MapleStory Dual Blade Skill Build Guide V1

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MapleStory Dual Blade is a Adventurer Thief Class who wields a dagger and blade but are not able to to use Claw and Throwing Star. Primary Stat is LUK (Luck). This guide applies Tempest Update where job advancement starts at (1st Job – 10 / 2nd Job – 30 / 3rd Job – 60 / 4th Job – 100). GMS has implemented Tempest but MapleSEA has not yet. However, this guide still works for both MapleStory versions in terms on what skills to prioritize.

MapleStory Dual Blade Training Spots Level 1-200

Dual Blade 1st Job Skill Build Guide – Rogue (Level 10)

MapleStory Flash Jump Flash Jump (Active)
Allows to leap forward while in mid-air. Higher skill level increases leap distance.
LV1: 38 MP.
LV5: 22 MP.

MapleStory Side Step Side Step (Passive)
Permanently increases Dodge Rate.
LV1: +6% Dodge Rate.
LV10: +15% Dodge Rate.

MapleStory Bandit Slash Bandit Slash (Active)
Attack 3 enemies 1 time with a quick slash.
LV1: 10 MP, 186% Damage.
LV10: 13 MP, 330% Damage.

MapleStory Dark Sight Dark Sight (Supportive)
[NOTE] Max Dark Sight required to unlock 4th Job Skill Advanced Dark Sight.
Hides in the shadows. With Dark Sight active, you can neither attack nor be attacked physically. Magical attacks from monster will be able to inflict damage even with Dark Sight enabled.
LV1: 23 MP, -23 Move Speed, Lasts 20 sec.
LV10: 5 MP, +10 Move Speed, Lasts 200 sec.

Skill Build: Everything maxed except Dark Sight, Bandit Slash and Side Step.
1. Bandit Slash (1)
2. Flash Jump (MAX)
3. Save remaining SP for 1st+ Job.

Dual Blade advancement is a little bit tricky. Nexon-Wizet decided to divide the 1st Job and 2nd Job Advancement into 2 parts (1st Job and 1st Job+ , 2nd Job and 2nd Job+). Dual Blade primary attacking skill will be Bandit Slash in 1st Job but soon to be replaced with Tornado Spin in 1st Job+ which allows you to travel and knockback multiple monsters very quickly! Therefore, once you got a Level 1 Bandit Slash and max Flash Jump, save the extra SP so you could max out the 3 essential skills in 1st Job+ quickly to further speed up your leveling progress! For MapleSEA players who have not receive Tempest Update, use SP (Skill Points) on maxing Dark Sight and Side Step.

Dual Blade 1st Job+ Skill Build Guide – Blade Recruit (Level 20)

MapleStory Katara Mastery Katara Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases dagger-katara mastery and accuracy.
LV1: 14% Mastery, +12 Accuracy.
LV10: 50% Mastery, +120 Accuracy.

MapleStory Self Haste Self Haste (Supportive)
Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump. Permanently increases maximum Movement Speed.
LV1: 8 MP, +4 Speed, +5 Jump, +2 Max Speed. Lasts 20 sec.
LV10: 16 MP, +40 Speed, +23 Jump, +20 Max Speed. Lasts 200 sec.

MapleStory Tornado Spin Tornado Spin (Active)
Dashes forward quickly to perform a powerful spin attack against multiple enemies. Lv. 15 effects: Links to Lv. 10+ Flying Assaulter
LV1: 24 MP, Attack 3 enemies with 310% Damage.
LV15: 36 MP, Attack 6 enemies with 380% Damage.

Skill Build: Everything maxed except Bandit Slash (1st Job Skill)
1. Tornado Spin (1)
2. Self Haste (MAX)
3. Katara Mastery (MAX)
4. Tornado Spin (MAX)
5. Extra SP used to max 1st Job Skills (Dark Sight and Side Step).
6. Bandit Slash (DUMP)

Once you reach Level 20, add 1 SP (Skill Point) into Tornado Spin to replace Bandit Slash as the primary attacking skill. Then, max out both Self Haste (increase jump and move speed) and Katara Mastery (damage stabilizer and accuracy enhancer) before maxing Tornado Spin. After that, use the extra SP from 1st Job+ to max out Dark Sight and Side Step. Dark Sight will be required to unlock a 4th Job Skill (Advanced Dark Sight). Side Step will be a great help in avoiding enemy attacks during your training as this would mean less meso wasted on health potion consumption.

Dual Blade 2nd Job Skill Build Guide – Blade Acolyte (Level 30)

MapleStory Fatal Blow Fatal Blow (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 8 times with quick consecutive blows.
LV1: 21 MP, 76% Damage.
LV10: 30 MP, 94% Damage.

MapleStory Slash Storm Slash Storm (Active)
[MASTERY BOOK] Slash Storm 20 required to unlock Level 11-20.
[NOTE] Max Slash Storm required to unlock 3rd Job Skill Bloody Storm.
Attack multiple enemies 3 times while moving forward.
LV1: 12 MP, Attack 3 enemies with 152% Damage.
LV20: 24 MP, Attack 6 enemies with 190% Damage.

MapleStory Channel Karma Channel Karma (Supportive)
Temporarily increases weapon attack.
LV1: 15 MP, +1 Weapon Attack for 66 sec.
LV20: 22 MP, +30 Weapon Attack for 180 sec.

MapleStory Physical Training Physical Training (Passive)
Permanently increases LUK (Luck) and DEX (Dexterity).
LV1: +6 LUK, +6 DEX.
LV5: +30 LUK, +30 DEX.

MapleStory Katara Booster Katara Booster (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Katara Mastery.
Temporarily reduces regular and skill attack delay.
LV1: 30 MP, Lasts 20 sec.
LV10: 12 MP, Lasts 200 sec.

Skill Build: Everything maxed except Fatal Blow.
1. Add 1 SP into Slash Storm and 3 SP into Katara Booster.
2. Max Physical Training, Channel Karma, Katara Booster and Slash Storm.
3. Save remaining SP for 2nd Job+

Dual Blade 2nd Job+ Skill Build Guide – Blade Specialist (Level 45)

MapleStory Flashbang Flashbang (Active)
Has a chance to blind (reduce accuracy) enemies. Also works on boss at half the duration. Cooldown 60 sec.
LV1: 45 MP, 170% Damage, 50% Blind Chance, -4% Accuracy for 10 sec.
LV5: 65 MP, 250% Damage, 90% Blind Chance, -20% Accuracy for 50 sec.

MapleStory Upper Stab Upper Stab (Active)
Attack multiple enemies 1 time by launching them in air. You can deal additional damage by attacking the enemies in the air.
LV1: 30 MP, Attack 4 enemies with 210% Damage, 44% Bonus Damage in Mid-Air.
LV10: 45 MP, Attack 8 enemies with 300% Damage, 80% Bonus Damage in Mid-Air.

