MapleStory Blaze Wizard aka Flame Wizard Skill Build Guide V1

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Blaze Wizard (Flame Wizard) is a MapleStory Cygnus Knight Magician Class who wields wand or staff to cast magic spells. Primary Stat is INT and Secondary Stat is LUK. [NOTE] MapleSEA refer this class as Flame Wizard whereas GMS (Global MapleStory) refers this as Blaze Wizard.

Blaze Wizard 1st Job Skills

Magic Claw (Active)
Attack 3 enemies 2 times which can bypass obstacles.
LV1: 10 MP, 63% Damage.
LV20: 20 MP, 120% Damage.

MP Boost (Passive)
Permanently increases your Max MP.
LV1: +2% Max MP.
LV10: +20% Max MP.

Magic Guard (Supportive)
Temporarily displaces damage taken from HP to MP.
LV1: 6 MP, Displace 15% Damage from HP to MP for 110 sec.
LV15: 13 MP, Displace 85% Damage from HP to MP for 600 sec.

Magic Armor (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Magic Guard.
Temporarily increases weapon and magic defense.
LV1: 8 MP, +8 Weapon Defense, +15 Magic Defense for 72 sec.
LV15: 16 MP, +120 Weapon Defense, +225 Magic Defense for 240 sec.

Flame (Active + Supportive)
Summons a spirit to attack nearby monsters.
LV1: 11 MP, Summon lasts 110 sec. 66% Damage.
LV10: 20 MP, Summon lasts 200 sec. 120% Damage.

Blaze Wizard 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Flame.
1. Max Magic Claw, MP Boost, Magic Armor and Magic Guard.
2. Dump remaining SP into Flame.

Magic Claw will be your primary attacking skill as a 1st Job Blaze Wizard. Use it to claw multiple enemies who are in front of you or between obstacles. Next, max MP Boost, Magic Armor (for more defense) and Magic Guard (protect your health by displacing damage from HP to MP). Flame is not required to unlock any skills nor useful for training, therefore will not be max.

Blaze Wizard 2nd Job Skills

Fire Arrow (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 1 time.
LV1: 12 MP, 279% Damage.
LV20: 32 MP, 450% Damage.

Fire Pillar (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time nearby you with pillar of fire.
LV1: 10 MP, 305% Damage.
LV20: 42 MP, 400% Damage.

Meditation (Supportive)
Temporarily increases Magic Attack.
LV1: 10 MP, +11 Magic Attack for 10 sec.
LV20: 16 MP, +30 Magic Attack for 200 sec.

Slow (Active + Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Teleport.
Temporarily reduces enemy movement speed including boss.
LV1: 10 MP, -4 Enemy Move Speed for 4 sec.
LV10: 10 MP, -40 Enemy Move Speed for 40 sec.

Teleport (Active)
Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys.
LV1: 50 MP, 130 Teleport Range.
LV20: 12 MP, 150 Teleport Range.

Spell Booster (Supportive)
Temporarily increases Magic Attack Speed for set duration.
LV1: 58 MP, Lasts 10 sec
LV20: 20 MP, Lasts 200 sec

Elemental Reset (Supportive)
Temporarily decreases the magic attributes of all attacks that you use.
LV1: 14 MP, -10% Element Attribute for 120 sec.
LV10: 50 MP, -100% Element Attribute for 300 sec.

Spell Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases Magic Mastery and Magic Attack.
LV1: 12% Mastery, +1 Magic Attack.
LV20: 50% Mastery, +10 Magic Attack.

High Wisdom (Passive)
Permanently increases Intellect (INT)
LV1: +4 INT.
LV10: +40 INT.

Blaze Wizard 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Fire Arrow and Elemental Reset.
1. Add 1 SP into Fire Pillar and Teleport.
2. Max High Wisdom, Spell Mastery and Teleport.
3. Max Fire Pillar, Meditation, Spell Booster and Slow.

