MapleStory Black Mage Commanders (Lucid, Hilla, Will, Damien, Arkarium, Von Leon, Magnus)

From the Nova Race of Grandis, Magnus was a commander of Gerand Darmoor. He led an army of Spectres to conquer Heliseum. He obtained his powers after attacking the Great Spirit of the Forests and absorbing a gemstone from him. Magnus currently reigns over Heliseum and lives in the Tyrant’s Castle.

Demon initially joined the Black Mage’s forces in exchange for his family’s safety, but the Black Mage betrayed him and his family was killed during an attack on Leafre town. Full of wrath and vengeance, Demon set off to confront the Black Mage and a fierce battle ensued. Demon was no match for his master and was sealed away in an egg for a century.

Orchid and her twin brother, Lotus, were disciples of the Great Spirit of the Forests. Back when the Black Mage was still the White Mage, he had given both of them human forms as gifts for helping him search for darkness. Lotus was fatally injured after the assassination of Empress Aria. He was later placed into a state of stasis by an organization known as the Black Wings. The Black Wings was founded by none other than his twin sister Orchid, with its members consisting mostly of the Black Mage’s followers.

A beautiful and revered chief shaman of the City of Azwan, Hilla handed the city over to the Black Mage in exchange for power, youth and everlasting beauty. Possessing the power of necromancy, she raised the dead of the city to serve as her personal army. Through the use of powerful magical totems, her army was able to continuously return to life.

Commander Will is a powerful magic scholar who was responsible for sealing Zero in Mirror World and splitting him into two bodies – Alpha and Beta. He joined the Black Mage after being given control over Mirror World and helped the Black Mage gain control of Tana’s powers. Also known as the Spider King, he has a strong link to the eight-legged creatures.

Von Leon
Von Leon was a mighty king who resided in the Lion King’s Castle high up in the snowy mountains of El Nath. Seeking revenge for the death of his wife, he cast a spell that killed everyone in the village and joined the Black Mage. He believed that the Cygnus Knights murdered his beloved, but in reality it was the Black Mage who killed her as part of his plan to coax Von Leon into joining his evil forces.

Arkarium was a High Priest who served under Rhinne, the Goddess of Time. He betrayed the Goddess to join the Black Mage’s forces. He played a huge part in the Black Mage’s plans and was considered to be the Black Mage’s right-hand man.

An elf who possesses the ability to manipulate dreams, Lucid created Lacheln, the City of Illusions, a place where happiness and festivity never ends. Despite being one of the Black Mage’s commanders, Lucid is unable to picture a world of pure darkness and wishes to spread the illusion of happiness throughout Maple World.

Once thought to have perished in the flames during the Black Mage’s attack on Leafre village, Damien is the brother of Demon. His powers manifested while trying to protect his home against the attack, and was invited by Arkarium to join the Black Mage’s forces. Believing that this would enable him to resurrect his mother, he takes on the mantle left by his brother Demon to become one of the Black Mage’s commanders.

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