MapleStory M Updates – Moon Bunny Rice Cake Event (2018-08-07)

MapleStory M Moon Bunny Rice Cake Event (2018-08-07)
Event Period: 2018.08.07 (Tues) 00:00 – 2018.08.20 (Mon) 23:59:59 (server time)

How to Participate

  • You can participate through ‘Event’ Menu
  • Free entry count of one will be given at 00:00 (server time) for each character.
  • A maximum of 4 members can participate in Moon Bunny Rice Cake Event
  • You can play with your friends by tapping on “Create Room”
  • You can play with random users by tapping on “Quick Entry”
  • Moon Bunny Rice Cake is consisted of 2 stages.
  • Primrose Hill -> Protect Moon Bunny

Primrose Hill

  • Retrieve 30 primrose seeds that were stolen by the pigs with your party members for 2 minutes.
  • You will be moved to the next stage, Protect Moon Bunny, once you’ve collected 30 primrose seed.
  • You will fail the stage if you do not collect 30 seeds in 2 minutes.

Protect Moon Bunny

  • Protect the Moon Bunny from the giant Stirge.
  • If the Moon Bunny is not attacked for 10 minutes, the gauge will be filled. Moon Bunny’s rice cake will be created once the gauge has been filled.
  • The gauge will be reset if the Moon Bunny is attacked.
  • Protect Moon Bunny will last for a minute, but will be cleared if you acquire one or more Moon Cakes.
  • The more Moon Cakes you acquire, the better the rewards are.
  • You will fail the stage if you get 0 Moon Cake or the HP of Moon Bunny falls to 0.
  • You will not get rewards if you fail the stage.
  • Giant Moon Cake Touch event will pop up while you are protecting Moon Bunny.
  • The gauge will be filled based on the number of touches made by party members.

Event Rewards

Moon Cake Event Clear Rewards

Item Limited-Time # of Moon Cakes Description
Orange EXP Increase Ticket 1 day 1~3 EXP +30%
Respawn Token 1 day 4~6 Revive in the same map
Carrot Juice 1 day 7~10 Crit Rate +30%

* All Moon Bunny event rewards are not tradable.
* Moon Bunny event rewards will be delivered to your inbox. The delivered rewards will be automatically discarded 7 days after the delivery.

Moon Bunny Cake Event Achievement Rewards

Achievement Rewards Limited Time Stats Set Effect
Acquire 30 Moon Cakes Keeper of the Moon Bunny 30 days 100 Defense Boss Attack/Defense +2%
Acquire 60 Moon Cakes Guardian of the Moon Bunny 30 days 50 Attack Boss Attack/Defense +2%
Acquire 90 Moon Cakes Moon Bunny Damage Skin 30 days None None

*Event Achievement Rewards are not tradable.
*Achievement rewards will be delivered to your inventory immediately.

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