MapleStory Venom Venom (Passive)
[NOTE] Max Venom required to unlock 4th Job Skill Toxic Venom.
Has a chance to poison enemy. Poison does not stack and will not cause enemy health drop below 1.
LV1: 11% Poison Chance, 52% Damage/sec for 3 sec.
LV20: 30% Poison Chance, 90% Damage/sec for 6 sec.

MapleStory Flying Assaulter Flying Assaulter (Active)
[MASTERY BOOK] Flying Assaulter 20 required to unlock Level 11-20.
Attack 4 enemies 4 times by flying down through the sky and slashing nearby enemies with a chance to stun while knockbacking them. You need to be in high mid-air to perform this skill. Lv. 10 effect: Links to Lv. 15 Tornado Spin and Lv. 10 Bloody Storm Mastery Book required to unlock Lv. 6.
LV1: 24 MP, 127% Damage, 10% Stun Rate for 4 sec.
LV20: 44 MP, 165% Damage, 20% Stun Rate for 6 sec.

Skill Build: Everything maxed except Venom (or Upper Stab + Flashbang)
1. Flying Assaulter (MAX)
2A. Max Upper Stab and Flashbang. Extra SP into Venom.
2B. Dump remaining SP into Venom.

There are 2 options here depending on your playing style. If you do not prefer to be stationary in 1 place, then dump all the skill points into Venom. If you wish to have some variety in attacking skill, max Upper Stab and Flash Bang (for bossing) and remaining SP are dumped into Venom. For me, I dump all skill points into Venom since I do not use Upper Stab and Flashbang at all during training. Furthermore, 3rd Job will have a better mobbing skill and single attack skill. Link Flying Assaulter with Tornado Spin to scout through the hunting ground quickly while killing monsters along the way instead of using Slash Storm and Flash Jump.

Dual Blade 3rd Job Skill Build Guide – Blade Lord (Level 60)

MapleStory Bloody Storm Bloody Storm (Active)
[REQUIRE] Max Slash Storm
Attack multiple enemies 3 times similarly to Slash Storm. Also enhances Link Skill’s damage such as Tornado Spin and Flying Assaulter.
LV1: 35 MP, Attack 6 enemies with 233% Damage. +12% Link Skill Damage.
LV20: 50 MP, Attack 8 enemies with 265% Damage. +20% Link Skill Damage.

Advanced Dark Sight (Passive)
[REQUIRE] Max Dark Sight.
Deals extra damage to enemy while attacking in Dark Sight with a chance to maintain in Dark Sight state. It also has a chance to reactivate Dark Sight should your Dark Sight be deactivated while attacking.
LV1: +4% Damage. 17% chance to maintain Dark Sight. 4% Reactivate Dark Sight.
LV5: +20% Damage. 49% chance to maintain Dark Sight. 20% Reactivate Dark Sight.

MapleStory Mirror Image Mirror Image (Supportive)
[MASTERY BOOK] Mirror Image 20 required to unlock Level 11-20.
Summons a doppelganger that looks just like you to assist in attacks for a certain amount of time. Your doppelganger cannot use certain skills.
LV1: 40 MP, 13% Doppelganger damage. Lasts 80 sec.
LV20: 67 MP, 70% Doppelganger damage. Lasts 200 sec.

MapleStory Chains of Hell Chains of Hell (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 10 times with critical and has a chance to stun.
LV1: 50 MP, 67% Damage, 1% Stun Rate for 1 sec.
LV20: 75 MP, 105% Damage, 10% Stun Rate for 4 sec.

MapleStory Life Drain Life Drain (Passive)
Has a chance to convert a percentage of damage inflicted against an enemy as HP replenishment. However, you can’t recover more than 20% Max HP.
LV1: 2% chance to convert 2% damage as HP.
LV5: 10% chance to convert 10% damage as HP.

Enveloping Darkness (Passive)
Permanently increase Max HP, Abnormal Status and Elemental Resistance.
LV1: +2% MaxHP, +6% Abnormal Status and Elemental Resistance.
LV10: +20% MaxHP, +30% Abnormal Status and Elemental Resistance.

MapleStory Shadow Meld Shadow Meld (Passive)
[MASTERY BOOK] Shadow Meld 20 required to unlock Level 11-20.
Increases your chance to dodge incoming attacks. A successful dodge will also put you into a 1 second frenzy where your weapon attack increases and every hit becomes a Critical.
LV1: 11% Dodge Rate. Upon successful dodge: +1 Weapon Attack.
LV20: 30% Dodge Rate. Upon successful dodge: +15 Weapon Attack.

Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Add 1 SP into Bloody Storm and Chains of Hell.
2. Max Life Drain, Mirror Image and Bloody Storm.
3. Max Shadow Meld, Enveloping Darkness, Chains of Hell and Advanced Dark Sight.
4. Extra SP is used to max 2nd Job Skills (Venom, Flashbang, Upperstab)

Dual Blade 3rd Job will be primarily using 2nd Job Skills (Flying Assaulter linking with Tornado Spin) since Bloody Storm is still not powerful enough to match both of these combo skills unless its at its max level. However, you can add 1 SP into both 3rd Job active skills (Bloody Storm and Chains of Hell) if you wish to try them out. Max Life Drain first to save some HP Potions during long training followed by Mirror Image (Doubles your attack at half damage of original attack) and Bloody Storm (Passively enhances Flying Assaulter and Tornado Spin damage). Once those 3 are maxed, you can max the remaining skills up to your preference. If you do early bossing, Chains of Hell works great but it will not be able to drag the boss or stationary enemies to your position. You will need to stand close to them in order to execute the Chains of Hell attack. For fast leveling, max Shadow Meld (additional damage boost for 1 sec when you dodge enemy attack) and Enveloping Darkness (boost your Max HP – useful when eliminating powerful monsters). Chains of Hell and Advanced Dark Sight can be maxed last. The remaining SP (Skill Points) can be distributed to 2nd Job+ such as Venom. In 4th Job, Toxic Venom will require a max Venom. Once your Bloody Storm is at max level, use that as your primary attacking skill on tougher monster for better EXP rate. Tougher monsters (around Level 85+) are the ones that can’t be killed in 1 hit with either Flying Assaulter or Tornado Spin.

Dual Blade 4th Job Skills Build Guide – Blade Master (Level 100)

MapleStory Dual Wield Expert Dual Wield Expert (Passive)
[REQUIRE] LV20 Katara Mastery
[MASTERY BOOK] Dual Wield Expert 30 required to unlock Level 11-30.
Permanently increases dagger mastery, weapon attack, accuracy, and avoidability.
LV1: 56% Mastery, +1 Weapon Attack, +1% Accuracy and Avoidability.
LV30: 70% Mastery, +30 Weapon Attack, +15% Accuracy and Avoidability.

MapleStory Toxic Venom Toxic Venom (Passive)
[REQUIRE] Max Venom.
Enhances Venom poison damage and damage. Poison can stack up to 3 times.
LV1: 32% Poison Chance, 115% Damage/sec for 5 sec.
LV10: 50% Poison Chance, 160% Damage/sec for 8 sec.

