MapleStory M Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MapleStory M Frequently Asked Questions

Which class is quickest at clearing dungeons/mobbing? Just wondering which class has the quickest mobbing skills, can clear multi levels quickly and run around the map clearing mobs
Dark Knight (DK) using 2nd Job Skill “Charge” (Level 1)

What is the difference between physical ATK and physical DMG?
Both are used in calculating the damage range. damage range = ( attack * attack increase % * attack dmg % ) +- 10%

MapleStory M Abbreviations

MSM – MapleStory M
PBA – Perfect Base Attack
BiS – Best In Slot
ST2 – Sky Terrace 2 (Training Map)
CT2 – Cloud Terrace 2 (Training Map)
SF – Star Force
MD – Mini Dungeon
GLs – Gold Leaves (example: Zakum yields 400-500 GLs)

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