Job Interview Tips – Insider Tips for a Job Interview

Let me give you some insider tips for interview job success. These are some tips that come from over years of corporate human resources experience. You just don’t read these from a manual or a book or every day column. These are real world and I personally experience with applicants and candidates. If by chance you go through the whole interview process and you have done everything you possibly could to prepare to research, get yourself completely in the best possible situation and you do not get selected for a position. Very very politely thank them anyway for the time that they invested in you interview process. Let them know he’ll stay in touch and leave it on a very positive note.

The reason for this… there are just so many reasons for this! The job could come available again. The same exact position, it could be an approval for a second position and you could likely be the most qualified candidate for that position you want them to remember you as being a positive applicant.

Another reason and this is what’s happening now. Perhaps it was another candidate that was more qualified for this position, but this hiring manager or interviewer thought about you or another position even another company. Right now, it’s all about people connection, its all about networking. So someone interviews you, you don’t get the job and you handle it really well, they will remember your qualification. They will pass you on to another hiring manager in another situation. These are real world situations that are happening right now as a career coach. I got this all the time, somebody applies for one company doesn’t get that position, manager in another company calls them because they heard about them from the other company.

So be positive, stay confident and these will ensure your success!

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