Blaze Wizard 3rd Job Skills

Magic Critical (Passive)
Permanently increases attack critical rate and minimum critical damage.
LV1: +11% Critical Rate, +6% Minimum Critical Damage.
LV20: +30% Critical Rate, +25% Minimum Critical Damage.

Element Amplification (Passive)
Permanently increases MP cost and Magic Attack of your magic skills.
LV1: +12% MP Cost, +12% Magic Attack
LV20: +50% MP Cost, +50% Magic Attack

Seal (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Element Amplification.
Seals up to 6 enemies nearby for a given duration.
LV1: 20 MP, 19% Seal Chance, Lasts 10 sec.
LV20: 20 MP, 95% Seal Chance, Lasts 20 sec.

Flame Gear (Active)
Temporarily creates a wall of fire. The monsters inside the wall continuously take damage.
LV1: 41 MP, 223% Damage, Lasts 21 sec. DoT 45% for 3 sec.
LV20: 60 MP, 280% Damage, Lasts 40 sec. DoT 140% for 7 sec.

Fire Strike (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 3 times with a huge fireball.
LV1: 20 MP, 172% Damage.
LV20: 34 MP, 230% Damage.

Ifrit (Supportive)
[NOTE] Complete Level 90 Blaze Wizard Skill Quest to unlock this skill.
Summons a Fire Ifrit for a set amount of time. Ifrit can attack 3 enemies at once and upon learning the Ifrit skill, all of your elemental resistances will permanently increase.
LV1: 14 MP, Summon lasts 16 sec. 245% Damage. +11% Resistance.
LV20: 90 MP, Summon lasts 130 sec. 340% Damage. +30% Resistance.

Meteor Shower (Active)
[NOTE] Complete Level 100 Blaze Wizard Skill Quest to unlock this skill.
Attack 15 enemies 1 time by showering them with meteors from the sky and deals Damage Over Time (DoT) every sec for a period of time. Higher skill level decreases cooldown of this skill.
LV1: 300 MP, 1020% Damage, DoT 94% Damage for 5 sec. Cooldown 50 sec.
LV20: 300 MP, 1400% Damage, DoT 170% Damage for 10 sec. Cooldown 30 sec.

Teleport Mastery (Toggle On/Off)
[REQUIRE] Max Teleport.
[NOTE] Complete Level 110 Blaze Wizard Skill Quest to unlock this skill.
When activated, 6 enemies at the teleport location will take damage and become Stunned. Also permanently increases teleport distance. This skill can be toggled on and off with the skill key.
LV1: 20 MP, 340% Damage, 80% Stun Chance, Stuns for 4 sec. +20 Teleport Distance.

Blaze Wizard 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Seal.
1. Add 1 SP into Fire Strike and Magic Critical.
2. Max Element Amplification Add 10 SP into Flame Gear.
3. Max Fire Strike. Add 10 SP into Magic Critical.
4. Save SP until Level 90 for Ifrit. Max Ifrit and Magic Critical.
5. Save SP until Level 100 for Meteor Shower.
6. Max Meteor Shower, Teleport Mastery and Flame Gear.
7. Dump remaining SP into Seal.

Blaze Wizard Quests

Talk to Nienheart (Nineheart) after reaching Level 90. He instructs you to learn a new skill from Oz (Blaze Wizard Job Instructor). She asks you to defeat a boss in 3rd Drill Hall and retrieve the item to prove your worthiness. Upon returning the item to her, she teaches you Ifrit skill. This skill is superb against bosses or one-to-one enemy.

[SKILL QUEST] Meteor Shower
Talk to Nienheart (Ninheart) at Ereve after reaching Level 100. He instructs you to learn a new skill from Oz (Blaze Wizard Job Instructor). She asks you to defeat a boss Pianus in 4th Drill Hall and retrieve an item to prove you worthiness. Upon returning the item to her, she teaches you Meteor Shower.