MapleStory Blade Fury Blade Fury (Active)
Attack multiple enemies 4 times without moving from current position while ignoring a portion of enemy’s defense.
LV1: 40 MP, Attack 5 enemies with 136% Damage, Ignores 6% Defense.
LV30: 65 MP, Attack 8 enemies with 165% Damage, Ignores 20% Defense.

MapleStory Mirrored Target Mirrored Target (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV20 Mirror Image.
[MASTERY BOOK] Mirrored Target 20 required to unlock Level 11-20.
Permanently increases your Defense and Avoidability. Also turns your Mirror Image into a dummy that draws enemy attacks and absorbs damage. This skill can only be used when Mirror Image is active.
LV1: (ACTIVE EFFECTS) 60 MP, 2600 Dummy’s HP. Absorbs 5% Damage. Lasts 15 sec. (PASSIVE EFFECTS) +10% Dodge Rate, +2% Weapon and Magic Defense.
LV30: (ACTIVE EFFECTS) 135 MP, 20000 Dummy’s HP. Absorbs 5% Damage. Lasts 90 sec. (PASSIVE EFFECTS) +25% Dodge Rate, +60% Weapon and Magic Defense.

MapleStory Thorns Thorns (Supportive)
Temporarily increases weapon attack and allows to resist knockback.
LV1: 40 MP, +1 Weapon Attack and 32% chance to resist knockback for 90 sec.
LV30: 90 MP, +30 Weapon Attack and 90% chance to resist knockback for 210 sec.

MapleStory Sharpness Sharpness (Passive)
Permanently increases your Critical Hit Rate and minimum Critical Damage.
LV1: +7% Critical Rate, +7% Minimum Critical Damage.
LV10: +25% Critical Rate, +25% Minimum Critical Damage.

MapleStory Sudden Raid Sudden Raid (Active)
Attack 15 enemies by setting them on fire! Affects all monsters within the entire screen. Fire deals damage overtime (DoT) every second.
LV1: 290 MP, 715% Damage, 94% Damage Over Time for 5 sec. Cooldown 60 sec.
LV30: 290 MP, 1150% Damage, 210% Damage Over Time for 10 sec. Cooldown 30 sec.

MapleStory Final Cut Final Cut (Active)
Requires Skill Book: Final Cut
Attack 8 enemies 1 time with a chance to cause instant death! However, this requires sacrificing your health to inflict enormous damage. Also temporarily boost skills with additional damage. This skill gives 1 sec invincibility upon activation and has a long cooldown.
LV1: 150 MP, -30% HP, 1420% Damage, 1% Instant Death, +16% Damage for 15 sec. Cooldown 148 sec.
LV30: 400 MP, -10% HP, 2000% Damage, 15% Instant Death, +60% Damage for 60 sec. Cooldown 90 sec.

MapleStory Phantom Blow Phantom Blow (Active)
Requires Skill Book: Phantom Blow
Attack 1 enemy 6 times while ignoring their defense.
LV1: 30 MP, 142% Damage, Ignores 1% Defense.
LV30: 42 MP, 200% Damage, Ignores 30% Defense.

MapleStory Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily boost all stats by percentage.
LV1: 10 MP, +1% All Stats, Lasts 30 sec.
LV30: 70 MP, +15% All Stats, Lasts 900 sec.

MapleStory Hero's Will Hero’s Will (Active)
Removes all status effects such as Cursed/Seduce.
LV1: 30 MP, Cooldown 600 sec.
LV5: 30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

Skill Build: Everything maxed except Sudden Raid.
1. Add 1 SP into Blade Fury, Toxic Venom, Sharpness, Mirrored Target.
2. Max Dual Wield Expert, Sharpness, Thorns.
3. Max Final Cut, Blade Fury, Mirrored Target, Toxic Venom.
4. Max Maple Warrior, Phantom Blow, Hero’s Will.
5. Dump remaining SP into Sudden Raid.

Congratulations once you advanced as a Blade Master in 4th Job. You will have 3 methods of training which are (1st method) Use Flying Assaulter + Tornado Spin to stack mobs then Blade Fury them to death OR (2nd method) Use Flying Assaulter + Bloody Storm and repeat (when u kill mobs with just those 2) OR (3rd method) Spam Blade Fury at close range and only use Bloody Storm to approach monsters when they are out of reach or simply 100% avoid enemy attack especially bosses when they are about to cast their spells. If you have Phantom Blow, use it against 1 enemy as its very effective but not as good as Blade Fury nor Bloody Storm against 2 or more enemies. Start by unlocking Blade Fury, Toxic Venom, Sharpness and Mirrrored target by adding 1 SP (Skill Point). Even at level 1, they are seriously helpful in enhancing 2nd and 3rd Job Skills. Next, max Dual Wield Expert, Sharpness and Thorns in sequence to boost your min-max damage considerably for all skills before mastering Blade Fury as this will be your primary attacking skill for bossing and mobbing depending on how you use it. If you have found yourself a skill book for Final Cut, then max that one first to gain some further damage boost. However, for me I would max out Blade Fury first to target more enemies unless the training ground only has lesser than 6 at most of the time. Finally, max the other skills listed in the skill build to further enhance your damage. Sudden Raid is maxed last since its unspammable and cost way too much mana for a Dual Blade.

Dual Blade Hyper Skills

Passive Skills

Bloody Storm – Reinforce (Level 143) +20% Blood Storm’s damage.

Bloody Storm – Spread (Level 162) +2 Mobs Bloody Storm’s will hit.

Bloody Storm – Extra Strike (Level 183) +1 extra number of attack.

Phantom Blow – Reinforce (Level 149) +20% Phantom Blow damage.

Phantom Blow – Guardbreak (Level 168) +20% PDR towards Phantom Blow.

Phantom Blow – Extra Strike (Level 189) +1 extra number of attack.

Sudden Raid – Reinforce (Level 155) +20% Sudden Raid damage.

Sudden Raid – Cripple (Level 177) +20% DoT on Sudden Raid.

Sudden Raid – Cooldown Cutter (Level 195) -20% Cooldown time for Sudden Raid.

Active Skills

Blade Clone (Level 150)
A hidden blade is summoned to add 1 line of hit at 140% damage for which lasts 60 seconds. Cooldown time: 90 seconds. Stack with Mirror Image

Asura’s Anger (Level 170)
Damage: 500%, Defense Ignored: 100%. Number of attacks: 3, Mobs: 10, Must hold down the key for 10 seconds then release to do the best damage. Cooldown: 90 seconds, Other effects: Monster cannot hit you as long as the skill is active. Cap damage 9,999,999

Epic Adventure (Level 200)
+10% Damage, Damage Cap + 50,000, Duration: 60 seconds, Cooldown: 120 seconds, works on legendary Explorers only.


