MapleStory M Luminous Skill Build Guide

Luminous 1st Job Skills (Level 1-29)

Flash Shower (Active)
Abyssal Drop (Active)
Light Speed (Active)
Standard Magic Guard (Passive)
Light Affinity (Passive)
Dark Affinity (Passive)
Mana Well (Passive)

Luminous 1st Job Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed.
1. Dark Affinity (MAX)
2. Mana Well (MAX)
3. Light Speed (MAX)
4. Light Affinity (MAX)
5. Standard Magic Guard (MAX)
6. Abyssal Drop (MAX)
7. Flash Shower (MAX)

Luminous 2nd Job Skills (Level 30-59)

Sylvan Lance (Active)
Blinding Pillar (Active)
Pressure Void (Active)
Magic Booster (Buff)
Black Blessing (Passive)
Spell Mastery (Passive)
High Wisdom (Passive)

Luminous 2nd Job Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed.
1. Black Blessing (MAX)
2. Spell Mastery (MAX)
3. High Wisdom (MAX)
4. Magic Booster (MAX)
5. Sylvan Lance (MAX)
6. Blinding Pillar (MAX)
7. Pressure Void (MAX)

Luminous 3rd Job Skills (Level 60-99)

Spectral Light (Active)
Ray of Redemption (Active)
Moonlight Spear (Active)
Death Scythe (Active)
Shadow Shell (Buff)
Dusk Guard (Buff)
Photic Meditation (Buff)
Lunar Tide (Passive)

Luminous 3rd Job Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed.
1. Lunar Tide (MAX)
2. Photic Meditation (MAX)
3. Dusk Guard (MAX)
4. Shadow Shell (MAX)
5. Moonlight Spear (MAX)
6. Ray of Redemption (MAX)
7. Spectral Light (MAX)
8. Death Scythe (MAX)

Luminous 4th Job Skills (Level 100-150)

Reflection (Active)
Apocalypse (Active)
Morning Star (Active)
Ender (Active)
Dark Crescendo (Buff)
Arcane Pitch (Buff)
Magic Mastery (Passive)
Darkness Mastery (Passive)

Luminous 4th Job Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed.
1. Magic Mastery (MAX)
2. Darkness Mastery (MAX)
3. Arcane Pitch (MAX)
4. Dark Crescendo (MAX)
5. Reflection (MAX)
6. Apocalypse (MAX)
7. Ender (MAX)
8. Morning Star (MAX)

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