[SKILL QUEST] Teleport Mastery
Talk to Nienheart at Ereve after reaching Level 110. He will instruct you to kill Thanatos at Ludibrium Clocktower. After completing this, you will be taught Teleport Mastery skill.

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24 thoughts on “MapleStory Blaze Wizard aka Flame Wizard Skill Build Guide V1

  1. NIcole

    HI Ayumi, I am a Blaze Wizard and Irealised I have leftover SP in my 1st job advancement and my Element Infusion cannot be maxed hence 2nd and 3rd element infusion cannot be added. When does the SP reset occur?

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @TheOne: There is an auto SP reset for Blaze Wizard as most all of the skills are revamped. This same applies to Night Walker. So don’t worry about not having the SP reset.

  3. TheOne

    Would there be an sp reset for blaze wizards following the update?

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Axel: kMS Developers have announced that they have not forgotten about Blaze Wizard and Night Walker Revamps. They are working on it and later release and distribute to other MapleStory Regions. Still a long way to come.

  5. Axel

    any idea when and/or if they will get hyper skills?

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jesse, all jobs will be able to reach Level 250, its just that when Nexon Developers decide to release a new patch to change it from 200 to 250.

  7. Jesse

    will Blaze Wizard eventually be able to go to level 250?

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Gio, thanks for spotting missing Spell Booster in 2nd Job Skill Build Guide. I have updated the skill build.

  9. Gio

    You left out Spell Booster for the 2nd job skill guide.

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Steven, you can make a Level 120 now or later. It’s up to your preference 🙂

  11. Steven

    So would it be a good idea to make a KoC to lvl 120 until the time comes?

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Steven, once MSEA and GMS applies KoC (Knights of Cygnus) Revamp/Reorganization, they will also have their level cap set to 250, same as the rest of the class.

  13. Steven

    Hey Ayumi, Steven here again. Can Cygnus Knights go to 250 now? I heard they can but i couldn’t find out any confirmation if it was true? So I thought you might know.
    Really Want to make a Blaze Wizard.

  14. cheh1

    Hello ayumi. it seems you missed out new innate Cygnus Knights skills ; Benediction of fairy and Noble Mind

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Wei Kang, do you have Empress Blessing on your Flame Wizard? Empress Blessing can overwrite Blessing of the Fairy.

  16. Wei Kang

    hi ayumi,i have demon avenger with lv120(blessing of the fairy ofcuz),but i created a flame wizard now lv 11 and didn’t have the blessing of the fairy…why?

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Poopy, thanks for the correction. I’ll fix the description right away 😀

  18. Poopy

    Hello Ayumi I think you got the [SKILL QUEST] Ifrit alittle wrong. In the description at the last part you said that she teaches you Hurricane skill. This skill is superb against bosses or one-to-one enemy. I think you meant ifrit right?

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Muhammad Zulhusni, elemental reset removes the element (fire/water/lightning/poison) ability. Therefore, you prevent yourself from dealing extra or reduced damage. Take for example, if you are a Blaze Wizard, you will deal extra +50% damage against Ice Monsters with your Fire skill. However, you will deal -50% damage against Fire Monsters. Therefore, if you are stuck in a training ground where there are only Fire-type monsters, you will need to activate elemental reset to temporarily remove fire-element from your offensive skills in order to deal 100% damage instead of 50%.

  20. Muhammad Zulhusni

    ayumi can i ask about elemental reset
    what elemental reset do anyway?

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi hi, I missed reading his reply 🙁

  22. HI

    hey ayumilove why u comment to someone sooooooo late?

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi bmxxx619, sorry for the late reply, you can channel SP from Slow into Elemental Reset and Spell Booster to max them if you seldom find yourself using Slow. But its useful since it affects non-stationary bosses such as Manon, Griffey, Mushmom, Eliza Cat, etc. Hi all, I have updated Blaze Wizard 1st 2nd and 3rd Job Skill Build Guide 🙂

  24. bmxxx619

    as for 2nd job…can i forgo slow and max elemental reset and booster instead? advice needed.ty