Dual Blade Hyper Skills
Bloody Storm – Reinforce -> SAME
Bloody Storm – Extra Target -> Bloody Storm – Spread
Bloody Storm – Bonus Attack -> Bloody Storm – Extra Strike
Phantom Blow – Reinforce -> SAME
Phantom Blow – Ignore Guard -> Phantom Blow – Guardbreak
Phantom Blow – Bonus Attack -> Phantom Blow – Extra Strike
Sudden Raid – Reinforce -> SAME
Sudden Raid – DoT Reinforce -> Sudden Raid – Cripple
Sudden Raid – Cooltime Reduce -> Sudden Raid – Cooldown Cutter
Hidden Blade -> Blade Clone
Asura -> Asura’s Anger
Epic Adventure -> SAME

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    Hi Ningaas, Dual Blade Phantom Blow is acquired through quest/skill book.

  48. lior

    why i cant be 4th job please help me

  49. Ningaas

    how do you get phantom blow skill? i don’t see it in my dual blade

  50. Scraged

    Just to make sure I have my skill levels right, can you tell me which of these skill levels are too low, if there are any? I still can’t invest points in Blade Specialist skills, and the guide was kind of unclear on a few skills and I don’t want to mess up my SP.

    All skills for previous jobs maxed except Bandit Slash (4)
    All Blade Acolyte Skills maxed except Katara Booster (4) and Fatal Blow (0)

    Sorry for so many questions, but which skill levels are wrong?

  51. Ayumilove

    Hi Scraged, I’m not sure about how much remaining SP since my Dual Blade is way above that level. All I can say is to follow the skills which are recommended to be max and you will be fine.

  52. Ayumilove

    Hi Scraged, I did not encounter this issue. Perhaps its only occurs to the new Dual Blades players. Is the skill grayed?

  53. Scraged

    Also, my DB is level 50 with 15 remaining SP. Is this the correct amount?

  54. Scraged

    Ayumilove, I can’t put any of my SP into any 3rd job skills (e.g. Flying Assaulter) and I’m pretty sure I used all the SP for jobs 1st-2nd+. There is no error message saying I haven’t used all my SP; it just won’t let me invest any in the skill when I click ‘OK’ or ‘Enter’. It seems alot of others are having this problem, too. Please respond.


  55. abigfatpig

    Umm what are we supposed to add for the hyper skills?

  56. Ayumilove

    Hi Ding Ling, try using your last SP (Skill Point) to the previous job advancement, and level up again to see if you can add into your 3rd job advancement.

  57. Ayumilove

    Hi Evyn, which MapleStory version are you playing for Dual Blade?

  58. Ding Ling (@Dingling69)

    i’ve reached the 3rd job advancement at level 45 but whenever i try to add skill points into flying assaulter, it won’t work. i click on the ok to add the point but nothing happens at all. i’ve added points into previous job advancements so now i only have one skill point now. i am currently level 46 and i can’t add any points? help please

  59. Ayumilove

    Hi Yazzy, have you used up all your SP (Skill Points) in the previous job advancement? Go through each skill tab and make sure the SP available is displays 0 (zero).

  60. Evyn

    I can’t put any points into 4th job skills because it says previous requirements aren’t met, but I’ve maxed out 1,2,3rd jobs, what do I do?

  61. Yazzy

    im pretty sure everyone else is having the same problem as me, but rather the skill points not working for the 2+ skill, mine arent working neither of my 3rd job skills. i cant put a single sp point in any of the 3rd job skills, i maxed out all 2+ . anyone else?

  62. Ayumilove

    Hi AxGuN, make sure your previous advancement SP is all used up.

  63. AxGuN

    I’m having the exact same problem as Raymond Where I can’t allocate my 2+ Skills even tho I have my previous advancements maxed out. Whenever I hit the ok button on the tab to allocate the amount of points I want to use, nothing happens.

  64. Raymond

    For job advisement 2+ I advanced at lvl 45 and it doesn’t let me add any SP to the 2+ skills but I can add them 2 lower lvl skills

  65. Faze The X

    Hello, Ayumilove! Is this SP build including the fact that we have not used the mastery books yet for skills such as Slash Storm and Bloody Storm? I currently don’t have the NX / mesos to purchase mastery books.

  66. JustBladerX

    One more thing. Can SP from say second job be brought over to third job? I just got second job+ but had to spend all my remaining SP on fatal blow sice I dont have the slash storm mb. A little worried I cant max fourth job skills and need a reset

  67. JustBladerX

    Nope. Guess I can go pure luk then. Btw, should I add any sp at all into fatal blow?

  68. Ayumilove

    Hi JustBladerX, for tempest update, secondary stat requirement is removed. Does your Dual Blade weapon have secondary stat?

  69. Ayumilove

    Hi Dota-Chan, does it pop up any error message stating that you need to use up all your SP int 2nd job?

  70. Dota-Chan

    For the third job, it won’t let me add sp to bloody storm. I maxed slash storm though. O.o

  71. JustBladerX

    Hey Ayumi! Great guide! Wanted to know what is the recommended ap distribution now since auto assign dumps all into luk but weapons need dex if I’m not wrong.

  72. ShYGuY154

    Phantom Blow is only obtainable from skill books, which are obtainable from bosses such as Hilla (Hard Hilla), Zakum (Czak), Root Abyss, etc. Easiest to obtain from Zakum since he’s easy to kill, but the prequest can be a pain in the butt. If you are in an active guild with bossing runs common, join them. Hopefully they’ll help you get your skill book. If not, well, there’s always the option to buying it. In Scania, it costs a shiny penny sadly…

  73. zafiro123

    hi ayumi i have a problem i paly in GMS my DB is lvl 102 but i dont have the skill Phantom Blow is a bug or something?? pls help me D:

  74. ShYGuY154

    A question, I heard that KMS’s Dual Blades avoid rate has been nerfed. Can you confirm this, and to what %? GMS’s DBs have crazy-high avoid/guard rates, and I view it as overpowered and wondering if KMS has addressed that issue.

  75. ShYGuY154

    Mirrored Target 30 is only usable when the skill level is currently at 10.
    Other mastery books that require the skill level to be 15+ must have a mastery book 20 counterpart, which is usable when the skill for that mastery book is level 5 or above. Mirrored Target does not have a mastery book 20 counterpart, so just max the skill and use the mastery book. It should be usable.

  76. Ayumilove

    Hi ReFarded, all jobs can max out their 4th job skills including Hyper Skills. So do not need to worry about insufficient SP (Skill Points). However, you can take precaution and calculate ahead of time to see whether you have sufficient SP for both hyper skills and non-essential 4th Job Skills.

  77. ReFarded

    Is it possible to max all skills in the last job? Because im level 166 atm and have maxed everything except Maple Warrior, Hero’s Will and Sudden Raid. With 30 from Mw and 30 from SR, that would only take me up to 186, with 14 levels of SP left over. Already maxed PB and FC too

  78. Ayumilove

    Hi seah jeremy, thanks for the correction. However for the ignore defense, its 20%. Which MapleStory region are you playing?

