MapleStory Samurai Shrine Maiden JapanMS Exclusive Job

JMS (Japan MapleStory) is coming up with their own 2 new jobs: Samurai and Shrine Maiden following updates from GMS (Global MapleStory) on their Jett and TMS/CMS (Taiwan-China MapleStory) Dragon Warrior. More interesting jobs to attract new players to play MapleStory! Also, they will get a new original area to fit these 2 jobs in similarly to MapleStory Nautilus Port for Pirates.

However, I can see in future that these exclusive jobs will somehow share with other MapleStory servers just like how it happened with exclusive maps such as Malaysia (ESW – Entrance to Spooky World) and Singapore maps (MP3 – Mysterious Path 3).

MapleStory JapanMS Exclusive Job Samurai Shrine Maiden

I wonder what kind of weapons will these guys wield, perhaps Katana with sheath (Shield) for Samurai while Shrine Maiden (Priestess) uses Magical Fan, Spell Charms or Spiritual Bells for her ritual ceremony and cleansing evil monster spirits. What weapons do you think they will use?

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