Job Interview Tips – How To Prepare for a Behavioral Interview

Let’s talk about how to prepare for a behavioral interview. I mention before that preparations is the key to being a great applicant and having your best foot forward even before you have had the interview. Well, now you know the interview is coming up, and you have heard that they do behavioral interviewing.

What’s behavioral interviewing? Let’s start with the basics! Behavioral interviewing is basically used by 85% of organizations hiring within the United States at this time. It’s based on the fact that past behavior predicts future performance. So the interviewer will be asking you about past examples from your employment history that will indicate to them how you will perform in their particular job in their particular company.

How do you prepare for this? Look at the job posting! Go through each and every requirement on that job posting and look back into your employment history whether you’re coming straight out of school, whether you are returning to the work force or whether you’ve come out of retirement and you are looking for a job, look at what you have done over the past ten years and pull upon all of those experiences and all of the successes that you’ve had during that period of time and match those up with the job requirements.

Be ready to answer questions that begin with :

  • “Tell me about a time when you …”
  • “Describe to me a situation that you …”
  • “How about a time that this happened”
  • “How did you handle that?”

And then prepare for probes : How, What, Where, When, Why and What was your role in this particular accomplishment. By thoroughly prepared for the behavioral interview by reviewing job posting, your past ten years of employment or academic or community service whatever you have been involved with. You will be able to put together examples that will show the interviewer or the hiring manager you are indeed the qualified candidate for this particular position in your behavioral interview 🙂

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