  79. seah jeremy

    @Ayumilove: u do not move forwards when using blade fury and it’s ignore 30% def not 20%

  80. seah jeremy

    @Alfred: are u sure it says required lvl 5? cause as far as I know all lvl 30 books requires ur skill to be at least lvl 15 before u can use the book.

  81. Alfred

    a few question for the dual blade skill book. i bought a blade master skill book “Mirrored Target 30”, its level condition is above 5, but it seems like i can’t use it. my Mirrored Target is level 6 now.

  82. ShyGuY154

    Sorry for triple post.
    I meant don’t have Bandit Slash, Fatal Blow, or Upper Stab maxed unless you have to. Slash Storm maxed is vital.

  83. ShYGuY154

    If I make myself unclear, just don’t have the below-mentioned skills maxed (Bandit Slash, Fatal Blow, Slash Storm) and you should be fine. If you have the SP reset from last week’s hot time, start with maxing every passive/supportive buff you see. 😀 That’s what I did.

  84. ShYGuY154

    By 4th job, the only skills you should have maxed from 1st to 3rd job are:
    1) All Passive/Supportive buffs
    2) All attacking skills except Bandit Slash, Fatal Blow, and Upper Stab (I believe)

    Those three skills are easily outdamaged by other skills, and is not recommended to use at high levels.

  85. Alfred

    which means that every important skills before lv100 will be max since there isn’t enough skill point to max the skills such as Slash Storm and Venom ?

  86. Ayumilove

    Hi Alfred, the SP (SKill Points) gained after level 100 is only applicable for 4th Job Advancement.

  87. Alfred

    each level gives you 3 skill point, does that mean when you reach lv 200, all dual blade skill are maxed ?

  88. Ayumilove

    Thanks ShYGuY154 for the correction! I have changed the 4th to 3rd for the Bloody Storm 🙂

  89. ShYGuY154

    Btw, theres a typo regarding the information about Slash Storm:

    MASTERY BOOK] Slash Storm 20 required to unlock Level 11-20.
    [NOTE] Max Slash Storm required to unlock 4th Job Skill Bloody Storm

    Bloody Storm is a 3rd job skill. ^^

  90. Ayumilove

    I agree with ShYGuY154. Without having those books available, it makes training difficult and not fun since its hard to get them 🙂

  91. ShYGuY154

    It’s reaally not recommended to play a Dual Blade if you don’t have the proper skill books needed. I understand if you feel DBs are fun, but without the skill books/mastery books (eg- Slash Storm 20 needed for Bloody Storm, Final Cut and Phantom Blow only found from bosses and obnoxiously expensive in Scania), it’s going to be pretty difficult.

  92. Ayumilove

    Hi HeyImHere, Dual Blades mastery book’s price differs based on the server. For example, Scania might have more Dual Blade Mastery Book supply since there is a higher population there compared to newer server such as Renegades. Therefore, it could be priced cheaper than Renegades or vice versa due to lack of demand. You could either window shop (go to each freemarket shop and list down the cheapest price) or purchase Owl of Minerva from Cash Shop to search for the cheapest Dual Blade Mastery Books. I used to purchase Owl of Minerva to save my time since there are too many shops in the Free Market.

  93. HeyImHere

    Oh i see… Are the books sold in FM terribly expensive?How much do they cost,e.g. Mirror image?

  94. Ayumilove

    Hi HeyImHere, you can hover your mouse on top of the 4th job skills and see its requirement. For example, hover your mouse on the Bloody Storm and it will show that it requires a max Slash Storm. To obtain max Slash Storm, you will need to purchase Slash Storm Level 20 Book from Cash Shop. I’m not sure whether they have removed this requirement or not. You could try checking if the Cash Shop does sell this item. Also, some of the 4th job mastery books can be purchased from the Free Market instead of Cash Shop.

  95. HeyImHere

    Hi Ayumilove,love this build! Pretty detailed and makes sense. Just one question though: Is it a must to purchase mastery books for all skills in 3rd job in order to advance? Im stuck at 120 but cant add 4th job skills ..

  96. Ayumilove

    Upon reaching Level 140 and above, you can start using those 4th Job Skill Points into those Hyper Skills (See this for the common passive skills )

  97. Ayumilove

    Hi De Liuzzi, some people (who has NX Cash) uses the SP Reset Scroll to reset the Skill Points and later re-add them. I have not tried method yet. You could ask your friend to waste those points in other skills, use it to max those useless skills until he is able to perform job advancement or add SP to the next job advancement skills 🙂

  98. Hamdan De Liuzzi

    ayumi,my friend got db lvl118 but cant change job coz unspent sp got 56,how to settle that problem?

  99. Zashy

    It is 2 sp in Fatal Blow sorry 🙂

  100. Zashy

    Erm, FatalBlow should have 4 sp because when you do 4th job it is there is extra remaining sp. Venom, Upperstab & Flashbang can be max. 🙂 And also could you tell me how much i should put in suddenraid? Hyper skills are out and i dont really know how to add ty 🙂

  101. Ayumilove

    Hi Zashy, is it different than the one provided here? Which part is not in sync?

  102. Zashy

    Hello Ayumilove could you provide a MapleSea version of the Dualblade guide tq 🙂

  103. Ayumilove

    Hi Nova, thanks for stopping by to leave a comment 🙂

  104. Ayumilove

    Hi Ryan, MapleSEA and GMS is a bit different, but don’t worry much since some of the skills MapleSEA did not implement Tempest Update which reduces the skill max level according to the level advancement cap. Max the skills as shown in the skill build guide and leave out the unimportant ones.

  105. Ryan

    Hey ayumilove , im playing dualblade in MSEA and i followed you skillbuild ., i only followed till 30 and now i have missing alot of things. my tornado spin katara mastery and self haste is max . my flash jump is max bandit slash is 1 . but my darksight is 5 / side step is 0 …. Able to solve the problem ?? i found out that my flash jump max level is 10 and urs is 5 .. So is there anyway??

  106. Nova

    thanks and i play on nova just annoying how i cant advance without them because i have too much sp and love the skillguide btw

  107. Ayumilove

    Hi Nova, which server are you playing? Because some server differ from each other. After the Big Bang patch, monsters don’t drop skill books except for bosses such as Zakum, Chaos Zakum, Hilla, Scarlion and Targa. This Final cut and phantom blow require basic skillbook which are found from the monsters above. Walk around the FreMarket for cheap Dual Blade Mastery Books. I used to train my Dual Blade at the LionHeart castle and it frequently drop those gray color books known as Mystery Books. This one has a chance to get Dual Blade Mastery Book. From there, you can exchange between your party member for the book you need 🙂

  108. Nova

    What are some of the best monsters for mastery books? i really need them fore second to last job

  109. Ayumilove

    Hi lars smits, the SP is reserved for other skills. You can change the guide above to suit your needs. For me, I don’t use Fatal Blow since its not useful for training purposes except for 1 to 1 attack (bossing perhaps?) I rarely boss at low levels.

