– Increase Crit Rate: increase crit rate by 10% in Mu Lung Dojo
– Increase Crit Damage: increase crit damage by 10% in Mu Lung Dojo
– Increase max HP by 30 % in Mu Lung Dojo
– Decrease Potion Cooldown: decrease potion cooldown by 2 seconds in Mu Lung Dojo

Mu Lung Dojo UI Improvements

• The current ranking section will be displayed when entering Dojo.
• The number of round will be displayed at the top

Daily Dungeon Improvements

Entry UI

• Available rewards will be displayed.
• Daily Sweep counts will be displayed.


• You can clear at once using Daily Dungeon Sweep Ticket without actually playing the dungeon.
• Daily Dungeon can be swept three times per day. Each sweep will consume three tickets.
• Sweep tickets can be purchased at Mu Lung shop.

Elite Dungeon Improvements

• Button for Elite Dungeon Sweep Ticket will be added.
• Auto-battle will be free of charge. Auto-battle will automatically be removed once you exit the dungeon.
• Map automatic warp function will be added. You will automatically be moved to the next map.
– The existing portals in Elite Dungeon will be removed.
– If you defeat all monsters in the map, you will be automatically directed to the next map.


• You can fuse jewels consecutively now.
– You can fuse multiple jewels of the same rank/option in your inventory.
– You can fuse maximum of 10 consecutive times.
• You can now open 10 Jewel chests at a time
– You must have free space in your inventory if you wish to open multiple jewel boxes at once.

Party System Improvements.

Auto-join / Party Search

• The existing party screen will be divided in to [Auto-join] and [Party Search]

① Auto-join
– You will auto-join a party that is looking for other members in that field.
② Party Search
– You can manually search for a party through Party Search


• You can select Auto-kick, which will automatically kick party members that are resting.

– You can only activate Auto-kick when Resting Party EXP option is disabled.
– Resting members will be kicked automatically when Auto-kick is enabled.
*When you are in resting state, you will have 3 minutes before you will be auto-kicked.
*Party leader can also be auto-kicked.

• The UI rest icon will let you know whether Auto-Kick has is currently activated.

• Auto-kick will be activated automatically for “Auto-join” parties.
• Users that have been kicked from a party cannot join the same party for 30 minutes.
– 30 minutes apply both for manual-kick and auto-kick.
– If the party leader invites you after being kicked, the 30-minute will reset.

Star Force Field Main Screen UI Improvements

• You can create a party in the Star Force main screen.
• You can join a party you’d like in the main screen.

– You will see available parties if you choose a Star Force field.
– You can choose the party-search range by turning “View All Channels” on at the top.
(ON = Search all parties / OFF = Search parties in your channel.
– Parties with full members will not appear.

Pet System Improvements

Pet Duration Extension Improvements

– You can use Water of Life on pets that have not been expired.
– Duration can be extended to maximum of 90 days.
– You cannot extend the duration for certain pets like Kola and TripleDillo.

• You can now toggle ON/OFF for buff potion auto consumption.
• Now pets can auto-cast below buff skills.
– Dark Knight’s Sacrifice, Bow Master’s Quiver Cartridge, Corsair’s Double Down

• Pet Settings UI Improvements

Miscellaneous Fixes/Improvements

1) Notice pop-up will prompt when moving an item with one trade count to storage.
2) Clock will be added again to the main screen.
3) You can now expand available trade slots to 15 slots using crystals.
4) Friend list will be expanded to maximum of 50.
5) You can now check whether you can use your Auto-battle ticket or not in the main screen.
6) The expiry date will now appear for items in inbox.
7) You can now see if the items are whether time-limited or not in hotkey slots.
8) You can now choose to directly go to event tasks when you click on tasks notice in the main menu.
9) The character location in avatar megaphone will slightly change.
10) You can now immediately switch pets in inventory.

11) You can now receive rewards in inbox at once.

12) Hot-time alarm will be added.
13) Now you can check the list of hot-time/log-in rewards.
– Hot-time button will let you know whether it is currently active or not.
– You can click on the button to see which hot-time is currently on.

– You can check 5 days of hot-time/log-in rewards.
– Log-in rewards that have already been delivered to inbox will not be displayed.

14) Royal Hair/Face will appear first when you visit Hair/Face shop.
15) The remaining period for Royal Hair/Face will be displayed at the top under preview.
16) Hair and body will be shown at the same time in Hair/Face shop.
17) A button to move to another shop will be added in Hair/Face shop.
18) Movement arrow buttons will be improved.
19) A button for Dungeon Retry will be added.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug that causes item descriptions to not appear when tapping on Gold Leaf under inbox UI will be fixed.
  2. A notice pop-up will appear when you move an item with “one” trade count to storage.
  3. Bug that causes animation to be ineffective for Drake monsters on Monster Selection window will be fixed.
  4. Bug that occasionally causes auto-battle to be active during Expedition will be fixed.
  5. Bug that causes buff potions to be consumed with pet skills after you’ve used all the potions will be fixed. with pet skills after you’ve used.
  6. The pop-up that shows the maximum amount of meso you can own will re-appear.
  7. The button locations for [Log out] and [Quit Game] under settings will change.
  8. The quest bug that counts defeated monsters even when you are not defeating monsters will be fixed.
  9. Bug that lets you register entry tickets in item hot-key will be fixed.
  10. Bug that causes Daily tasks UI & Mini Dungeon pop-up UI to overlap will be fixed.
  11. Time-limited items with less remaining time will be positioned first in inventory.
  12. Bug that causes Lock function for cash items to be unavailable will be fixed.
  13. The error that does not let you log out immediately when you’ve logged in with Facebook/Google accounts will be fixed.
  14. Bug that causes you to be stuck in the middle of a map when you try to re-enter Mini Dungeon during Auto-battle will be fixed.
  15. Bug that causes defeated players to receive rewards and re-enter Expedition after they are defeated right before the dungeon is cleared will be fixed.
  16. The visual error that shows Normal when you have actually entered Hard Elite dungeon through friend’s invitation will be fixed.
  17. Bug that causes “ALL CLEAR” to appear even when didn’t clear the last floor in Mu Lung Dojo will be fixed.
  18. Bug that causes selected Jewel to be unselected when you move to another tab under Jewel Fusion window will be fixed.
  19. Bug that causes “rewards” sound to continue when you do an additional draw in Elite dungeon will be fixed.
  20. Bug, in which the tomb does not disappear when you’ve resurrected with “Resurrection” skill will be fixed.
  21. Bug, in which you cannot move after you’ve hit with Bow Master’s Hookshot at a certain distance will be fixed.
  22. Bug that causes your Title and your Quote to overlap will be fixed.
  23. Bug that causes Auto-Battle time to be shown in 3 digits will be fixed.
  24. Minus sign for stats to be decreased when you are comparing different items in inventory will be removed.
  25. Monthly Packages will be displayed in certain dungeons.
  26. Time-limited sign will not appear on unlimited items.
  27. Bug, in which you cannot trade Royal Style “Aurora Angel” at Trade Station will be fixed.
  28. Bug that causes the weapon you own to disappear during Trade Station tutorial will be fixed.
  29. Bug that causes the item text to overlap the hot-key button will be fixed.
  30. Bug, in which you can re-enter the Elite dungeon without using a ticket after you clear Elite Dungeon with 0 contribution will be fixed.
  31. Bug, in which you cannot complete the “Obtain Legendary Equipment” achievement in Equipment Growth II when you’ve obtained legendary equipment through fusion & rank-up will be fixed.

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