MapleStory Automata Skill Build Guide

[NOTE] kMSt (Korea MapleStory Tespia) has changed the job name from Automata to Xenon. Please refer to MapleStory Xenon Skill Build Guide for the latest information!

KMS has released a huge Update Patch in Tespia on November containing a new thief job called Automata in Resistance Class. It will be arriving shortly around December 6 2012. Automata Skill Build Guide will be available once the new information is out. Take this opportunity to create new accounts and reserve IGN (in-game names) for your future Automata characters. Alternative English Job names associated to this are Automation and Automaton, no official news on this yet.

Automata 1st Job

Over Flourish
Attack multiple enemies in front of you with an energy sword.

Booster Jump
Instantly accelerate your booster, allowing you to jump foward. You can use it to jump twice and after you use it the second time, you can use Turn All Booster to take flight.

Agility Tuning
Adjusting your agility sensors, your abilities will be increased for a period of time. (LUK/DEX?)

Motion Sensor Link
Linking your motion sensor, movement and all related abilities will be increased.

Automata 2nd Job

Flexible Sword
Quickly assassinate enemies in front of you using your energy sword.

Drag and Drift
You can use your booster to damage enemies while dragging them with you. You can continue to hold down the skill as long as the Booster Gauge remains.

Use up all of your energy to increase your weapon attack for a duration of time.

Additional Power Link
Using your additional power link, your max HP and MP will be increased for a period of time. Permanently increases your max HP and MP.

Automaton Booster
Consume MP to increase your attacking speed by 2 for a duration of time.

Luck Monopoly
Permanently increase your LUK.

Spell Mastery
Increase your sword mastery and sword accuracy.

Automata 3rd Job

Combat Mode Switching
After brandishing your energy sword, you can let your energy explode to damage multiple targets in front of you.

Over Charge Boosting
Attack enemies by instantly flying using your booster towards them and knockingback them in the process.

Energy Swift
Set up two support bombs, then use your energy sword to quickly move away and explode the bombs, causing damage to enemies.

Reflection Sensor Link
Linking your reflection sensor, radically increase your ability to dodge enemy attacks. The linked sensor’s dodging abilities will weaken for every successful dodge, and your dodge rate will decrease.

Aegis System
When you successfully dodge an attack, a missile will be fired at the enemy at a set rate.

Air Frame Link
When you attack an enemy, you will make an air frame sortie around the enemy at a set rate. The air frame will alert the enemy and the enemy’s accuracy and avoidability will be decreased.

Reactive Armor
Equipping your reaction armor, when an enemy attack is indicated, your damage will be decreased, but your defense will be increased.

Automata 4th Job

Blade Dance
Rain down energy swords while dancing to damage nearby enemies.

Pulse-Forming Network
Release an energy pulse to deal significant damage to a single target.

Energy Field Unfold
When you create an energy field, it’ll condense to create energy balls within the field that will scatter to damage enemies that come within proximity of the field.

Critical Point
Using your strongest abilities to reach your enemy’s critical points, you will deal extra damage when attacking boss monsters.

Offensive Matrix
Activating an attack matrix, your damage and critical rate will be increased for a period of time.

Optic Distortion
When you fail to dodge an enemy’s attack, through your light distortion sensor, your dodge rate will be increased for a period of time and when your dodge rate is increased, missiles fired with Easy System will be increased in quality and damage. Required Skill : Easy System Level 20+

Automaton Expert
Increases energy sword, energy controller mastery, weapon attack and minimum critical damage.

Time Capsule
Warp the flow of time using Time Capsule to reduce party members skill cooldown.

Maple Hero
Temporarily increases party memeber’s stats by a certain percentage.

Hero’s Will
Removes all negative buff inflicted such as Seduce or Undead.

Automata Hyperskills

Blade Dancing – Persist Movement
Increases movement speed while using Blade Dancing.

Blade Dancing – Reinforce
Increases Blade Dancing’s damage.

Blade Dancing – Extra Target
Increases Blade Dancing’s max target of affected monsters.

Pulseforming Network – Reinforce
Increases Pulseforming Network’s damage.

Pulseforming Network – Add Range
Increases Pulseforming Network’s range.

Pulseforming Network – Extra Target
Increases Pulseforming Network’s max target of affected monsters but not applicable if hitting one target.

Energy Field Unfold – Speed
Increases Energy Field Unfold’s energy ball’s movement speed within field.

Energy Field Unfold – Quantity
Creates an additional energy ball within field.

Energy Field Unfold – Persist
Increases Energy Field Unfold’s duration.

Ground Zero
Bombard enemies with your tank.

Nine Tail Jörmungandr
Slash all enemies in front of you, removing their buffs, reducing their defenses, and binding them temporarily.

Amaranth Engine Operating
Temporarily supplies infinite power enabling you to use any skills without any Power Storage cost. Upon activating the skill, Power Storage is instantly fully replenished.

MapleStory Automata Automaton Thief Resistance Job

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  1. Ayumilove

    Hi Deity, They changed the name from Automata to Xenon because it sounds cooler and futuristic. This reminds me of Intel Xenon Processor used in their Supercomputer.

  2. Deity

    Ayumilove, people are wondering if Xenon (the guy with the whip) is the same as Automata. Please verify this and make more pictures, as knowledge is the best weapon in things like Maplestory.

  3. Ayumilove

    Hi Miikun, I will be adding picture once the official images are release for the skills. Too many images slow down the page load ^_^ “

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  5. RaikaZero

    Dragon Warrior and Jett were based off Pirates, from the name it could be a Mech with some sort of stealth system and speed.

  6. Ayumilove

    Yes, I hope its a brand new job with at least 50% unique skills instead of 80% copied skills like CMS/TMS Dragon Warrior vs GMS Jett vs MSEA Zen Job 🙂 If you have info or opinion about Automata Thief Resistance Class, feel free to share below!

  7. Fynnian

    lol ._. so prepared