MapleStory M Updates – Monster Mashers (2018-08-21)

1. Monster Mashers

The new mode “Monster Mashers” will be added.
A giant monster that threatens Maple World has appeared!
Team up with other Maplers and defeat the giant boss monster ‘Rex!’

How to Enter Monster Mashers?

Dungeons → Monster Mashers

Entrance Condition:
1. Minimum Lv.80 & maximum 4 party members
2. Maximum of 3 daily entrance tickets will be distributed
3. Entrance counts will reset at 00:00 (server time) every day
4. Remaining entrance counts will be not accumulated

Mode Details

1) A maximum of 4 party members can enter Monster Mashers
2) Quick Join: You will be matched with 3 random players if you use ‘Quick Match’
– You can extend the Wait Period by pressing [+60 Sec] in the waiting room
3) Create Room: Invite your friends or guild members by creating a room
4) You can see the totem information by tapping on ‘Totem Info’ button.
5) Press the ‘Start’ button when you have enough party members
6) You cannot enter the waiting room when you are already in a party. Please leave your party before entering the waiting room.

2. Monster Mashers Dungeon
▶ Play Time: 2 minutes


1) There are in total of 4 totems activated when you enter the dungeon.
– Each activate totem will reduce the amount of damage inflicted on the boss monster.
– You can check the number of totems activated in the top right corner of the screen.

2) One of the party members, who can attack the totem, will randomly be chosen.

– Totem icon will appear on top of the player, who can attack the totem.
– If the player who can attack the totem leaves the dungeon, one of the remaining members will be randomly chosen to attack the totem.
3) Totem will be deactivated when the totem HP falls to 0.
– Each totem deactivated will increase the damage dealt to the boss monster by 20%
– The boss monster will receive all damage if all totems are deactivated.
– A deactivated totem will be reactivated 20 seconds after the deactivation. Each totem reactivated will again give damage reduction buff to the boss monster.
– You will get additional rewards based on the number of totems deactivated. The number of totems deactivated will appear in the bottom of boss monster hp.

4) There are in total of four totems. You will receive a special effect when you deactivate a special totem.
① Normal totem
② Kill Count Totem – will be counted as two totems deactivated when deactivated.
③ Time Buff Totem – The play time will be extended when deactivated.
④ Fever Buff Totem – Fever gauge for all members will be filled when deactivated.

Boss Monster Rex

1) All of the party members who’ve entered the dungeon can attack Rex
– The member who’s been assigned to deactivate totems can also attack Rex
2) Rex receives damage reduction buffs from the activated totems.
– Receives in total of 80% damage reduction buff when all 4 totems are activated.
– Each totem gives 20% damage reduction buff
3) Boss kill count will be increased by one when Rex is defeated. Rex will be revived in 1 second.
4) You will get more rewards if you defeat Rex more.
– Boss monster kill count will appear beneath the boss HP gauge.


1) You can auto-battle in Monster Mashers.
2) If you’ve been assigned to deactivate totems, totems will be your primary targets when auto-battling. When all totems have been deactivated, you will attack Rex while auto-battling.
3) Your auto-battle time will not elapse even if you auto-battle in Monster Mashers.


1) You can recommend a player in the Monster Mashers results screen.
– You can recommend a player you’ve recommended before
– You cannot recommend yourself
– You cannot recommend while you are in the Monster Mashers dungeon.
2) Your recommendation point will increase if someone recommends you in Monster Mashers.


1) Clear Rewards (Clear once)
– “Red Earring Piece” will instantly be delivered to your inbox based on the Rex kill counts and Totem kill counts after you’ve cleared Monster Mashers.
2) Weekly Clear Rewards (1 week)
– “Blue Earring Piece” will be delivered to your inbox based on the number of Rex kills you’ve achieved in a week.
– Weekly rewards will be delivered at 00:00 (server time) on Mondays
3) Hoblin Exchange
– You can purchase special items at Hoblin Exchange using Red/Blue Earring Pieces
– Hoblin Exchange Location

Location 1. Dungeon > Monster Mashers > Hoblin Exchange

Location 2. Shop > Hoblin Exchange

– You can enter Hoblin Exchange at all times
– You can purchase Earrings and Earring Enhancement Scroll at Hoblin Exchange
– Earrings sold at Hoblin Exchange can be ‘Star Force enhanced’

– Earrings at Hoblin Exchange can be enhanced with specific scrolls
(Please be noted that the earrings can be destroyed at a certain chance if you fail to enhance)
– Earrings at Hoblin Exchange cannot be transferred)

2. Event

1. Kemdi’s Dice
– A maximum of 8 million mesos you can get, Kemdi’s Dice event!
Event Period: 2018.08.21 after server maintenance – 09.03 23:50 (server time)
Event details will be informed through a separate event notice.