  110. Ayumilove

    Hi ShYGuY154, thanks for the notice, I have added the Defense Ignored 100% into Asura’s Anger details 🙂

  111. lars smits

    why not fatal blow ?
    on lvl 30

  112. ShYGuY154

    Asura’s Anger has 100% PDR, if I’m not mistaken. Not sure if intentionally left out or forgotten.

  113. Ayumilove

    Hi Liuzzi, you should max Slash Storm because it is required to unlock Bloody Storm. Fatal Blow is not necessary as it will be replaced with Chains of Hell.

  114. Ayumilove

    Hi Matt, it is crucial to get those mastery books for Dual Blades. Otherwise, you will be left stranded with a weak skill, therefore slowing down your leveling progress termendously (worse than playing a regular adventurer). You will need the NX Cash to purchase those skills (from my time I remember Evan and Dual Blades require skill purchase from Cash Shop). I would recommend you to play Kanna in GMS as its the best to earn tons of meso. If you are playing outside GMS, you could try Ice-Lightning Mage, freeze monsters to avoid getting bumped into monsters and train as usual.

  115. Hamdan De Liuzzi

    HI,ayumi are u there,i right now lvl49,what skill i should max,fatal blow or Slash storm?

  116. matt

    Hi Ayumi,
    How crucial is it to get the mastery books for dual blades. A lot of guides online say you need it to unlock your more powerful attacks. If you don’t have the money or the time to get the books, would you recommend just starting out as a thief explorer class?

  117. Long

    As of a few days ago when I did my 2+ at level 45 it forced me to put 9 points into fatal blow but u skill build tells me not to why is this

  118. ShYGuY154

    Think that’s a bug. I’ve seen people get Venom 30 for Blade Masters, but the problem being that that’s 3rd job. 4th job has Toxic Venom, and it has no mastery book for it. I wear the emp set and I don’t see a +2 on either Toxic Venom or Venom.

  119. Rollin

    Still need skill books for DB. I think GMS and/or MSEA won’t change it.

  120. Pedobear

    This site fails, i got toxic venom 30 book

  121. ...Dual blade...

    Thx Ayumilove for the skill build

  122. Ayumilove

    Thanks Xk for visiting my site 🙂

  123. Ayumilove

    Hi Leo 623, are you referring Final Blow to Phantom Blow or Final Cut? Final Cut is a good skill and if you have the SP and Mastery Books for it, then you can max it early for extra damage boost! If Phantom Blow, its not a good skill for training purposes except 1v1 boss.

  124. leo623

    Final blow to no good? because they give sp?

  125. Xk

    Hi ayumi, Its okay i get what you mean now. When i want to advance to 2nd job the NPC said i have too much SP. from there i have maxed dark side and side step. and 2 extra SP for fatal blow. Thanks for your guide 🙂

  126. Xk

    maplesea 🙂

  127. Ayumilove

    Hi Xk, are you playing on GMS or MapleSEA?

  128. Xk

    Hello Ayumi. At 1st+ job u maxed everything including dark side and side step before level 30? at level 30 i can only max katara mastery. flash jump. tornado spin. self haste. dark side is only at 5. side step 0. bandit slash 1. Please advise me x.x

  129. Ayumilove

    Hi Jonrica, I think they still do. I couldn’t check because my Dual Blade has all the skills maxed as shown in the guide. Perhaps another Dual Blader here can tell us whether we still need those skill books. Or if the Cash Shop still sells those books or in Free Market. I have not kept in touch with Dual Blade skill books.

  130. Jonrica

    Hey Ayumi after Tempest patch does DB still require skill books to unlock higher lv skills? Example Book 2 Slash Storm isit still needed?

  131. Rollin

    2nd+ advancement is level 45 for GMS

  132. manuel(XxdualmaxxX)

    name dualmax not dulablade

  133. manuel(XxdualbladexX)

    too bad some skills got erased ihad to put my skills again! good news i could make my storngest skills to max XD

  134. Ayumilove

    Hi sadgasdfgads, I have account in GMS, MSEA, KMS and JMS.

  135. sadgasdfgads

    are you from msea?

  136. Ayumilove

    Hi Demonluck, you can use the remaining SP (Skill Points) into other available skills first since the Mastery Books are not available to you. Unless you have sufficient funds to make it, then save the SP first than after purchasing Mastery Book from Free Market, then channel those SP into those skill.

  137. Demonluck

    Hi, I need your help Ayumilove. i have a little bit of a problem here with my Dual blade. Now here is my problem, if i can not get the mastery book of all the other skill, what can I do with all my other skill point? Do I need to save my point of the skill or use on my old skill? I know your skill builds already help me out a lot but on my dual blade I don’t know what to do now.

  138. Vincent

    Or in GMS hyper skills didn’t come out yet ?

  139. Vincent

    I just return back as a level 172 DB. I have a question about Hyper Skills. How do i get them? What should i upgrade?

  140. greenarrowspark2

    I am having an issue with my DB. I’m not funded at all, and I am in need of Flying Assaulter 20 (got Slash Storm 20 from a friend). I’ve seen a few already for 25 million mesos. Is there any better way to get it?

  141. Bob

    Ok, thx Ayumi!! Really helped

  142. Ayumilove

    Hi Bob, usually higher level monsters tend to drop more meso compared to lower level ones. To merch, visit Free Market and window shop. See what items are bought and at what price. Then, head over to Party Quests and do some of them to see what rewards they give. From there, you have a stepping stone on how to sell goods obtained from PQ or from monster loot but don’t depend on those. Learn crafting and sell equips or acessory. It’s a guarantee way of getting an item for sale. Another method is to sell quest items since players are lazy to collect or hunt them. For instance, Cygnus Knights Quest requires Mateon tentacles. Most players hate travelling to Omega Sector because its really far.

  143. Bob

    Ok so then what are some monsters that give good profit? Is there a guide on how to merch?

  144. Ayumilove

    Thanks Ic3y for your feedback. Have a nice Mapling day 😉

  145. Ayumilove

    Hi Bob, what do you mean by any quest for MMB (Mystery Mastery Book) ? Earn some meso by training and purchase it from Free Market.

  146. Ic3y

    I appreciate the help & the guides. And again THANK YOU,take care, and have a good day Ayumi~

  147. Bob

    Plz answer

  148. Ayumilove

    Hi Ic3y, max out the skills as shown in the guide above. Once you reach the next job advancement, when you try to add some SP (Skill Point) into it, it will say something like “too little SP in 1st or 2nd job). Once you receive that error message, you can safely add the remaining Skill Points into Bandit Slash and Fatal Blow.

  149. Ic3y

    Hello Ayumi, I’m kind of confused :/
    Is everything maxed? Meanwhile leaving Bandit Slash at 4 & Fatal Blow at 8 ?


