MapleStory M Updates – Celebrating 3 Million Downloads MapleStory M (2018-08-01)


Maplestory M has reached 3 million global downloads, all thanks to your support🎉!
We’ve got special log-in rewards to celebrate this special event 😍😘!

📌 Rewards Delivery
✔ Asia Server: 08.01 11:00 – 08.10 23:50 (GMT+8)
✔ America Server: 07.31 19:00 – 08.10 23:50 (PDT)
✔ Europe Server: 08.01 05:00 – 08.10 23:59 (CEST)

📌 Rewards
🎁 Gold Leaves x300
🎁 Auto Charge Ticket (30 min) x10
**Expire in 14 days/cannot be transferred between storage
🎁 Orange EXP Increase Ticket (15 min) x10
**Expire in 14 days / cannot be transferred between storage
🎁 HP potion (4.0) x300
**cannot be transferred between storage
🎁 MP Potion (4.0) x300
**cannot be transferred between storage
🎁 Kiddie Kindergarten (M/F) x1
**can be transferred between storage

❗Rewards will be delivered to once per account
❗Rewards will be delivered to your inbox upon logging in. Please be advised that the rewards will be automatically discarded if not received within 7 days after the delivery.
❗Rewards contain period-limited items. Please make sure you’ve received the items before they expire.

Enjoy MapleStoryM 😉

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