2. Growth Support Event for More Maplers
Participation conditions have been adjusted to let more Maplers to join for Growth Support event.
Event Participation Condition
Previously: Those characters created after 07.25 00:00
Changed to: Characters created before 07.25 can also participate

3. Bug Fix

1. Incorrect amount of EXP in the Pet food items descriptions will be corrected
2. Incorrect time period available in the Orange EXP Increase Ticket description will be fixed.
3. Bug, in which the name of Horntail does not appear properly when attacking during Expedition, will be fixed.
4. The base level of skill under “Skill” tab will be changed from 0 to 1. (no actual changes to skills)

Surprise Event

Event Details: Leave a comment with any remarks, concerns, or questions about the content of this patch note!
Event Rewards: 30 lucky winners will get auto-battle charge ticket (30 mins) x5
Event Period: 08.20 (Mon.) – 08.21 (Tues.)

① You must leave your in-game nickname, world, and server
② Only one comment per user is allowed.

New Characters Creation is now Available!

Creating new characters in certain worlds is now available again!

– Scania/Asia 2

– Scania/Asia 1

– Zenith/Asia 1

All servers are now live! Enjoy MapleStory M!

Maintenance Rewards: Auto-battle Charge Ticket (10 mins) x3


The maintneance has been extended by an hour.
We will further update the notice once the maintenance has been completed.

*maintenance compensation will be informed after it has been completed.


08.21 Server Maintenance

Maintenance Schedule:
✔ 08.20 (Mon.) 14:00 – 18:00 (PDT/UTC-7)
✔ 08.20 (Mon.) 17:00 – 21:00 (EDT/UCT-4)
✔ 08.20/21 (Mon./Tues) 23:00 – 03:00 (CEST/UTC+2)
✔ 08.21 (Tues.) 05:00 – 09:00 (GMT+8)

Maintenance Detail
✔ New contents: Monster Mashers
✔ Bug Fix

❗The patch note will be posted in the very near future.
❗Access to the game will not be available during the maintenance hours.

Kemdi’s Dice Game Event

🎲 Kemdi’s Dice Game Event
Roll dice with Kemdi and get various rewards including 8 million meso pouch!

Event Period

2018.08.21 after maintenance – 09.03 (Mon.) 23:59 (server time)
*One free die will be provided every day during the event period!
*Server time: America Server (UTC-8) / Europe Server (CEST/UTC+2) / Asia1, 2 Server (GMT+8)

Special Log-in Rewards

One event die will be delivered every day during the event period.
Log-in Reward Delivery Period: 08.21 (Tues.) 09.02 (Sun.) 19:00 – 23:59 (server time)

Special Log-in Reward: Event Dice
*The special event die can be used regardless of the number of dice you’ve rolled on that day.
*Event dice cannot be traded and transferred between storage.
*Event dice will be stored in your inbox for one day and 6 hours in your inventory.

Event Details

1. Complete event achievements and Kemdi’s Microphone to purchase entry tickets.
– You can enter Dice game maximum of 5 times a day.
– You can enter three times using crystals after you’ve already entered the game 5 times.
– The number of dice-roll counts will be reset at 00:00 server time.
2. Your piece will move based on the dice you’ve rolled. The according rewards will be delivered to your inbox.
*You can get Kemdi’s microphone at a certain chance when defeating monsters. (all dungeons except for Monster Mahsers and Nett’s Pyramid)
(You can get Kemdi’s microphone from monsters that are within level 16 range of your level)

Event Detail

Board # – Item – Quantity
1. Salada x1
2. Fruity Candy x1
3. Baby Chick Cookie x1
4. Berzerker Bon-Bons x1
5. Cup of Coffee x1
6. Shooting Star Candy x1
7. Mu Lung Dojo Entry Ticket x1
8. Nett’s Pyramid Entry Ticket x1
9. Daily Dungeon Entry Ticket x1
10. Mini Dungeon Entry Ticket x1
11. Elite Dungeon Entry Ticket x1
12. VIP Teleport Rock x1
13. Chronos’s Egg x1
14. Buttery Roasted Squid x1
15. Buckwheat Paste Exchange Ticket x1
16. Auto-battle Charge Ticket (10 mins) x1
17. Fever Buff Charge Ticket x3
18. Respawn Token x1
19. Auto-battle Charge Ticket (10 mins) x2
20. Auto-battle Charge Ticket (30 mins) x1
21. Auto-battle Charge Ticket (1 hour) x1
22. Red EXP Increase Ticket x2
23. Orange EXP Increase Ticket x1
24. Yellow EXP Increase Ticket x1
25. Red Cube x2
26. Black Cube x2
27. Shield Scroll x1
28. Shielding Ward x1
29. Jewel Box (S) x1
30. 8 Million Meso Pouch x1

*All rewards acquired from Kemdi’s Dice Game event will have 7 days before they expire. They are not tradable and transferrable between storage.

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