MapleStory M Link Skills Guide

Below is a list of Link Skills in MapleStory M which covers Adventurers, Cygnus Knights and Heroes. How does this Link Skills work? You unlock the first bonus stat upon reaching Level 70 and the second bonus stats upon reaching Level 120. For example, if you have a Level 70 Blaze Wizard, you unlock Fever Time +2 seconds, while having a Level 120 Blaze Wizard unlocks Fever Time +5 seconds. However, creating more than 1 of the same job will not grant you additional bonus stats. For example, creating 5 Level 120 Blaze Wizard, you will not get 5 characters x 5 sec = 25 seconds Fever Time. Only 5 seconds Fever Time max!

JobBonus StatAmount
Dawn Warrior??/?
Blaze WizardFever Time2/5s
Thunder BreakerMax Fever Time2/4%
Wind ArcherHP/MP Recovery2/4%
Night WalkerItem Drop Rate2/4%
Dark KnightPHY DEF50/100
Bow MasterGold Leaf Rate from Extract2/4%
BishopParty EXP2/4%
Night LordMeso Acquire2/4%

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2 thoughts on “MapleStory M Link Skills Guide

  1. strangegame

    Hey Ayumi, I really hope you’re doing well. I haven’t check out your blog for some time since I quitted Maple 7 years ago and decided to check out both MapleStory M and MapleSEA again.
    However, I do realize your page is a little outdated on certain details. They’re actually shown in-game but it’ll be nice if the table’s updated for all the skills available at the moment.
    Really appreciate all the effort and hardwork! 😀

  2. RisingStorm

    Hi, may I know if these link skills only applicable to Korea server or else how do I check for the link bonus?