MapleStory M Updates – Developer’s Update Event on Cygnus Knights (2018-09-04)

Our director Jun, would like to talk about the upcoming ⚔Cygnus Knights⚔ update!
He also addresses the popular feedback and thoughts we’ve been receiving from you Maplers, so please watch it till the end!

Stay tuned for Cygnus Knights update😉!

🎉Event🎉 Developer’s Update Video Community Event

✔️Event Period: 09.04 (Tues.) – 09.11 (Tues.)
✔️How to Participate:
1. Leave a comment with any remakrs, concerns, or questions about Cygnus Knights Update
2. And tag your friends whom you wish to play MM with in the comment

✔️Event Rewards:
– Orange EXP Increase Ticket x2 + Auto-battle Chrage Ticket (30 mins) x2 for 100 winners

✔️Event Notes:
– One participation per account
– Participants must include their server, world, and nickname.

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