  150. Bob

    Hey are there any quests right now? I m quite poor wastes on mmb. I can’t get Nexon right now soooo. What

  151. Ayumilove

    Hi Bob, you should max Slash Storm to unlock Bloody Storm because you will be using that for awhile for 3rd Job Training. It would speed you leveling progress considerably unless you are leeching EXP from a higher level player while they are training at a higher training ground 😀

  152. Bob

    Should I buy mastery book for slash storm to get bloody storm or should I wait and buy 4th job adv books like for blade fury 30.

  153. Ayumilove

    Hi KingT, I have added the 4th Job Dual Blade Skills Explanation! There are 3 methods to train by mixing 2nd + 3rd + 4th job skills. Basically, use Blade Fury (BF) when those guys are standing around in a tight cluster whereas use Flying Assaulter (FA) + Bloody Storm (BS) when enemies are apart from each other, the first is to stack them up and later eliminate them with BS.

  154. KingT

    Hey Ayumi ty for making these awesome guides. Could you put an explanation after the 4th job skills? You have explanations after the other _ job skills but I’m kind of confused as to use what when during 4th job, such as when to use Blade Flurry over FA/BS.

  155. Ayumilove

    Hi Yee, you could choose Venom first since there is a 4th Job skill that requires Venom skill.

  156. Yee

    i’m confusing between venom and upper stab…

  157. Ayumilove

    Hi Yee, think of it as 2nd Job and 2nd Job+ are one. Nexon just separate it to make Dual Blade skills unique lol 😀

  158. Yee

    Hi ayumi. I’m still confuse of 2nd job+ skill. How should i add?

  159. xiiaobendan Ryouji

    hi ayumi, im new here(noob) i just started to play and my fren told mii that pure is better. so can u giv mii some advice??

  160. calvin2012

    I have a one big question. Don’t you raise Final cut for 4th job skills? did you leave that out by accident ayumi?

  161. dualblade

    never mind, went to look again at training spots at your website, saw aliens. Sorry should have double checked for aliens before commenting

  162. dualblade

    thanks 🙂 i think ill go to roids, thanks for your help! (also, do you think that aliens might work?

  163. dualblade

    do you have any training suggestions? please answer I’m not lvling very fast, thanks

  164. Ayumilove

    Hi Kace, use some SP into 1st Job Skill such as Dark Sight or Side Step. You can add into Side Step first to gain some additional avoidability which is very useful to save health potions. Once you reach 1st Job+, you will have extra unused SP (Skill Points) which can be use to max Dark Sight. If you are worried not being able to max Dark Sight to unlock Advanced Dark Sight, then you may add SP into that first.

  165. KACE

    hi. I’m currently level 30 and I can’t up any skills for my II skills :'( can you guide me? My I+ skills are alll maxed. and I left with 7sp untouched. As followed, I’ve maxed my flash jump and only add 1SP each for my dark sight, bandit slash and side step. Can you tell me which I should up in order to use my II skills? 🙂 Thank you

  166. Ayumilove

    Hi Yee, you will have additional SP (Skill Points) from 3rd Job which must be use up all before they allow you to add SP into 4th Job Skills. Naturally, a place where you can dump the extra would be Fatal Blow after you max all the essential skills as listed above in the guide.

  167. yee

    Summary: Only 1st Job Skill Bandit Slash is not maxed.
    so it’s how many sp at last?

  168. yee

    fatal blow 0?

  169. Ayumilove

    Hi DBSY, the guide here applies for MapleSEA and GMS on which skills to be prioritize. GMS reduces the level requirement also affects the max mastery level of the skill as well, so it does not make much difference there.

  170. DBSY

    Hey Ayumilove,is it right that dual blade on MapleSEA advances to 4th job only on
    I saw the guide as level 100,so I suppose that only applies to GMS?

  171. tcs

    hi ayumilove, im confuse that why the dual wield expert required lv20 katara mastery , but the max lvl of katara mastery is lvl10

  172. dualblade

    hi ayumilove, i like your build! I’m currently lv 83 training at jesters, i dont think thats the best idea since im lv 83 and they are lv 70. Do you have any training suggestions? (If you did write some im sorry i only looked at the skill build), thanks!

  173. Ayumilove

    Hi ck, thanks for leaving a comment. You can max Side Step and Dark Sight if the NPC says you have too much SP accumulated in previous job.

  174. ck

    Thank you Ayumilove! I faced the exact same situation as Jovelle..guess I’ll have to max side step and dark sight now then…

  175. Jovelle

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  176. Ayumilove

    Hi Jovelle, I think MapleSEA (South East Asia) and GMS (Global MapleStory) setup their Dual Blade system completely different. Reason being, for the 1st Job and 2nd Job, they will pop up a message advising you to save SP if you try to use up all the skill points before you reach either the 1st Job+ (if you are 1st Job) and 2nd Job+ (if you are 2nd Job). If you couldn’t save the SP, you can use it on the other skills as noted here. Just keep in mind not to max out the unnecessary skills such as Bandit Slash (replaced by Tornado Spin) and Fatal Blow (replaced by Chains of Hell).

  177. Jovelle

    playing maplesea btw 😡

  178. Jovelle

    erm, I just lvled to 55 and when I was gonna job adv, it said I had too much SP, I have like 16. I ended up maxing dark sight and side step, it took 15 SP for those. When I had 1 SP left, it still said i have too much SP. I ended up adding that one point to fatal blow.. and now i have no SP for 2+ skills, any tips?
    I love you guides tho <3 Thanks!

  179. Ayumilove

    Hi ck, use some SP into other skills such as Physical Training, Channel Karma, Katara Booster and Slash Storm until a warning message pops up warning you to save SP for 2nd Job+. You can use those extra SP into 1st Job skills such as Dark Sight or Side Step but make sure all those 2nd Job+ essential skills are max. Otherwise, it will hurt your leveling progress.

  180. Ayumilove

    Hi BeeBee, MapleSEA have not implemented the Tempest Update where the levels of job advancement is reduced (3rd Job at Level 60 and 4th Job at Level 100 instead of 3rd Job at Level 70 and 4th Job at Level 120). Dual Blade 2nd Job+ starts at Level 50 as tested by me in GMS, whereas Level 55 for MapleSEA. The guide above still applies since the max level decreases when the job advancement level requirement decreases as well.

  181. ck

    I’m playing maplesea…but I cant seem to save my SP for 2nd job +. it tells me I have unused SP..what do I do now? I have about 16 SP that I’ve saved.

  182. BeeBee

    DUAL BLADE 3RD JOB SKILL BUILD GUIDE – BLADE LORD (LEVEL 60) << isnt this suppose to be lvl 70?

  183. Bebee

    Hi Ayumilove, I think I understand what you mean. thanks a lot =)

  184. Bebee

    Thanks Ayumilove, at the moment. my dark sight is zero, Flash jump max & side step lv4 (don’t talk about Bandit Slash since is useless). if I max out Katara Mastery + Self Haste + Tornado Spin. I maybe only left with 1 skill point for the 1st job. so should be ok right?
    thanks again.

