MapleStory Updates – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! Event (2018-08-28)

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! Event

Event Period

Period: 08.28 (Tues.) 10:00 – 09.10 (mon.) 23:59 (server time)
*Server Time: America Server (UTC-8) / Europe Server (CEST/UTC+2) / Asia1, 2 Server (GMT+8)

Event Details

Get Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot, Ticket during the event period by defeating monsters! You can enter the event by using the tickets!

[Event] → [Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!]

1. If you have [Rock, Paper, Scissors ticket], go to the event page and play a game with Zakum!
– You can get daily maximum of 5 tickets by defeating monsters.

(Tickets can be dropped from normal fields, mini dungeon, elite dungeon, expedition, star force field, daily dungeon, Mu Lung)
– Tickets can be stored in the inventory but will disappear if they expire.

2. Select one from rock, paper, scissors in the right within 5 seconds after the game.

3. Rewards for consecutive wins will be delivered to your inbox.
– Maximum of 8 consecutive wins.
– ex) rewards for consecutive wins are not cumulative.

Event Rewards

Consecutive Wins – Rewards – Quantity
1 – Auto-battle Charge Ticket (10 mins) x1
2 – Orange EXP Increase Ticket x1
3 – Armor Refining Powder (Epic) x3
4 – Weapon Refining Powder (Epic) x3
5 – Armor Whetstone (Epic) x1
6 – Armor Refining Powder (Unique) x1
7 – Weapon Refining Powder (Unique) x1
8 – Armor Whetstone (Unique) x1

*All rewards will be expired in 7 days and cannot be traded.
*Rewards will be delivered to your inbox and will automatically be discarded if not received within 7 days after the delivery.

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