  185. Ayumilove

    Hi BeBee! Don’t worry much about not maxing Dark Sight nor Side Step. It does not affect your training (base damage). Save the SP for 1st Job+ (which will be unlocked around Level 20) Most likely you will have additional SP from 3rd Job which can be use in 1st Job skills. Just be sure to get the Katara Mastery (damage stabilizer) + Self Haste (speed up your movement and jump height) + Tornado Spin (Links with Flying Assaulter) max out. These 3 skills affects your leveling in 2nd Job and 2nd Job+ and 3rd Job a lot. Once you reach 3rd Job, you will be using Bloody Storm in 4th Job for training, otherwise Blade Fury in LHC (Lion Heart Castle). Let me know if you need any other assistance 🙂

  186. BeBee

    Hi Ayumilove, im a Msea player. I have a little confuse on the 1st job & 1st + job. if I follow the info you have given, I believe I can’t max side step and dark sight.. and my Katara Mastery is max at lv 20 now..can u help? thanks 🙂

  187. EternalBlade

    kk thx 🙂

  188. Kim Johnathan

    My DB is 134, and after using the sp reset scroll from event, i had pretty much maxed all skills except bandit slash which i left at 0, and fatal blow at 13 ( dont ask me why, i couldnt add the higher tier skills untill i added fatal blow to 13, then i could). BUT there is a small problem, while i was adding the 4th job skill (over here in msea we go by 1st job, 1st job+, 2nd job, 2nd job +, 3rd job, 4th job) spinning fury, it was stuck at lvl 26. i added 10 dual wield expert and 10 sharpness beforehand, so it didnt make sense to me. A pop up came up saying “previous skill insuffcient”. and its weird coz im pretty sure if they allowed me to add 4th job skills at the beginning, it should mean i would have spent all the lower job skill points.

  189. Ayumilove

    Hi EternalBlade, the most important skills in 1st Job and 1st Job+ are Flash Jump, Katara Mastery, Self Haste and Tornado Spin. The leftover skills can be poured into Dark Sight (to unlock Advanced Dark Sight). I have a Dual Blade Level 110+ and I don’t use Dark Sight for training as the retriggering rate in Advanced Dark Sight is not that reliable unless you use it to explore dangerous maps 🙂 Side Step is good as a passive skill for avoidability. The more often you avoid, you can activate this 3rd Job SKill (Shadow Meld) for additional damage for 1 sec.

  190. EternalBlade

    Hey Ayumi, about the 1st job skills. The katara mastery max lvl, in MapleSEA is 20 o.0 I’m kinda confused..D: So I actually messes up everything =( If the katara mastery is 20, then I dont need to add Dark Sight/SideJump? haizz D=

  191. Ayumilove

    Hi Kim Johnathan. If MapleSEA have all the skills listed here but just the skill level different, this guide can still apply 🙂 Just need to know which skills need to be maxed out for leveling purposes and to unlock new skills ahead.

  192. Kim Johnathan

    @weiming i dont think this guide is still correct yet (for maplesea) flash jump max lvl is at 10, physical training max lvl is at 10, life drain max lvl is at 10, upper stab max lvl is 20, enveloping darkness max lvl is at 20. pretty much the skills are the same as GMS, except for the max lvl of the skills.

  193. WeiMing

    @MSplayer yes I’m from msea and I follow this excellent guide

  194. MSplayer

    this skill build is with maplesea ??

  195. Ayumilove

    Thanks haur for the correction! I have updated the 2nd Job+ as 55

  196. haur

    it need 55 lvl to turn into 2+ job

  197. Ayumilove

    Hi MapleSEA players, let me know if there are new skills or skills which are different here, so I can prepare a MapleSEA version. The one above is for GMS with Tempest Update.

  198. Ayumilove

    Hi Keven Liew, The skill guide above is for GMS with Tempest Update where they reduce the skill level and also due to the changes in level (3rd Job = Level 60 / 4th Job = Level 100). MapleSEA have not update with Tempest, so you can check out this instead (Old Dual Blade Skill Build Guide)

  199. Ayumilove

    Hi Leo, Advanced Dark Sight requires LV10 Dark Sight.

  200. Leo

    Hey ayumi i was wondering if dark sight is required for advanced dark sight??

  201. Random Guy!

    you make awesome guides keep it up!!

  202. Random Guy!


  203. Ayumilove

    Hi Random Guy, Dual Blade 3rd Job starts at Level 56 until Level 70.

  204. Random Guy!

    Ayumi when yout gonna be third job lvl70 or 60?

  205. Dante

    hi ayumi i’ve been following ur guide since the release of demonslayer and found your guide to be terrific! 🙂 but as i’m playing maplesea and wants to make a dual blade to be my main but its not out yet sadly 🙁 do you like have any idea when is it releasing on maplesea?? jus mayb a hunch or a guess 🙂 thanks and will be supporting ur skill build 😀

  206. Jovan

    Ayumilove, is it better to have 1 side step rather than 1 bandit slash as 1 side step gives 6 levels of side step(6%). I’m willing to give up the attack skill and just do normal hits.

  207. Nameless

    Erm sorry,i know i comment on the wrong place,,,but can i ask that what does body count mean?It is needed in shadower skill…

  208. Joel

    Am I able to create a Ultimate Explorer Dual Blade,or I can only do so for the root five adventurer classes?

  209. Jacob

    Nice Guide Ayumilove! But may you add End Results for each Job Advance? Also a training guide. And how to make Combo attacks. :/

  210. Ayumilove

    @Noobie: Skill books for Phantom Blow and Final Cut are still required even after even after the GMS V115 Mutiny Revamp. These skill books can be obtain from Zakum drop, but it has low drop rate compared to Chaos Zakum (CZAK). It’s best to partner with a friend to take down Czak so you can loot those skill books 🙂

  211. Noobie

    did dual blade still need skill books after revamp(phantom blow and final cut)?

  212. ConfusedRaika

    I use it too sneak around places that I normally would of died in as soon as I entered.

  213. Ayumilove

    @ConfusedRaik: For me I rarely used Dark Sight unless requires to travel deep into maps without getting bump along the way. I use Flash Jump instead from rope to rope or with town scrolls.

  214. ConfusedRaika

    Though I have no idea how to make a skill build, I think Lv1 Bandit Slash is pretty powerful already, thus removing the reason to max it. Though instead of Bandit Slash I maxed Dark Sight to make it easier to get around places.

  215. Ninjer

    Thanks Ayumi.

  216. Ayumilove

    Updated Dual Blades Skill Build to GMS V115 Mutiny Patch

  217. Ayumilove

    Yes, with GMS V115 Patch (Mutiny) published on 2012-August-7

  218. Ninjer

    Will you be updating the Dual Blade’s skills with the revamp?